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I make no promises.
Beware, I’ve been known to charm the most cantakerous and ornery of animals. It might even work on you. His wink was a step away from downright laughter.

I’m not ornery. She was so not sure about this man.

I didn’t say you were but you do look tired and i did ask you to take a break. Since you refused to listen, you might as well come put your feet up. I can always hope i bore you so much you drift off and take a nap.

As you are completely dull and lackluster, it’s likely to happen. She settled into the chair and set her bag on the floor. It’s alright, Shivansh? I don’t want to intrude on your guy time.

I guess but we’ve got to talk about bull and bronc ridding. Shivansh looked adorable, her little angel, He’s gonna teach me all about it.

I won’t interfere Promise. She held up her cup and took a sip. Now that she could see her son was all right and happy and her seperation anxiety was eased, she did feel a little more relaxed. Go on with your tale.

My tale? I assure you this is the bona fide truth. Cowboy’s honor. Laksh laid a fist across his heart. Slayer and I aren’t friends exactly but we respect one another. He’s good at what he does and I am , too. Some days I’m the victor and some days he is.

You talk this animal? That’s how you know he respects you? So, she was giving him a little sass. Maybe he deserved it maybe he didn’t. But any man who looked that amazing and who had enough charm to disable half the female population in six states could use a little humbling.

Sure i do Slayer and i have had some good conversations.

You mean you like Slayer? Shivansh seemed amazed.

Just because he and i are adversaries in the pen doesn’t meant it’s personal. He’s one of God’s creations, too The lilt remained in Laksh’s voice but his smile disappeared. That’s one of the first things my dad taught me. You dont be unkind to an animal. God gave them life for a reason and if He cares about the small sparrow. then He cares about all His creatures. He’s watching how you treat them. He’s trusting us to do it right.

I learned that in Sunday school. Shivansh nodded, seriously. We learned about sheep and Sheperd, too.

To be Continued……..

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