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Swaragini – Royal Love promo Naya Adhay

hello friends sinin here…thanks for the comment on the previous part. most of you choosed option two…so we’ll go with that…but don’t worry we’ll show wedding scenes in the flashback..you’ll not miss that..guys I’m not able to give enough time to this ff..so I’ll start naya adhay after finishing does love need perfection…only few episodes are remaining….please support us…we badly need it..so here we go with a promo

scene 1
a royal grand wedding is happening…the mandap is surrounded by thousand of people..two couples are taking phere…both brides have long veil..
some girls together ties the ghatbandhan of couples…they showers flower on them..


the girls are seen hugging the brides they wishes them n goes to their respective destinations…

a grand bidai is going on…the brides are leaving their myka…they leaves for their sasural in palki..with their husbands..

scene 2

strong winds are blowing…whole subject are waiting for their brides…a storm is ragging up..
everything is seen getting messed…

a bride tries to save her ghatbandhan fron diya..but ends up burning her hand..she looks at her husband with teary eyes

a bride seen trying to cook food..she faints listening the variety and amount of food to be cook..she starts making dough but is turn out to be juice..she tries to take wheat…but it falls on her head..making her covered with wheat…
she looks here n there and smriks seeing someone

scene 3

a groom is drinking on his wedding night..his bride is crying and trying to stop him..he holds her hand and twirls it tightly..she winches in pain..

a grom is seen coming toward his bride with a knife hiding behind his back and sweet smile..the bride shies and looks away…

a man is seen practicing sword fighting in sorrow of lossing his love
another man watches this from far he has tears anger n hatred in eyes…

a bride is sleeping peacefully while her husband is caressing her hairs…his eyes reveals hatred n anger..

a groom is seen sleeping in disorder…while his wife looks at him with teary eyes…

all this is seen by a girl..she laughs evily…

guys.. jhatka laga ?? I had said from beginning laksh is a confused character ….now wait for naya adhay…..which is full of shocks….some new character will be added in Singh family….
do comment guys…

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