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Hi Guys This is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla

Then i will keep trying Beneath her mother’s breezy quip vibrated the worry for Shivansh she was fighting to hide.

Ragini knew just what that was like. She’d been batling to do the same for the last six months, as Shivansh’s health problems had gone from moderate to serious. You’ll have to try pretty hard she quipped back, It takes a great man to be better than no man at all.

I don’t know who quoted that saying to you but it’s wrong. Your father isn’t a great man but he’s better than nothing. She burst into giggles maybe from stress rather than her gentle joke.

Ragini giggled too The tension was definitely getting to her. Dad is a good man.

I know i just couldn’t seem to help myself. Recovering Anjali gave a sigh as if she were prepared to compose herself. Bad news they’ve cancelled the flight unless Sharma made it in you’re on your own baby.

I’m not alone Mom i can feel your love form here.

That’s right and i will keep it coming.

Silence fell and Ragini knew what her mom was too choked up to speak. They were never alone not really. She had never relied more on her faith than during the last few months especially today. Tomorrow her faith would be all she had to see her through the surgery to save her son’s life.

I’m having second thoughts, baby i can still drive. If i leave right now— Her mother paused as if calculating time and distance. I should be able to make it in time.

I said absolutely not, She couldn’t stand the thought of her mom alone, driving through the night, battling ice weariness and terrible conditions. We already settled this. You’re staying home.

Maybe i can get your brother to come with me. We can trade off driving.

No Don’t you see? I’m holding it together but if i have to worry about u too i don’t think i can do it She liked to think she was strong enough to handle everything but it wasn’t true. She bounced out of the chair grabbed her bag and her mocha and headed for the exit. Go home and stay with Dad. You two can call me tomorrow as many times as you want. We can be together that way.

I don’t like it

When the storm clears you can fly in It might be better that way. Shivansh will get to spend more time with you. Her voice hardly cracked and she was pleased. The last thing she wanted was for her mom to guess how unnerved she was. That surgeon had gone over with her the risks of anesthesia, surgery in general and everything that could go wrong with the delicate procedure. Concentrate on the positive she remained herself.

He will be just fine. No one could comfort like a mother. Anjali’s voice shone with certainty and love as if she could will everything to be all right.

Ragini breathed in as much of her mother’s comfort as she could. Her sneakers squeaked on the tile floor as she wended her way to the elevators. Shivansh is going to get through this surgery the way he does everything. With flying colors.

That’s right he’s one special little boy.

By this time tomorrow he will be in recovery and doing well. There was nothing like little wishful thinking to put spring in a woman’s step. She punched the elevator button.

You call if u need me, baby girl. Anjali’s voice rang as warm as a hug. Anytime even if it’s the wee hours. You hear me?

I promise Mom but i will be fine. She intended to be fine. She intended to handle the worry, the fear and the wait in the best way possible. The doors opened. I’ll talk to you soon, Mama. She tucked her phone in her pocket.

To be Continued…….

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