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Swaragini love makes its own way character sketch

Hello everyone I am Adi and this is my first ff so hope you will like it here is character sketch.

Gadodia family.


Shekhar gadodia: a successfull buisness man . loves his both of the daughter and wife and niece Swara

Sharmistha gadodia: wife of Shekhar a house wife . Loves Ragini , Pihu and also loves swara as she is her daughter

Ragini gadodia: daughter of shekhar and sharmistha
very traditional girl. Loves her mom dad and love swara as her sister.age 24

Pihu gadodia : second daughter of shekhar and sharmistha age 9 very naughty but loves her family

Swara gadodia: daughter of late sharad and janki gadodia very bubbly girl eenjoys the life loves shekhar and sharmistha as her own parents.and loves Ragini most in the world but sometime misses her parents. very good at studies, age 24 dadi dida and other are same as on tv.


Durgaprashad Maheswari (Dp): very kind hearted person one of the most successfull buisnessman in India loves both of his son and daughter. and sanskaar

AP: wife of Dp kind heateed and loves her family and loves laksh and sanskaar same

Ramprashad Maheswari ; brother of dp, help him in buisness

Sujata Maheswari : wife of Rp loves his son most in the world

Sanskaar maheswari : son of Rm and Sm spoil brat
always flirts with girls but love his family most in the world age 24

Laksh maheswari: son of ap and dp same as brother sanskar. age 24

Uttara maheswari ; daughter of ap and dp a fun loving

Adarsh maheswari : elder son of dp and ap loves her family married

Parineeta maheswari ; wife of Adarsh and loves her family

So these are the main character I will add more according to need. as my english is too bad sorry for grammatical .And ha for typing error also and please suggest the pairs pls comment

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