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Swaragini : Raglak ff. Love story ( by malika) ep 2

Missing this ff. Soo sorry today I’m free so I thought to update raglak ff. Thank you so much for you support. I was really overwhelmed to see so much love from you all. It made my day. So without losing time let’s start. I will try not to make a lot of mistakes.

When ram opene the door, he saw his lovely daughter crying in a corner . Blood is flowing from her hand a lot. Without time, he came her ragini.

Ram in a tense voice : ragini beta!! What happened?? Why you are crying??

Ragini : noo baba!! I’m fine. Nothing had happened.

Ram : won’t you tell me!!

Ragini: noo baba!! I’m fine.
Saying this she wipe her tears which was flowing near her cheeks.

Ram: you are very stubborn!! Like your father… Wait I will come in a minute.

Ragini is thinking in mind : why God!! Why you are doing this with me!! What I have done!!

After a few minutes ram came , with medicine (I mean to say cream ).

Ram : show me your hand!!

Ragini : baba !! It’s a small wound!! Don’t worry it will be fine.

Ram: I said show me your hand!!! It’s an order.

Ragini slowly show ram her hand. Ram was crying slightly seeing the wound. Ram slowing put the cream on her hand so as ragini don’t get hurt.

Ragini: aaaaaah!! Baba it’s hurting!!

Ram : sorry beta!! Now it’s done!! See!!

Ragini : thank you baba!!!

Ram : come beta!! Now go to your room.

Ragini : nnooo baba!! Sujata aunty will be angry on me.!!

Ram : don’t worry about her!! I will handle her.!! You just go to your room.!!
Ragini still was not ready to go.

Ram;: did you have your diner???

Ragini nobbed : noo.

Ram take ragini with him in the kitchen , there ram heat the food as ragini’ s hand is hurt. After a few minutes ram come with a plate on his hand and come towards ragini. Ram feed ragini like a father is feeding his child. Tears was forming in both ragini and ram’ s eyes. Like both were in pain. After that ragini went to her room as ram forced her. At that night two persons were sleeping peacefully and two persons were in pain.

In the morning :

Sujata was the first person to wake up. She saw her husband ram who was sleeping.

Sujata: oooh Mr!!! Woke up!!!
Ram who was sleeping woke up in a sudden.

Ram said in a tremble voice: sujata what happen?? Why you are shouting like this??

Sujata said in anger: why I’m shouting like this?? Oooh God why you have given me such a foolish person?? Who will make my coffee?? That rag ……
Before she could complete her sentence she remember that she had locked ragini in the store room. Without time when she reach there she saw noboby. Sujata understand that ragini is in her room. She went there and saw ragini is smiling in her sleep so sujata take a bucket of cold water and throw it on ragini.

Ragini shout loudly: aaaaaah!!
Hearing her voice swara also came there.

Sujata: who’ s the hell did you and permission to get out from the store room.????

Ram said with a little courage : iiii have tell her to go to her room!!!

Sujata: just go to hell with you both!!! One is my foolish husband and second this burden girl.!!! Please God take them!!

Swara: maaa!! You know I hate ragini but I love papa. Please don’t say like that. Papa didn’t do anything!!
Ragini and ram were happy that swara have support her father.

Swara little hesitate : ragini go and change your clothes , otherwise you will catch cold.
Ragini was like out of world to see swara’ s care towards her. Like she had got her sister .

Sujata: swara!! Okk sorry my lovely daughter and ( with little arrogant ) ragini come to my room I have an important thing to say.

Racap : raglak first meeting. ( maybe romantic or dramatic)

I know that swara scene is very little but don’t worry when I’m here. Soo in next ep raglak life start plus swasan also sooner. Soo sorry if I hurt any one. Sorry for any grammer mistake. Please comment and tell me how you like ramrag scene. I had to show their bonding because it necessary.

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