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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani – episode 21

ragini is standing in her balcony.. as it is the thing she like most… she feels presence of her mother by looking at the empty sky with glittering Stars.. she is looking at the moon and feeling the cool breeze by reminiscence letters from her mystery man… she closed her eyes and smiled thinking how he always make her to believe in her with his words.. although she had not met him she was falling for him… her cheeks turned into red when she recalled his lines “your are not so beautiful, but your smile makes you the worlds most beautiful girl”…. they sound cheesy but for her those words became a reason to smile.. not only smile but blush.. she was eager to meet him, to know him… with his thoughts she went to bed but their is no sign of sleep, she is tossing her sides in order to sleep .. she is carving to know about him… finally she dossed of with a hope may be in belief that her wait is going to over…

next day..
a girl was seen pleading a man by catching his legs(none of their faces are visible) … please leave him.. he is my life.. I am ready to do what ever you say… please leave him… she is literally begging for someone’s life but that man is not even trying to look at her even once.. he went near a group of men who were beating a boy to death… and hit his head hard with a iron rod… the girl screamed “dev”…
ragini woke up with a jerk screaming ” dev”.. she was breathing heavily and shivering from head to tow… got back to her senses after hearing the sound of her alarm… these dreams are going to kill me one day, now who is this “dev” maa when I will get rid of these dreams she got out of bed muttering to her self by looking at janki ‘s pic on her side table… then she noticed it was very early than her usual time.. she was becoming desperate to know who is her mystery man … she completed all her morning chores and went down…


sunaina – ragu their is still time for clg you got ready this fast..
ragini – badi maa its just that today I want to leave early for clg, I had work in library..
sunaina – k but as I know even library is opened at the same time…
ragini (thinks) – ragu whats this you don’t even know to say a lie. now what I will say to badi maa..
sunaina – ragu what happened where were you lost..
ragini – just thinking how stupid I am.I even forgot the timings of library.
sunaina (smiles) – don’t need to feel bad for this ragu. any way it is good to be early raiser than to be late..
ragini – badi maa today I will help you in making breakfast…
sunaina – k I will complete pooja then we will start making breakfast . till then go and wake your brothers and sister.
ragini – k badi maa.

ragini is walking lost in her thoughts and bumps into sumi who is coming out of her room…
sumi – be careful ragu, you may get hurt
ragini – sorry maa, I was lost somewhere…
soon she realises what she said…
sumi(surprised to here maa from ragini) – ragu what you just said.. you called me maa..
ragini – sorry it just slipped out of my tongue. please excuse me.. saying she rushed in hurry..
sumi was in tears with mixed emotions she was happy to be called maa by ragini but also sad as it was not from her heart..

ragini pov
sorry maa (sumi) I know I am giving you pain but I can’t forget what happened to maa (janki).knowing or unknowing you and your husband (shekar) are the reason for sorrow of my mother and even me.I am not hating you but my past is not allowing me to forgive you.
pov end

ragini went to swara’s room…
she went near window and open the curtains. sun rays from window entered into the room by falling on swara . she tossed her side not letting sun rays disturb her.
ragini – swara I am trying to wake you up and you are tossing your side . come on get up. we may become late.
swara – ragu yaar please let me sleep and you also come and sleep still their is lot of time.
ragini(pulling bed sheet down to legs) – no swara, I am not sleeping and even not letting you to sleep. come on get up.
Swara (irrated) – ragu please let me sleep
ragini – no way, if you are not getting up I will pour water on you (by picking the jug on side table).
swara – k I am not sleeping, anyhow you disturbed my sleep now say what’s the matter which is making you this much excited.
ragini fumbles but soon composes her self ..
ragini – first thing I am not excited, today badi maa gave me duty to wake you up thats it.
swara – hmm but I have something which makes you excited.
ragini – what’s that
swara – elders are planning to get bai and riya engaged.
ragini (shocked) – what?? but how and when it happened??
swara tells her the whole conversation of her and swayam..
ragini – riya is good girl and I think she is perfect for bai. but what about their wish. we don’t what they feel for each other.
swara – from long time I had a dought that riya has feelings for bai. if she really had then we should make bai also to fall for her.
ragini – but swara if we make them fall in love it is forced love how can we do it.
swara – its not forced love ragu we are just playing cupid in their love story and as I said we will do something only after confirming about their feelings.
ragini – I don’t know swara in matter of love I think we should not interfwre.
Swara – ragu once you think you are in the position if you love some one but you married to some other person because it became late to realise your feelings. then life long how can you live with your husband Without loving him. and what about that person whom you love. I can’t see any one in front of me suffering because of their incomplete love story.
ragini again get some flashes (a boy saying to a girl how can you live with him for life long Without loving.. I can and I have to because he is my husband the girl says)..
ragini comes out of thoughts by swara asking her will you help me ragu in making riya and bai come closer.
ragini – ha swara I will help you, I will be happiest person if riya and bai get married but we will help them only if they really like each other.
swara(hugging) – fine thanku ragu, I am sure they like each other but just not aware of it.
ragini – hmm hope so, you go and fresh up. I will go and wake up bai and swayam.

ragini after waking up Karthik and swayam she goes to kitchen and help sunaina and sumi in making breakfast..
all gathered at dinning to have break fast.. sanjay also comes to GM..

dadu – arrey sanjay how are you man?? now a days you are not at all coming to see me.
sanjay – sorry bauji you are aware of office work. being a legal head I should be extra careful.
dadu – hmm but don’t stress too much.
dadi – enough ji let him have breakfast first.
dadu – when I am stopping him.
samir – sanjay leave them. you know about maa and bauji
shekar – always fighting
sumi – shekar stop it
dadi (to dadu) – see because of you my sons are thinking I am a fighter cock
Karthik – what is wrong in that dadi Papa and chote Papa are right only
dadu – see not only our sons but our grand son also know that you are a fighter cock
dadi fumes..
all laughs at their cute nok jhok..
sanjay – k now listen to the good news for which I came this early morning..
sunaina – baiyaa what is the good news
Karthik – let me guess pari(parineeta) is coming back right..
swayam – what is their to guess pari di must have messaged you that she is coming back.
(pari and Karthik are best friends from childhood. .. they preferred remaining friends.. she is one year elder to Karthik she completed her studies. at present she was doing her internship,now she is coming back to home.)
sanjay – ha she is coming back but thats not the good news.
swayam – sanjay uncle don’t say me even pari di is getting married.
sanjay – you are right swayam pari marriage is fixed.
dadu – it is a good news, you made my day sanjay.
ragini – I will make kheer for all of us.. it’s time for celebration.
Karthik – I am angry on pari, she not even informed me about it.
sanjay – even its surprise for her but what swayam is saying who else is getting married..
swayam – obviously Karthik bai, I am still kid na.. otherwise I would have
all laughs….
Karthik(annoyed) – shut up swayam..
samir – leave this, Karthik don’t worry we will proceed it only when your are ready.
Karthik – thanku Papa..
shekar – sanjay but if pari is not Happy with the marriage then you should have informed to her.
sanjay – don’t worry shekar I asked her about whether she likes him or not, she said it’s k with her only marriage is surprise..
dadu – then thats fine..
dadi – hope I am lucky as you are sanjay, nobody want to see me happy..
dadu – parvathi please don’t again start about it. samir already said na only if Karthik is ready then we will proceed don’t again bring this matter..
swayam – dadi leave them all, look a cute girl for me I am ready to get married, I am really fed up with my home work..
Karthik and swara shouts at a time shut up…
sumi hits him on his head playfully..
swayam – you all are jealous of me, I am going to school. ragu di please save my part of kheer I will eat when I am back don’t allow this Karthik bai and shona di to eat it..
ragini – k swayam I will..
samir – but you not at said who is the boy..
sanjay – you know him very well, our business partners son
shekar (excited) -you are talking about adharsh..
sanjay – ha Yes, he is good and even pari also likes him
dadi – who is this adharsh…
samir – maa adharsh maheshwari son of dp maheshwari..
hearing it Karthik, swara and ragini are in shock…

in mm…
all are having breakfast…
Laksh – I am excited to meet my soon to be babhi..
Sanskar – me too..
uttara – me three..
Laksh and Sanskar at a shut up uttu..
uttara – badi maa..
ap – Laksh, Sanskar stop it. uttu go and bring your bag you will get late to school..
Laksh – when we can meet our babhi..
Sanskar – we can meet today..
rp – first let adharsh talk to her…
sujatha – jiji I am very excited soon we will get our bahu..
ap – when is she coming dp ji..
dp – I talked to sanjay she will reach today.. we will go to meet her tmrw..
adharsh comes and sits for break fast by wishing good mrng to all..
Laksh (teasingly) – For us it is good mrng only but for you it is very very good mrng right sanky bai..
Sanskar (teasingly) – ha its not only good
but also dreamy mrng..
adharsh(smirking) -I am getting married just to make your way clear don’t worry if you both want we can marry in same mandap, Papa search matches even for Lucky and sanky also…
Sanskar – bai we are trying to tease you but in return you are teasing us.
adharsh – because my dear little bro’s I am smart so I won’t get into your traps.
Laksh – sanky bai leave it, he is being over smart not smart, don’t worry I will make sure that babhi will be on mine and sanky side.
adharsh – lets see…
Sanskar – k see but now we are going to clg we are already late come lucky..
Laksh – let me eat..
adharsh – you already ate a lot..
Laksh – but dessert is remaining..
Sanskar – lucky you are the who want dessert even after breakfast..
adharsh – I think in last birth he is lack of food..
Sanskar and adharsh give hi fi to each other.. while Laksh makes faces..
sujatha – I hope these brothers remain same for life long..
ap – they will be sujatha.. I have belief in our upbringing..

in clg..
Karthik – I can’t believe pari is going to become Sanskar and laksh ‘s babhi
swara – ha I too can’t believe soon we will going to become family friends
Karthik – we already are.. don’t you remember Papa said maheshwari and gododia’s companies are merged.
swara – where is riya, bai because of you she is not even lifting my call.
Karthik – I told I am sorry.
ragini – you should say sorry for riya not for us.
Karthik – k after riya comes I will say sorry.
ragini – you both go and look for riya I will be right back.

ragini is going in hurry.. bumps into kunj..
ragini – sorry sorry I was in hurry.
kunj – easy ragini its me kunj.
ragini – sorry kunj I had not seen you
kunj – leave it but why are you in hurry.
ragini – Nothing important bai and swara are in canteen you go their I will come in few minutes. and she goes from their.
kunj – what happened to ragini.

Karthik – where is this riya I want to say her sorry but she is no where
swara – wait for some more time she will definitely come to canteen
kunj – Hey guys what happened to ragini she is in hurry
Karthik – may be she is also searching for riya
remaining hot dazzlers also come their.
swara(teasing) – bai had hurt his soon to be wife now he is waiting for her to apologise..
all are shocked…
dhruv – when this happened bro
Karthik – shut up shona, its Nothing like that guys.. yesterday I was just over reacted on that auditorium incident..
soumya – but should agree riya is the girl who made Karthik gododia realise his mistake..
shardda – that Karthik gadodia who thinks he is always right..
Karthik – guys please stop teasing me…

ragini goes to medical room..
this was the moment she was waiting for.. she was excited and happy today she will get to know who is her mystery man. but she didn’t find nurse their. she goes to peon and asks him. he says nurse left the job and as her husband got transferred to another place and new nurse is appointed in her position who will join from tmrw.
all her dreams are shattered, she lost the only hope she had to know about her mystery man. she don’t even know how to contact him even if she writes letters to him she don’t know where to deliver it.
she is walking disappointedly Without looking at the surroundings and bumps into someone. she mutters to her self by picking up her bag not again where are you lost ragini this is second time you are bumping into SomeOne on the same day.
vocie – Oh who is the other then if I am one.
ragini raises her head to find rajat smirking at her. she got afraid of him tried to go but rajat stopped her from going by catching her hand..
she was scared she looked around for help.
rajat – you should bare the punishment for bumping into me..
ragini (stammering) – I a.. m .. s. o.. rr… y
rajat – don’t be scared I can be your friend
ragini(crying) – p. lea. se… lea.. ve… me
rajat – come on baby you are scared as if I am going to eat you. by the you are tempting me to taste you.
by the time he finished speaking a tight blow on his face(thud) making his nose bleed and he fell down..
ragini who was crying turn to look at her rescuer to find who was he.. and she utters s.. an.. s.. kar ….
it is Sanskar with his gang….
Sanskar – don’t dare again to say such bull shit to any girl. this is last warning.
rajat – how dare you hit me I will not leave you. I will make sure you all pay for it.
yuvi – don’t dare to talk to us like that.
vicky comes and makes rajat stand.
vicky – what are you guys thinking. how can you hit rajat again
yuvi – you don’t know what happened just stay out of it..
vicky – why can’t you stay out of it.
yuvi is about to hit him but stopped by sanskar.
Laksh – bai I think we should show who we are to them I think they forgot about dare devils. trying to mess with us is not more than welcoming their nightmares….


guys ragini has two pasts one is her last birth and other one is her childhood (seven years back) before janki death.. gododia’s don’t know about it, they don’t even know janki death is not natural..

thanks for the support guys and thanku for the silent readers… keep smiling…spread positivity… love you all ???

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