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Swasan: a new start ss (short story) Part 2

Hey guys labdhi here with next part of swasan: a new start….so let’s continue
Swara: m so happy guys that u did my work
She again hugs them happily
Varun: when our Sammie asked us then how couldn’t we do that
Aarav: we had to do that at any cost
Sanskar (in mind): I m feeling to kill these two….stop thinking all this sanskar…..she is nothing to u now (how much he says he hates her but the fact he still loves her won’t change just like his feelings can’t change for her)
Swara: ohkk guys but now get him inside
Varun: sure Sammie

Varun makes a call
Varun: he is coming
All don’t know what’s happening at that time
Suddenly a man enters the house and all are shocked seeing him except Varun, aarav and swara…..the man is none other than laksh….ragini goes and hugs him immediately and cries
Ragini: where did u go laksh leaving me….did u ever remember me
Laksh: ragini calm down….i will tell u everything ……first let me meet everyone else
Ragini breaks the hug…..laksh goes and takes blessings of elders and hugs sanskar…..then goes near swara, aarav and Varun
Laksh: thanks guys….. thank u so much just because of u m here along with my family and specially ragini….i don’t know how to thank u swara, aarav and Varun
Swara: I did everything for my sister’s happiness
Aarav Varun: and we for Sammie
Ragini: I did not understand anything laksh….i mean how do u know aarav and Varun….and these three saved u….how?
Laksh: actually these three saved my life….. otherwise I wouldn’t be standing in front of u


Ap: what r u telling say something clear

Precap: suspense disclosed

So guys m stopping here…..due to shopping of my trip could not get time to write so a small part…..I know it won’t reach up to ur expectations….really sorry guys….so the suspense will be disclosed in the next part….keep waiting….guys the role of Varun will be played by Varun Sood and aarav by Prince narula
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