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SWASAN – Acceptance (36)

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SWASAN a hate story was aired yesterday in wattpad. Interested can check.


Durga prasad pinched the bridge of his nose with his left hand. Ragini cocked her head in one expression of amusement

” I under estimated you miss raichand” he said with a chuckle

” even I think the same about you Mr. Maheswari”

Durga prasad made a tsk tsk sound and walked back to the bed shaking his head.

” you never thought some person whom you killed to come alive. Did you?” Ragini asked wiggling her thick eyebrows ” of course you didn’t” she added with a chuckle

” but doctors confirmed about your death” durga Prasad said more to himself. Ragini beamed at him.

” ah! sorry Mr. Maheswari but not everything you see is true” she turned to laksh whose eyes were filled with pride. Swara and sanskar were still looking at ragini in full awe. That particular girl never failed to amaze them.

Durga prasad slowly nodded his head still in deep thoughts.

” ragini wanted me to redeem papa” laksh started gaining attention of everyone. He turned to ragini whose eyes were now warm with affection for him. FOR HIM. She gave him an encouraging smile.

” the night when ragini died, I went to her room to live in her memories.” He closed his eyes ” I was depressed, helpless, angry at myself to let that happen. Everything surrounding me was pain. I..I really tried hard not to break but what can I do when something important about me is missing?” Laksh blinked ” so I let out. I let every emotion in my body to come out as tears but then something struck me” he suddenly smirked ” I am a boxing student and I know how blood smells papa. My shirt was totally flooded with blood when I took ragini to the hospital but still the stains didn’t even smell anywhere near to blood. At that time, I understood, I understood there was something fishy about the whole drama and the color on my body was a hint”

” I actually thought sanskar and Swara would also come to my funeral so that I can explain how cruel their father was but my bad, only laksh came” ragini said shrugging her shoulders. She glanced at the dead body of avinash and smirked

” I never went to Ranchi. When ragini said about you along with all proofs, I didn’t believe her because I know what you are papa. I know how affectionate you are” laksh walked to durga prasad and kneeled in front of him.
Durga prasad gulped

” why did you become like this?” Laksh whispered, his voice cracking at the end. Durga prasad brought a trembling hand to pat his son’s head and that’s when laksh collapsed into his lap, letting out very emotion.

” why?” Laksh asked in between his heart breaking sobs. Sanskar closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths while Swara cried..she cried and cried until there were no tear left

” I have done this for you” durga Prasad spoke, his voice petal soft. Laksh raised his head from his father’s lap to meet sad eyes. Durga prasad continued patting the side of his son’s head

” you are a maheswari laksh and after me you should be on the throne. Everything I done is just to make your way clear and I got involved in all these dirty deeds is because I love you”

Ragini shook her hard and released a dramatic sigh ” so tell me mr. Maheswari. Is avinash included in gadodias murder too?”

Durga prasad immediately snapped towards her ” no!” He yelled ” that was completely my plan. I have asked kamala bai to keep her mouth shut but let’s say money makes a person greedy. Even she started demanding more and more and every time I met her demands but there is a end line for everything…”

” and kamala bhai was brought to end point by avinash” ragini completed to which his eyes turned into saucers. Ragini laughed at his face.

” when I went for the interrogation, I learned that the murderer was in the same room when we all” she waved her hand to Swara and sanskar ” entered. When I made a thorough inspection, I found a tie pin, an expensive one I must add lying on the floor. If my expections were correct, the person would surely come back in order to not to drop a clue and dig hole for his own death. That night, I waited for him and guess what? I saw avinash there”

Durga prasad sighed and glared at the dead body on the ground ” at first, I thought it was his personal work but when case papers were stolen in your house, I shoot him in leg. He didn’t attend to work for two days and the third day he was limping. That was enough for me Mr. Maheswari. A strong evidence for me”

Durga prasad raised his eyebrow ” you cops are always a step ahead”

Ragini raised her eyebrows in mock shock and crossed her arms ” why Mr. Maheswari, thankyou so much”

” if you had evidence then why didn’t you come to me at that time?”

” because I wanted a proof. Accha did you play doctor patient game anytime?”

Durga Prasad narrowed his eyes into slits. Ragini chuckled again.

” actually you did. When ram prasad maheswari came out of coma, you were the first to be informed and by some miracle, a doctor entered his room just after ten minutes who wore gloves and also had a pocket knife.” Ragini lowered her voice ” and after that, Mr. Ram prasad died because of high palpitations and the man walked out the room without gloves”

Durga prasad smiled looking impressed ” and I can clearly say it is you Mr. Maheswari. What do you say?” Ragini raised her eyebrows

” let’s say I was totally concerned about how to kill him rather than to remember that there was a CCTV in the floor”.

” you killed papa?” Sanskar asked with his mouth wide open. Durga prasad nodded his head proudly.

” and then, as a part of investigation, I interrogated an old man at kamala’s neighbor who said that he saw some person who visited her house regularly. He also said that the person had hair. I showed him a picture of you manipulated with hair, moustache and all. Guess what? He said you were the same person”

Durga Prasad curled his fingers into fist.

” don’t you even have mind to think why would a police come to you saying she has witness aganist you and came to arrest you came alone?”

For the first time, durga prasad’s jaw touched the floor. He now understood. It was her trap. He thought he was smart but no, the weak girl infront of him was.

” that’s how I did this” ragini clapped her hands and pointed her gun to him.

” why do you think that I will accept everything. There is high chance I can fake because you lack proper evidence against me” durga prasad asked with a smirk.

Ragini tapped her forefinger on her lips for few seconds thinking. A small devilish smirk started making way to her lips as durga prasad’s fell. She nodded to laksh

Laksh turned to durga prasad and mouthed sorry. He then stood up and strolled towards ragini. She stretched her hand in front of him as he took some object from his back pocket and handed it to her

” this is my redemption papa” Laksh sad with hoarse voice
” now I have everything recorded maheswari. So stop this fight and come with me.”

Durga prasad paled and glared at laksh.

” please papa, handover yourself. Me and bhai will make sure you get less punishment please papa” Laksh pleaded folding his hands.

Suddenly there was commotion everywhere in the manison but durga prasad’s eyes were glued to laksh.

” ah! Ragini yelled dramatically ” my people are here”

Suddenly something snapped into durga prasad’s mind. The fingers around the pistol in his hand tightened.

Do or die!

Durga Prasad started walking across the the room till he reached the floor to roof windows. He slided the curtain a little and saw many police entering the building. There was no way to escape. He turned to sanskar and Swara who were staring him with pure hate. Sanskar eyes were narrowed sending a clear message to him that he deserved everything bad.

Durga Prasad then turned to laksh, the only person for whom he was living, the only person for whom he became a criminal yet the look on his face showed how much he hated him and also how much he loved him.

Laksh pleaded with his eyes to surrender. Suddenly the decision was made.

” you will never understand my love for you laksh” durga prasad spoke with utter sincerity giving no expression on his face. Those plain words choked Laksh because he loved his father just like his brother.

” I am a person who was born to rule not to be ruled” durga prasad yelled and within a fraction of second, he placed the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger.

Everything happened so fast that it took few seconds for everyone to realize the situation and by the time everything registered, the lifeless body of durga prasad maheswari touched the cool floor.

Swara brought a hand to her mouth in complete shock while Laksh stood rooted with wide eyes. He forgot long ago how to breath. Ragini rubbed her temples and sighed while sanskar stayed silent.

He was looking at the ground with blood of his shirt and few drops on his face. He has now become a monster by having monster’s blood on him and to his hands which would definitely become a terrible haunting night mare.

Laksh finally gained strength and walked towards his father, now a dead body with weak steps. With every step closer, his chest tightened as he feared to look at the face he loved. But as soon as durga prasad face came into view, Laksh stopped in tracks.

Durga prasad face was facing the ceiling with his eyes wide open that were filled with pride, his mouth was curled up into a small arrogant smirk showing what he was, a ruler who wasn’t feared of death too.

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