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SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love (character sketch)

Hello everyone………..
this is srijah new to TU. infact i’m a south Indian and a village girl so i’m not perfect in hindi as well as english. i know language is not a problem to express my feelings. plz excuse my gramitical mistakes and typo errors.

coming to SWASAN- a password to open my love is story of our heavenly couple swasan. i already wrote it in oter site but here i changed its name.

character sketch;

swara,sanskar,laksh.ragini are college students at mumbai university. sanskar and laksh are seniors of swaragini but they four of them are frns.

swara; she is from lower middle class family and known values respect others and can handle any situation.she is shy and less expressive. came to mumbai university on scholorship and she is the topper of the clg

sanskar: rich hansome guy cant see others in sadness.always make peple around him happy. kind hearted.

laksh; sanskars friend. naughty boy who fell badly in love with ragini.

ragini: sweet girl, though she know about the feelings of laksh she used to be clam.

about story

being coming from middle class family swara thought she is not perfect for sanskar though she loves him from the core of heart. she thoght that he deserves a rich and beautiful girl. so she always hide her feelings. sanskar unknown to this always consider her as a friend. a situation came where swara risks her life to save him but hides her identity, sanskar came to know about that girl and tries to find her.

how comes to know about his lady love. what happen then.
then there will be villans entry. what next????

to know answers plz read SWASAN – a password to open my love

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