Hi Guys This is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla

Fine so the cowboy secrets weren’t what she’d expected, but she liked being privy to them. She leaned back in her chair and took another sip of her drink. It was chocolaty and soothing, the room was warm and the last few weeks of little sleep and incredible worry caught up with her. Exhaustion wrapped around her like a welcome hug.


Sounds like you’re learning the right stuff. Laksh’s deep voice rang low and pleasant. The thing about Slayer is he likes putting on a show and acting tough. You can see it in his eyes. He sizes you up before a run, like he’s figuring out how fast he can get you to the ground.

But he tries to gore you. Shivansh sounded confused. Sure he gets carried away. He doesn’t have reasoning powers the way humans do, but he isn’t out to hurt you. He gets all wound up and his instincts take over. You can’t fault him for that.

What about the horse that stomped you.

Laksh’s voice grew blurry, one word rumbling into the next, hard to discern. Her eyelids felt so heavy. Maybe she should close her eyes. She could listen and rest at the same time, couldn’t she?

The sound of Laksh’s voice murmured pleasantly, growing dimmer and dimmer until there was only silence.

I learned to ride bulls and broncs on sheep. It was hard to miss the woman snoozing quietly, her chin tucked her chest, sitting relaxed and slack and peaceful. She sure must be tired to drift off like that. That chair didn’t even look close to comfortable. She’d been out a good twenty minutes by his count, maybe more.

On a sheep? Shivansh looked a little doubtful. You can’t ride a sheep.

Sure I can’t now but that was back when i was a little guy about your age. The kid seemed to be lapping up his stories, so he figured, why stop? He didn’t want to disapoint the boy. And if he himself were facing heart surgery the next day, he’d want to be distracted, too. I kept pestering my dad to ride like the rodeo, so he finally caved and borrowed a few of the neighbor’s sheep. I was a mite disappointed, I tell you, when my dad brought me out to the corral all pleased as punch. He figured I’d be real excited but the truth was, I was thinking a sheep? That’s not the same as bronco riding.

A sheep isn’t a horse. Shivansh laughed, as if that was obvious.

To be Continued…….

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