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SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love episode 7

HELLO GUYS……. sorry for late update…. u know my reason for delay also. plz excuse me….. THANK U SOO MUCH for EACH AND EVERY ONE to cooment. i cant able to reply u sorry. get back to story

Sanskar: hello…. Hello..
She cut the call
Sanskar in mind ( what is she thinking? Oh god is she is driving me crazy. How could she think that I love someone. Wait….. Now I understood she heard my conversation with kavita. I think she didn’t listen the whole conversation. Oh my god that’s y she is not taking with me and not taking with anyone…. I can feel the pain in her voice. I’m sorry swara. I can understand how much pain u r going through, how much you be disappointed. I promise I will clear all the misunderstandings between us


He calls someone and talks to him
Sanskar: thank u soo much. I’m really afraid of swara
Person:don’t worry I will take care of her.

In evening at GM
Swara was sadly sitting on bench in the garden and lost in thoughts. (U can say lady devadas) shekar comes and sit beside her
Shekar: swara….
Swara: (comes out of thoughts) ha Papa
Shekar: wat r u thinking beta??
Swara: nothing… Just..(holding her tears)
Shekar: (caresses her hair) I’m very proud of my daughter
Swara: (she thinks he is proud because of her campus selection and smiles faintly) campus selection is not a big thing Papa
Shekar: (smiles) I’m proud not because u selected in interview… Because I have a great daughter like u who can do anything for my happiness
Swara: I don’t get u
Shekar:my daughter became soo matured that she began to sacrifice her happiness for sake of my happiness. ( he caresses her head)
Swara: what r u saying dad??
Shekar: I know u love Sanskar but not telling because we don’t agree for a intercaste marriage
Swara:(shocked and downs her head and said) N……no no papa nothing like that…. I don’t lo… (He stopped her)
Shekar: beta y r u fooling yourself?? Ur eyes are saying how much u love him. I know u can’t lie to ur loving father. Whenever u lie then u always downs ur head like u doing know
Swara: (crying hugs him) ha papa…. I love him. I love him from the core of my heart. I can’t imagine any other in my life other than him. I can’t live without him.
Shekar: I know but y don’t u tell before

Swara: I’m afraid papa… He is rich, handsome,intelligent. I think I don’t deserve him. More over I know u hate love marriages. I thought u will never accept him.

Shekar: (smiles) that’s y u didn’t even express ur feelings?

Swara: ha ( crying)

Shekar: swara…. I’m ur papa, I always only want ur happiness. Yes I hate love marriages because saying love marriage ur cousin raasi eloped from mandap on her marriage day. She didn’t give any importance to her parents and their reputation. She never bothered to convince them. U r not like her beta…. Because of me u sacrificed ur love. I’m lucky to have u as my daughter. (He hugs her). Caste is not important than ur happiness

Swara: no papa I’m lucky to have a father like u. U always care for me and ma. U did a lot of hard-work to keep our family needs. Love u papa

Shekar: smiles and said: love u too beta…. Go and talk to Sanskar

Swara: no papa…. I was already late… He loves some one

Shekar: u know who is that someone??

Swara: no

Shekar: it’s u beta. He loves u alot

Swara: ( shocked) what……..? How could he?…… Hh how u know…..

Shekar: I know there r lots of questions in ur mind like how I came to know about ur love? How he know that?? I’ll explain

Flash back

4 months are left for ur final exam then Sanskar came to me


Sanskar: may I come in

Shekar: ha… Who r u beta??

Sanskar: I’m swara’s senior.

Shekar: come beta sit. (Both sits on sofa) what is the matter??

Sanskar: ( he takes deep breath) I love ur daughter

Shekar: wat?? Shocked….. How dare u to tell this to me??

Sanskar: uncle just listen to me

Shekar: I can’t believe this… No swara can’t cheat me

Sanskar: yes uncle swara can’t cheat u

Shekar: ( shouted) u bastard u said u love her… And now saying she can’t cheat me… Now get out of my house (shouted more angrily)

By this Misti comes out and saw shekar fuming

Sanskar: ( he fell on his knees in front of shekar) uncle plz just once listen to me

Shekar: (he was about lift Sanskar by collar but Misti stops him
Misti: just once listen to him. It’s not right to raise hand without knowing everything
Shekar calm downs
Sanskar still on his knees
Sanskar: uncle… I love her.. She too loves me alot but never expressed it because she is afraid that u won’t accept me. (He explains shekar everything…. And how much swara gives importance to her father’s decision) she is ready to give her life for me… She ready to sacrifice me for u. I think she knows only giving but not receiving. Plz uncle I promise u I will keep her happy lifelong. For. That I need ur permission to hold ur daughter’s hand.

Shekar was numb. Inside he is happy that his daughter gave him first priority
Shekar was silent

Sanskar:plz uncle… I can’t live without her. I know every parent wants their children happiness. I will keep her happy till my last breath.

Still shekar was silent. He didn’t utter a single word.

Sanskar: ok uncle…. U are not accepting me… Ok (he becomes sad) I will leave. Thanks fr listening my words. I know one day you will accept me. Bye uncle.
He is about to leave but shekar stops him

Shekar: wait Sanskar
He turns and saw shekar’s tears
Shekar hugs him
Sanskar: uncle….??
Shekar: call me papa…..
Both breaks the hug and smiles

Shekar: I’m blessed to have a daughter like her and son in law like u

Sanskar’ s happiness is boundless
He again hugs shekhar
Shekar tells everything how Sanskar came and made them to accept him

Swara was wordless . ….. She don’t know what to say
Swara: but papa how he came to know that I love him? I never said anything to him

Shekar smiles: that question u ask him only……. U know he is soo worried about u after that call. He called me and asked me explain u everything. He can’t bare ur pain beta. He loves u to the core.
Swara cries. Shekar rubs her tears.

Shekar: don’t u want to meet him??

Swara still crying and nods yes
Shekar: go and freshup and were this dress. Then go to RK Beach. He is waiting there for u….. God bless u beta
He goes from there

Swara is thinking what happened just know is not dream. She never expected this.

She get ready with the dress… It was a red long gown with small sleeves. Usually she wear salwar suits. She done light make up. She left her hair loose…. She took a cab and reached Beach. She just thinking to meet Sanskar. She has mixed emotions like happy,confused, curious, shy…

It was almost 8:30 in evening
Sanskar faced towards the beach. He is wearing a blue shirt with cream color blazer
Just then swara comes out of the cab. She see Sanskar. She immediately calls him
Swara: Sanskar…..
She runs him and hugs him tightly. He too reciprocates the hug. she is crying Still hugging
Swara: plz tell me Sanskar that I’m not dreaming
Sanskar: (he hugs her more tightly) no swara
Swara: im sorry Sanskar… I misunderstand u. I’m really very bad
Sanskar: stop blaming ur self. U have no right to talk like that about MY SWARA ( tears falling from her eyes)
Swara: I never thought that this type of day will come in my life
He breaks the hug caresses her cheek and wipes her tears with his thumb
Sanskar: I’m waiting for this day since long
She is about ask him something then his phone rang. Both depart each other. Swara felt embarrassed due to closeness
Sanskar on phone: ok …. Thanks
Sanskar holds swara’s hand and ask her to come
Sanskar: come on swara
Swara: but where??
Sanskar: u come first
He takes her to the top of a light house. The room is surrounded by glass walls. The full moon rays are directly piercing through the glass walls. The room is decorated with red rose flowers, balloons and small lights making the environment more romantic. She enters the room and mesmerised to see it’s beauty. It’s was like she was between earth and sky. The waves in Beach playing the nature music. She see the cake on the table in the middle of the room. The sides of the table is decorated with rose petals. She was shocked to look at the cake as SWASAN is beautifully written on it. She remembers that the password of her dairy is swasan. She turns back but she didn’t find him back. She sees him sit on one knee in front of her with a bouquet full of red rose flowers extending towards her.

Sanskar: I’m really sorry to read ur personal dairy. First actually it is an accident ( he explains her everything)

He proposes her

Sanskar: miss swara gododia… Will u give the honour to hold ur hand, will u be with me in every stage of my life, in every happiness, in every hurdle of this life. Will u accept me to hold ur hand …… Will u become swara Sanskar maheswari??

She don’t know how to react…. She just said yes with tears

She immediately hugs him when he gets up. Both hug each other like what each other meant to.
He breaks the hug and wipes her tears. He kisses her forehead with all love and care. He kisses her eyes. Her lips turns to give a smile. He kisses her right cheek. Now he forward to kiss her lips. She closed her eyes in fear as she don’t want this before marriage. But she can’t deny him. Though she is not willing to do this she kept calm for Sanskar. He sees her and understood that she is not ready but allowing just for him. He leans towards her lips but kissed below the lips. She opens her eyes with astonishing. He is staring her with lots of love. She hugs him and smiles.

Swara: im blessed to have u Sanskar
I’m really very lucky. How can u love soo selflessly. Don’t know in which life I done such a good deed to have u in this life.
Sanskar: I learnt it from u swara
Swara: I love you Sanskar
Sanskar: I love u too angel
It is the first time for her to hear him calling her angel. She gives a million dollar smile

He cut the cake and feed her. She too feed him. They spent some quality time with each other near the beach.
Swara: I’m afraid will ur parents accept me??
Sanskar: come on swara y r u always bother about other rather than u? I told ma about u. She is very happy. And about dad i ll talk to him. I’m sure he don’t deny me. Actually adarsh and pari bhabhi marriage is also love marriage. Dad will definitely understand us.
Swara: thanks fr coming into my life Sanskar. U r the best thing happened to me.
Sanskar: do u want to talk to ur future sasu ma??
Swara: what….
Sanskar: she is eagerly waiting to talk u.( he calls Annapurna and gives it to swara)
Swara: hello ma!
Ap: swara beta… I’m soo happy fr u dear
Swara: thank u ma
Ap: u don’t take any type of tensions…
Swara: ji ma
She cuts the phone
Sanskar drops swara at home
Swara: bye Sanskar
Sanskar: u say bye like this only?? (He makes faces)
Swara hugs him and said ” bye ”
He too reciprocates and kissed her forehead and said ” bye angel”
She enters in home then shekar comes out and see Sanskar
Shekar: u go beta may be u r tied
Shekar and Sanskar talks with each other for some time. They r talking like frns. She smiles and leaves. Sanskar too leaves.

At night
Swara phone beeps. Message from Sanskar
Sanskar: (messaging) what my angel is doing??
Swara: trying to sleep but sleep is far away from me. Just thinking todays incident. What about u?
Sanskar: same here
Swara: papa is talking with you just like frns… U both became very close haa
Sanskar: some one is jealous
Swara: no nothing like that
Sanskar: here my mamma always asking about u. She is desperately waiting fr u
Swara: now some one is jealous right??
They both burst out laughing
After some chatting they both slept

Precap: sahils revenge. Will Sanskar able to save swara or he lost her through out life

Thanku soo much reading. i think i have done justice to the TITLE of the story, thanks for liking it. So sweet of u guys
love u all. i felt happy if u share ur views on story.

Yours Sri 🙂

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