Hi friends i’m pari. Here is a new fan fiction to all of you from me. It’s  my first swasan ff. Here is intro and first part.

Let’s start it


Swara sharma -she is a doctor in profession. Now she is 24 years old. She loves sanskar. Her first love. Wants to live with him.

Sanskar kapoor – he is a celebrity. He wants a normal life. Wants to love a simple normal girl who is good from heart. He wasn’t interested in other celebraties. Loves swara. He was famous for his lead role as sidharth in his first serial.

Sujata kapoor – ( same as serial) mother of sanskar. Wants a simple girl for sanskar. After her husband death she raised alone sanskar. Happy with swara and sanskar’s relationship.

Sarmistha sharma -(same as serial) mother of swara. Happy with swasan relation.

Shekhar sharma -(by shekhar of swaragini)father of swara.

Piyali khanna -(role played by mahi of tashan e ishq) she was sanskar’s friend. She was lead actress with sanskar in his serial. From that she was his best friend. And after meeting swara now swara is her best friend. In a relationship with her childhood friend Adarsh(role played by yuvraj of tashan e ishq ).

Anjli kapoor – another actress from sanskar’s serial. Friend of sanskar. Always helps swasan. (By kavya of swaragini ) .

Episode 1

It’s a house of kolkata.

Swara gets ready to leave for Mumbai .her mother came near her.

Sumi – beta are you sure that you will go alone.

Swara – Yes maa I’m completely fine.

Sumi – beta now only you recover from coma please let me call sanskar he’ll come here.

Swara – No maa I know he’ll come immediately if he’ll know that I’m recover from coma. But i want to surprise him please. That’s why i didn’t let doctors to inform him. Please maa I’ll take care of myself.

Shekhar – okay beta let’s go.

Sumi – shekhar she was in coma from last one year and you are not worried for her .

Shekhar – because I know she’ll be fine after meeting sanskar. He’ll take care of our princess.

Sumi – but. .

Shekhar – no but let’s go we are getting late

Swara – thanks papa.

Then swara leaves for Mumbai. After she reaches there quickly she gets ready and leave for sanskar office. She wants to surprise him that’s why she weared a burkha. On the way she saw a pregnant women and she understands that she was of five months pregnant. When she saw her face she can’t believe because she was anjli.

Swara – are anjli is already married. With whom. Okay let’s talk with her. But i’ll not tell her who am I? Otherwise she’ll tell sanskar about me.

Then she joins anjli without giving her identity .

Swara – you are Anjli na.

Anjli – yah . But who you are?

Swara – i’m your fan. I love your acting. You get married but when.

Anjli – it was a secret marriage. That’s why. Are tell me what is your name.

Swara – my name is shreya. Where you are going?

Anjli – to my husbands office.

Swara – yah i’m also going to sanskar sir office.

Anjli – oh then our destination is same.

Then after sometime they reach the office. Swara was happy to see the office. She was working with sanskar in his medical. When she reached there her heart beat increased. Then they entered sanskar cabin. His personal secretary  shyam told them to wait there. Both sit there.

After sometime sanskar comes there. Swara was happy to see him. But she was shocked because anjli hugged him.

Anjli – Sanskar let’s go.

Sanskar – you are late. We have to go for medical checkup.

Anjli – yah but meet her she is shreya . She wants to meet you.

Sanskar – hi shreya and he forward his hand.

Swara – hi and she handshake with him.

Sanskar – shreya just wait for one hour .Actually I have to take my wife to hospital for check up. Have some snacks. Let’s go anjli. And they left.

Swara sits in a shock. She never imagined these in her worst nightmare. She thought that when sanskar will handshake with her he’ll know her. Because before whenever she was around him sanskar can feel her. Then she saw the photo on the table. It was sanskar and Anjli’s marriage photo. She opens the burkha. And cried hard. After sometime she wrote something on a letter and rings the bell so shyam came there. He was shocked to see her.

Shyam -swara mam you are here.

Swara – sorry can you please give this letter to sanskar.

Shyam -what is this.

Swara – nothing one is personal letter and other is my resignation.

Shyam -but when you recover from coma.

Swara – what’s that needed now. But just tell your boss one thing that he gave me a good surprise. Bye. And she left.

It ends with swara’s crying face.

Precap- Sanskar came and saw the letter and about their past.

Friends here is the first part. Hope you all like it. Guys I’ll update next part only after seeing your response so please comment. And till then bye and take care.

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