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Swaragini : (SWALAK) Jo tu mera hamdard h ( chapter 2)

Hi guys , I am really really sorry for the delay actually It’s not my fault , actually yesterday my network wasn’t there so I wasn’t able to post. And in the last post I did a mistake actually swara, Ragini and lucky are 1st year students and sanskar is 2nd year student.sorry?

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So let’s proceed to our next chapter.

Scene 1.
Lucky reaches college with his friends. He gets busy talking with his friends. By the time Swaragini also reach there.
Swara : Ragini , u park the car till then I will wait for u in the canteen.
Ragini : ok. I will be there in 5 min.
Swara goes from there. She reaches in the college campus and looks around and then she takes a deep breath and tells ‘ so my new college , I am finally here ‘. She goes to the canteen. She falls as her sandal breaks but lucky comes and holds her. They share a eyelock. Lucky gets mesmerized seeing her. Raabta plays.

Swara : Thanks.
But lucky was completely lost seeing her beauty. Swara shakes him.
Swara : o hello. I am telling thanks and you are giving me attitude.
Lucky ( comes in senses ) : No no… I am not giving u attitude. Did anyone told u this before .. That u r so beautiful.
Swara : what ….!
Lucky : I mean can we become friends ?

Swara : sorry but I don’t have any interest in making friends.
She goes from there but gets unbalanced due to her sandal. Lucky supports her.
Lucky : may I help u ?
Swara ( gives him a angry look ) : what will u do ? Will u take ume to canteen in your hands !

Lucky (smiles) : as u wish .
He lifts her in his hands. Everyone starts looking at them.
Swara : stop it . leave me . ( shouts angrily ).
But lucky takes her to the canteen and makes her sit on the chair.
Swara : how dare u ?
Lucky goes from there without answering her.

Scene 2.
All of them (swaraglak) were in class. Lecturer asked the name of all the freshers.swara also tells her name.
Lucky ( in his mind ) : nice name ‘Swara khanna’.

Precap : lucky and swara get locked in classroom . sanskar’s entry.

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