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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani – episode 22

dare devils, rajat and his gang are passing death glares to each other..
sanskar – no lucky just leave it… and you guys (to rajat and his gang) just stay away from her(Ragini) and even us don’t let us show what we are and I know you won’t take that chance..

sanskar(shouting on ragini) – are you dumb can’t you speak.. because of girls like you such idiots are daring to do such cheap things.. and by not fighting against them you are supporting those jerks…
Laksh – what to expect from this thing more than those tears.. I think she has water tanker inside her eyes always ready to tear..
by now ragini who was crying got angry…
ragini – enough you are not having any right to speak.. you are the one who are reason for all these..
kavya – hello madam… watch out what are you speaking.. they helped you and you are pointing them..
ragini – Oh.. please I agree they helped me.. but you all are reason for it.. you
guys are the one who started all these.. remember on first day you only raised the topic of being an illegitimate child.. you gave whole clg the chance to bad-mouthed about me… and about auditorium incident I think their is no need to say about it.. every one know what had happened.. if I am like this then I am like this I can’t change my self in one day.. and about to go… but turns and says.. thanks for everything….
kavitha – this girl na… full of attitude..
yuvi – enough of insult.. we helped her and she.. now guys stop bothering about her..
kavya – Yes come lets go..


sanskar monologue..
oh no.. what I did.. I should be friendly with her instead of that I made everything complicated.. if it goes like this my love story will end before it starts.. from now I should be careful.. I should impress her… wow great the great sanskar maheshwari who never talks to girls other than his friends now thinking of a girl who not even bother about him..

Laksh monologue..
this girl is crazy.. in front of others she not even opens her mouth but when it comes to me.. she will not live a chance to argue with me.. that day Without reason fought with me.. and today again after helping her she is blaming us… don’t know what she will do when she knows the truth..

ragini walking in the corridor..
ragini’s monologue..
why maa.. why it should be always me.. I am tired.. tired of facing all these why can’t they let me leave alone..
that Laksh why he always not leave a chance to point a finger against me.. because of that Laksh I even shouted on all of them.. sanskar anger was genuine but that Laksh I can’t tolerate him..
that jerk rajat I can’t live him like this how dare he talk to me Like that if I say to bai again he will fight with them.. it’s better I will only handle it but what should I do..

a stone wrapped in paper hits her…
ragini shouts – what the hell?? she then notices stone wrapped in paper.. not again.. and pics it up.. unfolds the paper and start reading..
in letter…
not bad… you are not that week I thought you will start crying after getting hit by the stone but you reacted by shouting.. hope your pain got reduced..
similarly if you have reacted when that jerk rajat held your hand then he would not have told such cheap words… never ever bare the pain given by others who are not your loved ones..
yours mystery man
a curve comes on her lips by reading it.. idiot to know I will react or not he hit me with stone.. is he gone crazy.. I think he is some where around here only.. I should find him and looks at her surroundings but could not find anyone.. she leaves from their with disappointment..
Laksh (who was watching her by hiding behind the pillar) – you can’t find me mystery girl.. you can’t find your mystery man.. it is good for both of us to be away from each other..

sanskar who was lost in the thoughts of ragini bumped into a girl..
girl -(without looking at him) are you blind can’t you see..
sanskar – sorry swara I was lost somewhere.. I didn’t see you coming..
swara – its k I should have been more careful..
sanskar goes from their smiling..
swara (dreamily) – I was waiting for the day you see me…

Karthik who was searching for riya saw her walking lost somewhere..
Karthik – hi riya..
riya(faintly) – hi.. and started to leave from their..
Karthik holds her hand and stops her from going…
riya (freeing her hand from his clutch) – now what you want??
Karthik – I am really sorry for what I said but I just uttered it anger I didn’t feel it..
believe me riya..
riya – it doesn’t matter now.. leave it..
Karthik – no I can’t leave it.. please forgive me..
riya – Karthik please.. I said leave it don’t make it difficult for me.. and leaves from their crying..
Karthik – I think I hurt her a lot.. don’t worry riya I made a mistake of hurting you … I will not leave you until you forgive me…

ragini goes to princi cabin..
ragini – sir may I come in..
princi – Yes come in..
ragini – sir I want to complain about someone..
princi – what are you speaking ragini
ragini – yes sir, I want to complain about rajat he tried to (controlling her self) misbehave with me, sanskar and his friends saved me if you want you can check CCTV photoage for proof..
princi – k ragini i will take against rajat I already gave him warning.. but that rajat this time I will not leave him by just warning him this time I will take strict action against him…


guys I wrote it in a hurry sorry for any mistakes.. hope your droughts get cleared by this part..

keep smiling… spread positivity… stay blessed… love you all ???

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