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SWASAN-A beautiful combo of talents (Episode 2)

Hi Guys thanks for ur support but sry to give small chapters…
So lets start the story!
Swara:and wht did u call me lightning bolt ha !U dumb tweety….
Sanskaar: Oi…just because I am very mature and understanding does not mean u can call me names …
Swara: Started to laugh loudly holding her stomach…
Sanskaar :Ap Kya?
Swara: Tum mature? Hahahah
Sanskaar:hahaha…(he mimics swara)
Lash and ragini who could not stand their idiotic fight came and sopped them…
Then suddenly

Sanskaar:Bhai..bhai(he screamed soo loudly and jumped up on his table)
Swara:Hehehe cry baby…btw u look like a gorilla hehehe
Laksh could not control his laughter anymore he started laughing oso
Rags:Shona Lucky tum dono chup rahenge …kya hua Sanskaar
Sanskaar points at a corner of a room ….
Upon seeing that even Laksh jumps on the table…
Both Rags and swara started laughing so much that sanskaar and lucky became very irritated.
Rags took a broom and started chasing the cockroach..but it was flying everywhere…so she asked swara for help then swara caught it by placing the dustpan on top of the cockroach…but the cockroach was still alive so rags ased swara to lift the dustpan in the count of tree and then she will hit it…so rags counted1…..2…..3 swara lifted the dustpan but to her horror the cockroach was missing…then they both looked at each other in disbelief then swara screamed in high pitch looking at sanskaar…even rags screamed looking at sanskaar..then 3….2…..1 both of them hit sanskaar head with the broom as the cockroach was there…


That’s when Rags and Swara realised wht they did and made a cute face and asked sry….. All the while Laksh was laughing non-stop…while sanskaar was giving him death glares….However melted b seeing the cuteness of swaragini,he forgave them..
Rags:Bas Bas masti katham ho gaya
And she made the mad trio focus in their task…
In one of the dresses which Sanskaar designed had mickey mouse pic seeing that swara started to tease him again…then they continued their work…..but swara was acting too pricey soo sanskar though to teach her a lesson.
Sanskaar:Guys,(around 10 ppl including Rags and Laksh)Gather around!
Everybody instantly gathered.
Sanskaar:I have a qu to which our dear Swara Is gonna ans…(in a very serious tone)

Sanskaar:Why should we not use a blunt pencil?
Swara:Cause it cant make the designs clear and neat
Sanskaar:Too bad ur wrong…
The ppl there bursted into laughter.which further irritated swara…
Then Sanskaar Rags and laksh started working with a not soo fussy swara
Rags and swara gave beautiful poses…

Guys pls guess the ans for the qu sanskaar asked

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