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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 20

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Sanhil were freezed by ASR reaction. He does not allow any friendly relation with business but he did not tell anything to Swara. Normally he bursts out in anger.
All have their lunch together. ASR was overwhelmed with Swara and her presence. AP made sure that Swara served for ASR, so that he could enjoy her sister’s love after these many years.
But AP was also rattled by the thought will Swara leave MM mansion after knowing the truth. Her eyes welled up with tears, she hides it and leave to kitchen. Swara follows AP.
Swara: Ma, r u ok y you look so tensed. Is there any concern with your health ok. AP cannot control anymore, hugs swara and cries. I … I….
Swara does not understand and release the hug, ma what happened tell me na. I am there for you.
AP: nothing, I was thinking something just like that tries to leave the room.(TO herself I wish I could pour my heart out)
Swara: not convinced by AP’ reply, keeps on shooting questions. AP somehow manages by telling some stories and both leave.


ASR: Thanks for the lunch and hospitality sho… stops swara. This sunday I have house warming function. If you could bless the event I will be happy. He invites them.
DP: Yes Arnav, we ll be there. (To himself ASR wants Swara to be there for the function. Its Swara’s mothers bday and that’s y ASR is making up stories.) Sanhil leave to office. Uttara leaves to her home.
Late night in MM mansion.
Swara was lost in her thoughts. Manava’s words, AP promise were flashing in her mind she was in her own World. Sanky sees Swara lost in thoughts. He hugs Swara from back.
Sanky: What happened to my darls, where is she lost?
Swa: Nthng, I am here only, few drops of tears fall on sanky’s hand.
Sanky gets more concern for her. He turns her, put his forehead with hers. What is cooking up in your head. Tell me lets finds us solution together. Still ur not believing me.
Swara closes Sanky’s mouth by stopping him. Please don’t tell like that. She hugs him tightly. Sanky was confused but reciprocates the hug.

Swara then tells him everything AP promise, her tensed behavior and the way she cried today. I am afraid Sanskar. I can’t understand what is happening around me. I can’t lose anything more, if I lose this family I will surely die. She was very tensed not in the position to listen anything. Sanky releases the hug and taunts her. Don’t u dare talk like this next time.

I donn nt before she could complete her sentence, Sanskar pressed his lips on Swara, the kiss to make her understand how much he loves, cares, adores passion with all emotions for her. Swara too started to reciprocate as it was the most wanted kiss of the hour. They swelled in her heart as he took her in his arms in bed and turned to her in love and need. He was completely lost in her alluring beauty, : her dark long hair, gorgeous eyes full of love and concern, locked on him, and her soft pink lips, as she began to groan with every thrust.
I love you. While nuzzling her neck. I love you too. Her last word was tempestuous by a low moan. The confession from her tore a low groan from his chest as he began to move within her. Swara also moved with him, enjoying his senses in smoldering pleasure until the wild beauty of what they were doing to each other drove them both to a shattering climax. Both sleep happily at each other’s embrace.

ASR: With tears jolting in his eyes. Kushi I was so happy today, so near to my shona. The day I longed for.
Kushi: With her cute smile, see I told u na, everything will happen soon.
ASR: Mmmm resting his head on kushi’s shoulder. If Swara’s comes here everything will be perfect.
Kushi: Plz don’t do this mistake again. I know how much u love Swara. Don’t separate her from that family. Today Swara is alive because of them. They love her Arnav.
ASR: With his angry look, since when u started taking their sides.
Kushi: I am, not taking sides, just see how happy Swara is . I am very sure there is some reason behind all this.
ASR: It is late come well sleep. Kushi makes faces.

Sanskar wakes first. He is mesmerized by Swara’s beauty. OMG its 9.30. Ohhhh oh Sanskar you can romance with your wife later. If you go late ASR will eat your head. He pecks on her forehead, covers her properly rushes to the washroom. He gets ready soon and leaves to office.
Swara wakes up. She did not find sanky. She blushes remembering last night how she enjoyed the pain given by her husband. She is shocked to see the time its 11.30. She gets ready quickly and goes to hall. Good morning ma, good morning dadi.
Dadi: With her usual teasing tone Swara it s not good morning, its good afternoon giggles.
Swara is embarrassed .With excusing tone : Vo sorry dadi dint know how I slept for so long. No one woke me also. Next time I will not repeat this.
AP: Ohhh ho Swara its ok, dadi is just teasing you. Come have lunch morning also you did not have anything I will go bring food for u.
Dadi: started to pull her legs, Swara next time try to keep alarm that will help to wake u up. Or else you have to search for excuses like today Swara blushes and nods her head. All have lunch.

All get ready to ASR house. AP, DP, Dadi Swasan. All others have their own plans for Sunday. Swara and dadi was not interested but AP compels them to accompany as ASR has invited personally.


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