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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 22

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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All are having evening snacks, Ragini was getting special attention. Sanlak were teasing her.
Sanky: Bhabs, now a day’s u r getting special attention. Be careful, once the child is born all the attention will be on child, no one will bother to see u also but u dnt worry lak and I will take care of u.
AP: holds sanky ears dnt try to manipulate my daughter you want ur night dinner here or u want to be kicked out of the house.
Sanky: Aww mom its paining, leave me. What I m tellin, d truth na. After grandchildren are there, ur total attention will be towards them pampering caring feeding everything for them. See how much dadi loves me – ya na dadi.
Dadi: pulls his cheeks ya my naughty, grandchildren are always special more than own kids feeds him the pakodas.
And ya tomorrow mrng I am planning to go back to village, planning to stay there for some time.
Sanky with angry face: noooo , u r nt gng anywhere, not so soon plzzz dadi. Raglak , swara too join sanky.
Dadi: Even I want to stay here but lot of work is pending over there, so I should go with pout.
Sanky: With sad tone Ok promise me that u will cme soon. Dadi happily promises him. Sanlak you take care of your beautiful wives, AP you take care of ur angry husband.
AP: Haan ma, plz u take care of urself, don’t do much work, for god’s sake don’t take so much of stress and tension.
Dadi : Sometimes, it confuses me who is mother in law, and who is daughter in law. See how ur mother is ordering me. All have group hug.

Swa: Get up see it 7.30 still ur sleeping. Get up
Sanky: (Decides to pull her leg) : Ohhi y r u shouting, one day u got up early, so dnt shout.
Swara: howww mean. Do whatever u want, One day I will not be there that time u will know.
Sanky: gets up quickly, wowwwww that will be the best day of my life, I can wake up anytime do whatever I want. I will enjoy those moments and waiting for it.
Swara: Open her mouth widely, in anger she splashes water in Sanky’s face which she was holding. Don’t dare to talk to me
Sanky: Wipes his face, idiot mrng nly u started, dnt worry no one is longing to talk to u, now get the hell out of here.
Swara becomes sad. Sanky enjoys it, but feels bad when she left the room with that sad expression.
He gets ready quickly and waits for Swara in the dining table. She does not pay any attention to him. He eats and leaves with DP. Raglak left to hospital.
AP: Sanky can you drop me in temple.
Sanky: ya sure mom get ready we ll leave in 10 mns. All leave Sanky is waiting for AP. Swara is busy in the kitchen, Sanky back hugs her.
Sanky: Sorry, I was just trying to pull your legs and pecks on her cheeks.
Swara: Get lost I will never ever talk to you.
Sanky: Ohhhhh this much angerrrrrrr widens his eyes. Swara pushes him out of the kitchen.
Sandarsh were busy in their work. DP was instructing them. DP gets call from unknown number.
DP: Hello
Per: Hello DP, h r u

DP: Fine and May I know to who I am talking to
Per: You will not be fine anymore. Hiding shona for these many years that too with full protection no one can even think that was Shona interesting ha ha ha ha. But not anymore only 1 hr more, she will be dead same like her parents. I hope u did not forget her parent’s death and the fire. Run for her; let me see whether u can save her ha ha ha ha.
DP sweats badly, Sandarsh become worried.
DP: Swara is in danger we have to go to house immediately
Sanky is shocked but what what are u saying dad.
DP: I have no time for this questions just move.
All rush Sandarsh in one car and DP in separate care. DP calls Arnav and informs the same. Arnav is rattled and rushes to MM.
Arnav: Dnt worry nthng will happen to her, I am with her.

Swara is all alone and she finished all her kitchen chores and goes to room. She plays music.
Yeno vaanilai maruthey
Manithuli pogudhae
Marbin veegam Kooduthae
Manametho sola varthai theduthey
She makes her bed and arranges everything. Someone locks her room from outside when she was working. She was busy arranging her ward robe, and enjoying music. The fragrance of the room is changing; she could smell like something is burning. It smelled like a heated soldering iron or as if some wires and rubber was being burnt. She immediately checked her laptop, wires and all electrical items attached to plug point.
She did not notice anything, continues with her work. She could not really concentrate as the smell was becoming stronger. She convinces herself that something was very wrong and tries to open the door. She is shocked to see the door locked. She is crying as she did not know what to do. She shouts for help. She tries hard to open the door, the latch fell apart.
She sees a light orange color, spreading to the whole room. Suddenly her whole room is under fire, like fire is eating everything one by one. She cries vigorously and cries for help. She tries to calm herself. She rushes to the washroom to get water, to her surprise water supply was put off.
She breaks apart; she sits in the floor crying. Within few minutes smoke spreads throughout the whole room. Swara is unable to breath and coughs heavily. AP returns from temple and shocked to see smoke from swara’s room.
She rushes to swara room and tries to open. AP calls out for Swara. She hears Swara screaming for help. Ma plzz help, maaaa. Without wasting any time AP calls fire service and goes to bring duplicate keys. She gets the duplicate keys and opens the door. AP takes Swara out of the room.
Swara hugs AP tightly in fear crying vigorously.
AP: SSSHHhhh swara calm down nthng happened; I am here na nthng will happen to you.
By the time Sandarsh, DP, Arnav reaches MM. Sanskar sees the smoke and rushes to Swara’s room. All are shocked to see Swara in that state. Sanky runs to Swara and hugs her.
Sanky: You ok Swara,
Swara: just nods, holds his shirt him tightly and cries. Sanky could easily sense the fear in her. He takes her to guest room.
Arnav stands like a statue seeing her in this state. He bangs his hand on the door.


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