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Swaragini The Soul Sisters Promo 4

Promo 4 SwaSan and RagLak
Link: Episode 53
Janam janam plays….
SwaSan RagLak are shown getting intimate…..
Sawar chukki hai swara aur Ragini ki zindagi
(SwaRagini lives are finally set)
Ho chukki hai ek atut rishte ki shuruaat
( now starts an unbreakable relation)
Lavanya Akriti Urvashi are shown…
In teeno ke rahte kya rahe paaega Swara Sanskaar Ragini Laksh ka saath
(With their presence will SwaSan and RagLak stay together)
Next Part: Leap. Lives of maheshwaris change
How about this promo? Stay tuned
**i tried translating the lines to English for those who understand it better. Please tell about this below and give ideas for betterment**
× Many people were asking about Karan. So I’m planning to get back his love story soon. Akriti will come back.. And this time it will be a true love story ×
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