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Swaragini : Raglak ff Love story ( by malika) Intro

Than you so much for your lovely comments .You all made my day. It really means a lot. SO in this story there will be swasan and our raglak of course they are lead. Now I stopped my bak bak and start the intro. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Ragini gadodia: the only daughter of shekar and sumi gadodia. Actually shekar and sumi died in an accident when raginibwas only 5 years old. Now ragini stay with her uncle and aunt. Ragini is 20 years old. She stay at home only.


Ram gadodia: A very honnest person but always get afraid of his wife. Very coward person in front of his wife. Just listen to her and he work as farmer. He is 49 years old. But love ragini .

Sujata gadodia: aunt of ragini. cruel women. Only love two things : money and her daughter named swara. Always make ragini do all house hold work. Hate raginiba lot and treat her like servant . She is 40 years old

Swara gadodia: Cousins of ragini. A very talkative girl. Love her parents and money also. Hate ragini a lot. ( don’t worry she is not negative ) . Never study hard. She is 17 years old.

Yes this is the intro of ragini family. Tomorrow you will see Ep one. This story is a little bit different. If it’s like someone so please inform me. Don’t worry in 2 ep you will see Lashk entry.

Recap : ragini story will start now.

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