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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 24

a girl is hugging a boy and crying her heart out… one man comes their and shouts at the girl for cheating her husband… she is pleading him not to do anything to that boy by catching his legs… that man pushed her and went to that boy, who was getting beaten up by few other men.. that man hit that boy on his head with iron rod.. the girl shouts dev…. ragini wakes up from her sleep shouting ‘dev’ (she is covered with full of sweat) ….
swara who was crossing by ragini room hears her shout and goes inside…

ragini – again same dream, dev who is this dev… and who is that girl.. I think that men misunderstood them and killed them but why I always dream about them.. what is relation between them and why or how that matters to me…
swara (who just enters into the room) – ragu what happened why are you shouting ‘dev’…
ragini (thinks) – oh no.. swara heard me.. what should I say if I tell her about my dreams she may also think I am mad like others… in my childhood all think that I am mad because i always used to say about my dreams.. at that time maa is their to fight for me.. maa why you left me even though their is a big family who loves me and cares for me, don’t know why I still feel alone…

swara calls ragu.. which makes ragini to come out of her thoughts…
swara – ragu you are looking so tensed is everything fine..
ragini – oh swara I just had a bad dream..
swara -don’t take tension its just a dream…
ragini (thinks) – ha it is just a dream.. but what if the same dream is haunting you from your childhood…
swara – ragu again you are lost now stop thinking about it… (teasingly) may be this is hint that your future may be with someone whose name is dev..
ragini – shut up swara..
swara – k cool… I was just teasing.. it’s just a dream.. now go and get ready fast…
ragini – why so early still their is time for clg.. and you woke up so fast what is the reason…
swara – ragu bai told in two days their is fresher’s party and those who want to participate in it should give their names and start practising.. I to want to participate and bai is going to office with papa and bade papa today… so we should go fast so that he will drop us and then go to office…
ragini – k I will get ready fast…

sunaina – eat breakfast and go…
swara – badi maa their is no time.. we need to rush..
Karthik – ha ma today I need to go to office.. as papa and chote papa are signing new deal it will help me in gaining experience…
dadu – I am so proud of you Karthik, you are still in final year and for now only you started taking up responsibilities..
dadi – why not ji.. he is my grand son…
sumi – at least have these sandwiches.. I specially made for you..
sunaina – ha you both eat..
Karthik – why ragu is still not coming down…
swara (thinks) – I think ragu still worried about her dream..
swayam and ragini come down together..
swayam (pouting) – you all love Karthik bai only… no one cares about me..
swara – now what happened..
swayam – you all forgot bai promised we will spend weekend by going out.. now two weeks passed he forgot his promise.. you all are saying he is responsible…
Karthik (catching his ears) – sorry not this weekend..
swara – ha.. next week pakka..
swayam (pouts) – see I told na no one cares about me…
ragini – it’s not like that they are really busy.. but don’t worry I will make sure that next week we will enjoy a lot..
swayam – k
sunaina – ragu you to have your breakfast..
pari comes their…
pari – hi everyone…
she takes blessings from all elders.. and hugs younger ones..
all congratulate her for her marriage..
Karthik – what yaar you came when we are in hurry..
pari – why still their is time na..
Karthik – but today we need to go fast..
swara – pari Di you also come with us we can chat in car..
pari – ya its a good idea..
sumi – but pari beta you came just know..
pari – don’t worry aunty.. I will again come in evening..
sumi – k

in car..
Karthik and pari are sitting front and swaragini are sitting at back…
Karthik – so pari… how is adharsh…
pari – I can say only if I meet him..
swara (shocked) – what still you had not met him… still you said Yes for marriage… I can’t believe this how can you accept for this.. what if it doesn’t workout…
ragini – swara think positive… some realations are precious we should not judge them without experiencing them.. and I think pari di did a right thing..
pari – wow ragu you started speaking.. but what ragu said is right… and I trust dad he chosen adharsh for me.. so he might be best…

in sanlak car…
adharsh is driving…
Laksh – bai at least know call babhi and ask her out…
Sanskar – ha bai..
adharsh – If you start this topic again I will leave in in middle only… go to clg by walk…
Laksh – bai.. you are so boring…
by the time they reach clg..
Sanskar – don’t worry lucky if destiny wants bai and babhi will meet with out anybody’s force…
Laksh by getting down his car – I think destiny was with us..
Sanskar – what…
Laksh – bai see babhi is in front of us..
adharsh and sanskar looks at the side where Laksh is pointing..
pari is talking with Karthik and swaragini..
adharsh is totally mesmerised to see his to be wife in front of him..
adharsh pov
she is more beautiful than the pic.. her eyes shows her innocence.. her long black hair..her face.. over all she is a beauty.. but does we can get along with each other.. what of our personalities doesn’t allow us to adust with each other..
Sanskar – bai stop thinking so much.. go and meet her.
Laksh – what is babhi doing with gododia’s
adharsh – you guys don’t know gododia’s are our new business partners.. and sanjay uncle is their family friend that is how papa thought of choosing parineeta as my to be wife..
Sanskar (happy) – bade papa is talking about gododia’s that day.. wow I am happy today..
Laksh (irritated) – what is their to be happy.. anyhow bai come lets meet babhi…
adharsh – no not now..
Sanskar – bai please..
adharsh – k

they go to the place where pari is their..
sanlak – hi babhi..
pari stands confused..
swara – pari Di they are your to be dever’s..
sanskar to pari – you don’t mind us for calling you babhi before marriage..
pari – no not at all, I will be happiest one to get such a sweet dever’s..
pari feels happy to meet them..
Laksh – we are happy to meet you but their is surprise for you..
pari – what..
Sanskar – bai you will stand their it self or come and meet babhi..
Laksh – come on bai don’t feel shy..
adharsh hits his head while all laughs.. soon pari and adharsh look at each other and lost..
Laksh murmurs – bai stop staring and greet her..
adharsh – hi parineeta ji..
pari – hi adharsh ji..
all laughs by this…
ragini to handle situation – guys I think we should go.. bai you leave pari di will come with adharsh ji.. (to adharsh) if you don’t have any problem..
adharsh – no their is no problem.. I will drop parineeta ji..
all teases them..
Karthik – pari once you reach call me..
pari – k Karthik.. all the best.
Karthik – thanku..
Karthik leaves..
sanlak and swaragini also leaves by biding bye to parish (parineeta and adharsh)…

adharsh asked pari out for a date.. she agreed.. both went to coffee shop and talked about their life’s and families.
parish become good friends in their first meeting..now they are sure that they can spend their life’s together..
Karthik who was coming back to clg after his work attending the meeting in office saw sahil talking with some goons…
Karthik thinks – they are same goons who attacked me previously.. they were arrested then how they are outside and what is sahil doing with them… I should
make all things clear… what if they try to harm my family.. I should keep an eye on sahil if I ask him directly may be he deny to say the truth and if he really don’t know about it he may also get hurt..

in clg..
ragini is reading book… Sanskar comes in front of her suddenly… ragini scares..
ragini – are you trying to scare..
Sanskar – why will I do that…
ragini – because this is your gang new plan to trouble me.. please stop all these . now I got to know your plan..
Sanskar (laughs) – what plan you are talking..
ragini – don’t act smart.. I know saving me from rajat.. being friendly with me.. and saying that you like me.. all that are part of your planning..
Sanskar suddenly became serious… ragini got worried..
ragini thinks – he became serious now what he will do…
Sanskar – ragini its not any planning.. now I came hear to thank you for making bai and babhi go together.. because bai would have never taken the initiative… I said my feelings to you.. which are genuine.. and this was the first thing in my life that I am hiding it from even lucky.. as I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.. don’t hurt me by saying my feelings towards you are not real.. I really like you or more than liking you.. and he leaves from their..
ragini thinks – is he saying truth.. but how can this happen.. sanskar likes me..

some one was hiding behind and hearing ragsan convo. he is not other than vicky rajat frnd..
vicky calls rajat and informs about ragsan..
rajat who was drinking.. got angry…
rajat – because of you both I am suspended from clg.. my dad is not even talking to me and you are enjoying by starting your new phase of life… I will not let that happen before your love story starts only I will end it.. ragini and Sanskar wait and watch for the upcoming strom in your life’s.. I will make sure for you regret for hurting my ego..

ragini is walking in corridor thinking about sanskar words.. suddenly she bumps into Laksh…
Laksh – not again, why are you always behind me…
ragini – shut up.. it’s just by mistake…
Laksh – why always mistakes happens by you…
ragini – and why you always start to fight with me…
Laksh laughs – I think your memory is weak.. it is you who always starts to fight.. I will be just defending my self..
ragini huffs in anger… she start to go from their but she slips.. Laksh tried to help her by holding her hand.. ragini jerks her hand and laksh falls down…
Laksh shouts – ahhhh
ragini bites her cheek – Oh no now he will not leave me.. she gets worried..
Laksh (annoyed) – now will you help me or you will be just staring at me..
ragini helps him to stand..
ragini(worried) – sorry..
Laksh (to tease ragini he started to act) – will your sorry makes me fine.. what if something happens to me.. are you planning to kill me..
ragini gets tensed.. her face clearly shows she was hell scared..
Laksh enjoying the situation… he is smirking which was noticed by ragini…
ragini – I am really sorry.. come i will help you to go to medical room.. once doctor will check whether everything is fine or not then I will get relieved..
Laksh – what do mean.. so if I am fine you will push me again and make me fall down..
now ragini is scared to the hell tears started farming in her eyes.. Laksh senses that to make the thinks ease he says.. k now don’t start crying.. I am not hurt I was just kidding..
ragini – pakka..
Laksh – ha and he leaves from their in hurry not to make things serious between them.. as soon as he leaves ragini smirks..
ragin(smirking) – what he thought.. to make fool of me.. idiot he don’t know about me.. and leaves from their..
Laksh who came to pick his book heard ragini… a smile comes on his face..
Laksh – this girl is smart than I thought.. wait..
he writes a letter to ragini…

ragini was in library.. she was reading suddenly a paper hit her.. oh god why always me.. she picks up the letter and starts reading…
Hello dear…
missing me.. I know you are dieing to know who I am.. but as elders say we will not know the value of things which we get easily.. so you should impress me to meet me.. I will be coming to fresher’s party.. showcase your talent if I get impressed I will think of meeting you..
mystery man
what the hell.. what he is thinking of him self.. I should impress him no way.. but I won’t to meet him.. what to do.. you are testing my patience once I know who you are then I will show him.. why every body are back of me… maa please help me this time…

swara and riya are discussing on which song they should perform..
Laksh comes their..
Laksh – Hey girls what’s up..
riya – Laksh if your frnds will see you are talking to us they will create a new scene..
Laksh – cool girls they are busy in practising so don’t worry.. and may I help you in song selection…
swara – sure Laksh it will be so helpful for us..
Laksh – k I will help you only on one condition..
riya – what is that..
swara – let me guess.. we should call you lucky like your other frnds not Laksh..
Laksh – smart girl.. so from today we three are frnds and it is our secret..
riya and Swara – done..
Laksh – come lets go to music room their we will decide..

in music room.. dare devils are waiting for Laksh.. Sanskar is upset after the convo with ragini.. kavya, kavitha and yuvi tried to know the reason but he denied for saying anything..
Laksh along with riya and swara comes their….
yuvi – what are you doing with these two girls lucky..
Laksh – yuvi I thought this time I thought we should perform something different…. then only riya and swara asked for a chance to perform with us.. as they are our fans.. so I thought of giving them a chance in our opening act… anyways we need extra dancers or singers for it.. we will also get time for our band preparation if some one else handles the opening act..
riya and swara are shocked by listening Laksh..
kavya – that’s great but why these to..
Laksh – because we all know swara is a good singer.. they why to leave her for hot dazzlers..
kavitha – you did a right thing
riya and swara are glaring Laksh and cursing him under their breaths..
Laksh coughs..
swara (sarcastically) – I think someone are cursing you that us why you are coughing..
Laksh understands what swara want to say and pleads her to keep quite with eyes……..
yuvi – leave that lucky once talk to sanky he is upset…
swara got worried but soon composed her self….
Laksh – what happened to bai..
yuvi – don’t know yaar..

Laksh goes near Sanskar…
Laksh – bai what happened…
Sanskar – lucky I am not in a mood just leave me alone…..
Laksh – I know how to make your mood fine….
Laksh takes guitar and started playing…
as soon as Laksh starts playing a smile comes on sanskar’s face.. all are enjoying his music….
ragini who is in library hears it… she thinks – it is the same tune which was played by that man in the mall that means my dought is right he may be the mystery man… I should go and see who is playing it.. ragini runs out and asks one boy passing by…
ragini – where is this music coming from..
boy – its from music room….
ragini runs to music room…
Laksh finishes and gives it to sanskar to play…. Sanskar takes the guitar and started playing another tune..
swara – lucky plays really well..
yuvi – ha and this tune he only plays for Sanskar because it is so special to him… when sanskar listens to it he will forget his worry ‘s…. if before our performance if any time we feel nervous also Laksh plays this tune its his own composition….

ragini comes their and she was shocked to see Sanskar playing guitar and thinks he was the one who played that tune…….
ragini pov
Sanskar was my mystery man… he was the one who always gives me strength to fight back… Sanskar really likes me that is why he is doing all these… I was stupid I thought he was planning against me…. but he said he likes me or more than that…. what that means.. am I thinking too much… I don’t know about that, but one thing I can say you are really nice man sanskar…. you gave me many surprises by being mystery man now I will make you surprise…… you want me to impress you now wait and watch what I will do….

sorry for being late guys…

some of you want ragsan as pair and some of you want raglak… but according to story starting it will be ragsan and end up with raglak… I know many will be upset with it… sorry for that…
but I think you will surely love ragsan track it will be worth reading… please support me…

I was confused whether make swasan as pair or not please suggest…….

sorry for typos…

keep reading….. hope you are liking it… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all 😘😘😘

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