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Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 21: BeLec romance in jail?

Hi guys hope you guys like the episode with some surprises.
Episode 21: BeLec romance in jail?

Alec’s pov
“I have to get out of here and why is this witch Becca here.” I said to my self. “Darling, now we can do whatever we want to do, cause we are in a private cell!” That stupid Becca said. “Oh, Yes!” I said, whille coming closer and closer to her, while she hit the wall and I started to kiss her on the lips, then the neck, suddenly she pushed me on the bed and started to take my clothes of while kissing me very wildly, I ripped of her dress, while coming on top of her, she took of my troussers, I took of her nothing, cause I pushed her of the bed, while laughing evilly, I said: “Are you that dumb or are you just playing it?” “I never loved you Becca, I only wanted an one night stand with you, do you think, that you are beautiful or what, I send you to my brother, cause I knew that Sarah will run of to him, that she will start to hate him, cause she will think, that he is a player. I have new work for you and I will pay you for that, you have to seduce Mr. Sanskar Meheswari, that he has to have you in his bed.”


Becca’s pov
“I hate Alec, I just hate him, he used me, sold my body, but he doesn’t know, that I’m an actress.” I thought for myself, while I recorded everything, but Alec saw it, he took my phone and deleted it, tortured me, tied my hands and my feets on the edges of the bed and started to rape me, I was screaming, that he should stop it, but no one came save, the police officers were laughing at me, then one of them came raped me, one after the another they raped me and at last alec came raped me again, they made a video out of it and sent it everywhere. My whole life is spoilt, since I met him, They thought I was dead, so they threw my body on the street, but luckily I was saved by SahSwaRagini, they took me to the hospital.

SahSwaRagini and doctor scene
“Doctor, what happend to Becca?” A concerned Sarah asked. “Miss. Calender got raped by few different men, some of them were police officers and Mr. Alec Tomson.” The doctor replied back. “I called some special police, their name is the masked angels, they are 7 members in it, their boss is Nidhi Gadodia and the rest are either Gadodia’s or Meheswari’s, they are your cousines.” She said to SahSwaRagini. “Thank you doctor Sharma, can we take her to our place.” “Yes, you guys can.”

Becca’s pov
“Thank you very much for saving my life!” “No, problem, but what happend?” They asked me. “I will tell the masked angels at first, but can you guys please be at my side at that time, cause there will be truth revealed, who no one knows.” “Ok, we will!”

The masked angels came and met everybody, they told the whole story till Becca’s part.

NidSiAsMalSaJAsh akka Masked angels pov
“So I went to meet him, cause I loved him, but then he told me that he was using me to create problems between JaSah and Ragsan, I should seduce Sanskar, that he wants me in his bed, I recorded everything and to my badluck he saw it, started to torture me while he tied my hands and feet with a rope, raped me and some policeofficers did as well, they thought I was dead, do they threw my body pn the street, SahSwaRagini wouldn’t have found me, I would have been dead.” Becca said, while she was crying. “We will torture these pieces of filth, till they confess their crimes.” “But how?” The rest asked us. “We will seduce them, with our very special methode to torture criminals.” We answered back. “Can you send us a video, please.” Jack asked, cause he knew, that his brother deserves it. “Yeah, sure!” We went home, searched dresses and prepared ourselfs for tomorrow.

Ashnoor’s dress is white with sleaves and short

My dresses, I couldn’t decide between these three dresses, a black one sleaveless and short, a pink one sleaveless, backless and long, and a red one with a little bit of sleaves and short

Astha’s dress is red sleaveless and short

Nidhi’s dress is mint green sleaveless and short

J’s dress is purple sleaveless and long

Sinzo’s dress is sleaveless and long

New member Fizoo’s dress is light blue with flowerprint, sleaveless and short

Everyone of them was finished, except for me. They said, that they will help me tomorrow morning to select the dresses and I said ok.

After we ate our dinner, we went to bed early and we were talking till late, before we slept peacefully in our villa, which has three floors, 4 bedrooms with very big windows, 4 bathrooms, a big kitchen, a big dinningroom, 2 sittingrooms, a swimmingpool and it is near the beach. We love Goa a lot. We wil never leave Goa, cause it’s our hometown.

Guys, if you want to see the pictures, you can see it in Wattpad❤️❤️❤️???

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