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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 26

fresher’s party….
in GM
all elders are sitting in hall..
riya comes their and takes blessings from all.. (she is wearing a black long gown and her hair is parted one side)
sunaina – riya you are looking beautiful..
riya – thanku aunty
sumi – shona is in her room, go riya
riya – k
riya is climbing stairs and Karthik is coming down by fixing his hand button (he is wearing black tuxedo) both stop by looking at each other.
riya (thinks) – Karthik is looking so handsome. I want just run and hug him. riya don’t think to much. he hurted you so avoid him.. and about to leave.
‌Karthik (thinks) – beautiful
Karthik – riya still you are angry on me..
riya doesn’t respond..
Karthik – I know I was stupid, please forgive me today whole clg will enjoy but unless you forgive I can’t enjoy, I was feeling so guilty for hurting you.. I am really sorry..
riya feels bad for him… so forgives him
riya – Karthik it’s k leave that matter.. and about to go
Karthik (calls her) – riya..
she stops without turning..

Karthik – today you are looking better.
riya fumes in anger… swayam comes their..
swayam – riya Di you are looking beautiful
riya – thanku swayam and leaves.
Karthik – how much attitude she is showing, I complemented her and she not even said thanks
swayam hits him self on head with his hand..
swayam – bai how can you be such stupid.
Karthik – now what I had done..
swayam (laughs) – bai you don’t know how to complement a girl.. any one will say you are looking better today.. that girl will think she looks bad every day.
Karthik – I mean to say she is looking beautiful. I don’t want to hurt her.
swayam – come on bai you are grown up not a kid, you should know how to speak to girls all are not your sisters keep that in mind..
Karthik (thinks) – how stupid I am.. again I hurted riya. even swayam os far better than me… I should listen to swayam because of my stupidity.


swara is getting ready.. (she is wearing red long gown with a messy bun and minimal jewellery)
riya comes to her room.. wow swara you are looking hot…
swara – even you are looking beautiful..
riya – I will look beautiful for everyone other than your stupid bai…
Swara – why what happened..
riya tells her about convo of her and Karthik.. swara burst out into laughter..
riya – swara you are making fun of me..
Swara – no riya, I am just thinking how innocent my bai is, you are really lucky to be in his life..
riya – stop praising your bai, this time I will not forgive him that easily
swara – k cool….
riya – lucky will be waiting for us we should go early..
swara is looking at mirror..
riya – swara you are looking good come lets go..
swara – will Sanskar like me..
riya – of course, you will be the hot girl in the party every boy will be back of you..
Swara – I don’t want any one, but once Sanskar notices me its more than enough for me..
riya – you started loving him..
swara – no riya, you know na he is my first crush that’s it.. I like him but love don’t know..
riya – but I think you feel for him.
swara (teasingly) – elders say true, if anyone are in love then for them it seems like others are also in love.
riya – now stop teasing me and we are chating here what about ragini.
Swara – see you distracted me, come lets go to ragu room and check otherwise she will not get ready nicely..

ragini is wrapping gift cover to a book…
this is my small gesture of thanks to you Sanskar..because of your support I had grown stronger than before.. in this diary I had written reply for your every letter…it’s a book of my emotions..hope you like it.
by hearing knock on the door she keeps the gift in her bag..
swara and riya comes in..
swara – ragu what is this, still you are not ready..
riya – ragini we will get late
ragini – sorry but give me 5 min I will be ready
swara – no way ragu, if we will get late also no problem but you should get ready nicely.
riya – ragini today you also wear something modern na, today all the girls will wear modern dresses only
ragini – no riya I don’t like to change my self just the Sake of others
sunaina comes their..
sunaina – exactly ragu will not change for others, so she will wear this dress
riya – wow aunty this dress is pity
swara – ha badi maa, this dress is so nice but I will do ragu makeup
sunaina – k as you wish.. ragu did you like it
ragu – I loved it.. but what is the need of it.
sunaina – arrey.. why I can’t gift you new dress also
ragu – it’s not like that badi maa
sunaina – then go and get ready fast
ragu says thanku badi maa and hugs her
sunaina goes out.. sumi will be waiting for her..
sumi – di ragu liked it or not
sunaina – don’t worry sumi she liked it. I wish I would have said her that it was brought by you
sumi – If you say I briught her this dress she would not have accepted it whole heartdlt. if it is from you or me, ragu should feel happy
sunaina smiles and they both leave..
swara makes ragini ready…
ragini is wearing velvet (Dark blue) anarkali.. her hair is left open..

Swaragini and riya comes down all praises them for their beauty..
Karthik is trying to talk to riya but she is avoiding him all the way.. Swaragini are enjoying their brother’s helplessness.. soon they leave in Karthik’s car and reach clg.. all get down.. ragini is carrying her side bag..
Karthik – ragu why this bag keep it in car only..
ragini – its k bai, if I suddenly need anything I will keep it in girls locker room
Karthik – k

in clg
every one are looking good.. but our sanlak are looking dashing and hot… (both are wearing black tuxedo of different shades)
Swaragini enter the venue with riya and Karthik… all the boys over their are mesmorised to see swara specially sahil.. but sanlak are mesmorised to see ragini.. both their eyes are stuck to her and moving in the direction that she moves….Swara was looking at Sanskar all the time..
Karthik goes to his gang.. they are little upset because kunj is not with them… so they are not even performing anything..
opening act will be of dare devils, swara and riya.. in which swara and Sanskar sing, Laksh play drums, yuvi and kavitha play guitar, riya and kavya give chorus along with piano… (same as fab 5 in kaise ye yaariyan..)
all are enjoying their performance… after few other performances it’s time for dance…
Karthik asks riya for dance but she ignores him and about to go but he pulls her to dance floor which shocks all of them… Karthik starts dancing with her, riya was in shock because of his sudden move but she is also enjoying dancing with him… Swaragini are admiring them..
ragini – how cute they are looking together..
Swara – Yes ragu…
sahil comes their and asks swara for dance she accepts.. both are dancing but swara is not feeling comfortable to dance with him.. he is becoming cozy in between the dance.. Laksh observes it and he comes to swara and sahil.. they part away for a step grabbing the chance Laksh starts dancing with swara which irks sahil… he leaves from their in anger..

after dance…
Swara – thanku lucky
Laksh – If you are not comfortable then you should have said no to him, why are you bearing him
swara – I should have said no but if ragu asks the reason i should tell her whole story, and she will be worried and if bai comes to know he will fight with sahil
Laksh – your bro will be always ready to fight..
Swara – because he love us so much.
Laksh – k but what story you are taking about..
Swara – about that sahil… he was my good frnd but 2 days back he asked me out when I said no he tried to force me to come out with him, I warned him at that time …from then from then his behaviour was changed he is trying to be cozy..
Laksh – If that is the case I suggest you he us not the right guy swara be away from him..
swara – I to think the same lucky..

all are enjoying the party..
Sanskar is admiring ragini, ragini is stealing glances from him… suddenly a paper hit ragini she thinks it is by Sanskar but it is from Laksh who is standing behind her…
in letter
waiting…. to know what you will do
ragini gets nervous..
another paper hits her Written
if you are not comfortable in doing anything that’s fine I don’t mind but you should do it for your self not for me.. may be this is the step to become strong ragini….
ragini gains strength and goes on stage… Spot light falls on her.. all are looking at her amazed… she gets frightened by seeing the crowd and turns her back towards audience.. Karthik and swara are going to her but Laksh stops them by saying lets give her a chance..
Laksh (thinks) – come on ragini you can do it…
tears are rolling from her eyes.. Sanskar who is standing at side of the stage can clearly see her tears he gets worried.. he goes and turns of the Spot light on ragini… it was full of darkness on stage.. no one can see what is happening on stage..

suddenly ragini hears a voice which is audible only to her… ragini it’s me Sanskar.. (ragsan convo is not audible to others)
ragini – Sanskar what are you doing here…
Sanskar – I should ask you that.. what are you doing here..
ragini (thinks) – I should hide from him that I know the truth
ragini – Sanskar I want to do it.. to show all of them that I can do it..
Sanskar – it’s not neccessary to prove your self to others.. who doesn’t matter you
ragini – it’s not for others Sanskar its for my self..
Sanskar was amazed by her reply…
Sanskar – what you are going to do…
ragini – I will sing..
Sanskar – thats cool.. then I will go and switch on the mike..
ragini – Sanskar don’t turn on the light.. let it be off only..
Sanskar – hmm.. and he gets down the stage…
mean while… all starts gossiping…
suddenly they hear a tune played by violin… it was the same tune that Laksh plays… all started enjoying it… but don’t know who was playing it.. as they think no one was on the stage because lights were off…
then they hear a female voice singing…

( Haan aa o…
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye..
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aa o… aa…
Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)
Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
aa… o…)

after she finishes around of a plague is heard everyone are praising her voice and eager to see who is that girl… suddenly Spot light falls on ragini who is playing violin by closing her eyes… ragini opens her eyes as she feels light rays and finds lights got on… she gets scared by looking at the people staring her and runs from their….

sorry for typos

hope you are liking it…. positive and negative comments are welcomed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…stay blessed.. love you all… 😘😘😘

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