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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 18

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Dadi and Swara forgive Sansky. All get ready for dinner. RG family also joins them. All reach hotel happily.


Swaut are vegetarian’s rest all are non-vegetarians. All of them have ordered their food, chatting with each other. Dadi and Swara go to wash room.
Dadi unknowingly collides with a girl, her coke fell.
Dadi: OO I m sorry, I did not mean to .
Girl: Dnt be soory what can I expect from low class people. See u dressing style, Dnt knw how u guys came to this restaurant.
Swara: Angrily Youuuu plz shut up, dnt u dare to talk to my dadi like that. Behave properly. All 3 have an heated argument.
Finally dadi throws 1000 Rs note on the girls face and leaves. Girl is shocked by this attitude of Dadi.
Dadi tells everyone that how now a day’s girls are so ill mannered. She narrates what all happened. Sanky gets angry and goes to find that girl but in vain he could not find.
Sanky then changes the atmosphere with his nok jokes. All enjoy the meal.
AP: We all have to go to our temple in village.
San: Not again mom, nods his head in disbelief.
DP: No Sanky, she is right.
AP: Y dnt we plan for this weekend..

SG: Idnt think we ll be able to join we have our cousin wedding.
Utt: Ohh ya mom, I totally forgot (pout).
Laskh: Mom even Rags will not able to travel that long may be will plan after 2-3 weeks. All agree.
Pari : Excitedly so Sanhil all set for tomorrow’s presentation. A big day for u right.
Adar: Ya, Even I heard that Raizaida’s are going to take over your project.
DP suddenly chokes hearing Raizaida. AP passes water to DP. RG assures him through his eyes.

RG: If Raizaid’s are going to take over, is it necessary to continue with this project.
Both Sanhil eyes opens widely listening to their words.
San: No uncle, it’s our dream project, whoever may take over we will complete this project at any cost. Swara smiles and hold Sanky’s hand with assurance and proud feel.
Sahil: Ya Papa dnt worry. We r going to rock tomorrow. U guys are going to be proud of us. All are happy hearing their confidence except DP, AP, RG, SG.
After having enjoyed the dinner all leave to their respective home. Swara is making ready for Sanky’s presentation tomorrow. While Sanky is proof reading, as he does not want any flaws from their side.
Swa: Wear this black suit , it will suit you with cute smile.
San: Darls its just presentation no need to be this formal. Choose something normal.
Swa: Mmm ok she chooses white shirt and blue jacket.
Sanksar back hugs her. Thank you.

Swa: Questionable look thank you
Sanky: Ya without Uttara and u our dream would not have taken off.
Swa: Oh hooo enough of this drama go go and check ur presentation. Sanky kisses her on cheeks and leaves.
Swara arranges everything, she thinks about the promise and wanted to inform sanky about the same. She turns, sees him busy with the presentation and decide to talk later not to disturb him now.

Both sleep happily in each other’s embrace without knowing from tomorrow how their life is going to take roller coaster rides.
Swara wakes up early, gets ready and checks for everything. She slowly wakes Sanky.
Swa: Sanky, Sanky, get up it is time. He slowly open his eyes, happy to see his darls more excited for the presentation than him.
San: Good mrng darls. Swa: Very good mrng. Come on get up , get ready fast everything is ready. I will have to do pooja also.

San: Gives her a impossible look.
Swa: Understands, vooo, sorry I was excited and thought to do pooja. It’s ok u get ready changes the topic without hurting him. She does not want to spoil his mood at any cost.
San: Pulls her hand. If u want u can do I have no problem. It’s just I don’t believe. I will never ever stop u from ur wish. Did u get it.
Swa: Noo Dadi told na , only both of can do its ok I ll pray that’s enough right with her cute wink.
Sanky gets ready. Everyone blesses him for the presenataion. Swara sends him with good bye kiss.

It is also a very big mansion. Very classy type of interiors. Curtains are mostly white and black shades. Beautiful paintings adorn the house.
ASR popular NRI business magnet. Planning to settle in India after so many years.
Kushi wife of ASR down to earth person never cared for money. Loves her husband and his passion so much.

Kavitha: Kappor’s daughter. Her parents are no more. ASR is the guardian.
Kapoors have helped ASR in early stages. It is because of them who he is today. They are his role models. He does not want to leave Kavitha alone.
Kavitha very proud about her money and attitude. Money can buy everything this is her motto. Successful business woman
Arnav in call. Noooooo dnt delay, it I want this project at any cost. Even I am ready to pay double the cost. Today I can’t handle. You carry on with all the meetings.
Khushi: With her bubbly smile Ohh oh Arnav, just now we reached India, can’t u spend time with us.
ASR: Khushi u know, this poject is the only way to get near Swara. Until I get this project I will not be able to concentrate on anything, not even a second.
Khusi: It’s ok Arnav, we found Swara after these many years can’t you wait for few more hours.
Kavitha enters : Good morning ASR, diii.

Khushi: Offfoooo morning only she came to irritate me and makes faces.
Kav: ASR today we have presentation with Maheswari’s. Y r u so much interested in that. I can handle it. You carry o with US project that is more important right.
ASR: No Kavitha, I will take care of the project, I will not allow anyone to interfere in that not even u .Is that clear in his stern voice. All the decision will be mine. I can go to any extent for this project.
KAV: Whatever with an impossible look.
Kushi: Ok all get ready for pooja. Thn we will have bf.
Kavi: Seriouuslyyy di.
Kushi: No pooja, no pocket money for this week.
Kavi gives not again look and goes to get ready.


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