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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 25

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ragini pov
upto now I was wondering who is mystery man and why is he doing all these.. but now I got my answers.. Sanskar is mystery man and he is all these because he likes me.. I don’t what I feel for him because when ever I think about liking or loving someone I just get flashes of my dreams.. those dreams make me worried if I think of my future with someone then those dreams are warning me.. I get scared by thinking about all those friendship, love, marriage, music everything scares me to hell… that is why I always avoid making friends.. those dreams are not allowing me to trust anyone.. it took me years to come close even to my family because of this trust issues… don’t know what is Written in my life…
Sanskar always supported me through his letters.. he gave me strength to fight back… at least as a gesture of thanks I should do something for him… may be like a frnd or a well wisher…
in GM
all are having dinner..
swara (thinks) – If I say it know only then it is better now whole family is here only so bai will not say no..
swara – all of you listen.. tmrw in freshers party, me and riya also performing..
Karthik – you already told us you are participating
swara – actually we are performing along with dare devils..
ragini and Karthik shocks by hearing to it..
Karthik – you are joking shona
swara – no bai I am saying true
Karthik – what is need to do it with them, no your are not doing it and even say it to riya also
swayam – see marriage talks are just started not yet confirmed bai is ordering riya di from now onwards only
all laughs..


Karthik – shut up swayam I am serious
samir – Karthik, we should support her and what is their to stop her
Karthik – Papa you don’t know about dare devils from first day of clg they are against our group and they knew shona is my sis, if they trouble her
swara – but even they helped us na bai, we can’t just judge them by your tiff with them, they are nice with me and riya
shekar – helped you, for what they helped you (gododia’s don’t know what happened with ragini)
swara (stammers) – wo papa nothing
ragini -wo Papa swara wants to say they helped us in our studies as we are new and even bai is of different group.. suddenly stopped by seeing all are glaring at her..
ragini – what happened why all are looking at me like this..
dadi (teary) – ragu for the first time in these years you called shekar as Papa not mr. Gadodia..
ragini and shekar both get tear eyed..
all are happy..

ragini tries to go from their but sunaina stops her..
sunaina – ragu first finish your food
sumi kept her hand on shekar shoulder to support him who was still looking at ragu tear eyed..
Karthik senses that situation is becoming emotional so he winks to swayam signaling him to change their moods
swayam – shona di, dare devils name is interesting say something about them
Karthik – their is nothing to say about them, stop your non sense and eat swayam
swara understands that they are trying to make situation lite she also joins them..
swara – swayam I will say, bai is jealous of dare devils
Karthik – oh please, jealous and me if they are dare devils we are hot dazzlers
samir – now what is this hot dazzlers
swara – I will say bade Papa, hot dazzlers is group against dare devils and bai is head of hit
Karthik coughs..
samir – Karthik you are going to clg to make gangs and fight
Karthik – papa, it’s not like that we will not start the fight
samir – that means if some one will start fight you will continue it
swara is smirking..
swara and swayam – ha bai answer bade papa
Karthik – shona and swayam today I will not leave you both..
trio have pillow fight by chasing each other in the whole house..
ragini is standing near her room window by looking at sky..
maa today I called him papa.. you know maa I always wanted to call him Papa, want to hug him and cry my heart out… but when he comes in front of me I remember everything that you faced in my childhood.. even I can forgive him for that… but how can I forget that knowingly or unknowingly he was the reason for your death.. I promise you mom the day I found your murderer I will forgive him and his wife and I will say whole truth to all…

in MM
all are having dinner
Laksh – adharsh bai how is your first date with my to be babhi
all are shocked
ap – adharsh you went to meet parineeta
suji – how is she, do you like her
dp – let him speak, tell adharsh how is pari
adharsh – its not any date. I went to drop pari at her place and in middle we had coffee that’s it
Laksh (adharsh) – wow bai in first meeting only parineeta to pari not bad
adharsh – shut up lucky. I had meeting tmrw I am going to sleep.. and he left
all laughs..
ap – see how much he is feeling shy. Sanskar why are you silent today.
Laksh – mom bai is tensed about tmrw performance that’s it. we will have desert in our room
in room
Laksh gives boul of desert to Sanskar..
Laksh – bai eat it or else I will only eat both.
Sanskar – If you want eat it.
Laksh – bai please stop being so nice, it’s your share you should only eat it. I can’t see my sanky bro sacrificing anything which he like even it is for me.
Sanskar smiles..
Laksh – now stop giving me that smile, you have not told me the reason for which you are upset from morning and I will not force you to say me unless you feel comfortable, at least try to be happy in front of our family…
Sanskar – lucky if you are with me then I don’t want anything you are my life..
Laksh – come on bai don’t be so emotional and I will always be with you don’t worry.
Sanskar pov
sorry Lucky this was the first thing I am hiding to you. first time I saw ragini some unknown feeling arise but I neglected it.. when she fought with you I dreamt of our future when you and ragini will be fighting for spending time with me..when I saw her tears that is the time I was confirmed about my feelings that I love her. I felt that I will lose her so Without thinking I told her about my feelings.. I should have waited for some time.. I messed up everything. unless I know ragini feelings towards me I can’t say it to anyone that I love her. I don’t know why but when ragini told that my feelings are just an act I felt very hurt. but know I decided I will try my level best to prove her my love and gain her love.
Laksh pov
he is caressing a painting which he hided in his cupboard.. (it is painting of ragini with old model gagra) don’t know this girl is having something in her. first she used to come in my dreams then I found this painting of hers in one old haveli, when I went to picnic. I don’t why I brought it with me and even I should hide it from everyone. how and why your painting is in that old haveli. from that day I wanted to know about you, your story I named you mystery girl. when I saw I thought it would be dream but you were real. you were crying when I first saw you out side mall, I just wanted you to make you smile so I started writing letters in the name of mystery man because you were my mystery girl.. I want to stay away from you because i told everyone that now no dreams are coming even I lied about it to sanky that now I am not getting any weird dreams, if I will come close to you my anxiety to know about this painting and my dreams will grow as of know I will see how desperate you are to know about me..
so my mystery girl, you should impress me to meet me. I will be waiting.

hope you are liking it…. positive and negative comments are welcomed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…stay blessed.. love you all… 😘😘😘

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