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Guys I got some reader request that they didn’t read raglak part so please tell in briefly and also many have doubt about story because I told this thing in starting and I know very well you all must had forgot it so in next episode I will tell raglak part and about suspense which I revealed before but still I am asking if anyone has any doubt or questions about my ff in Any so please ask me today
I will not feel bad but just tell me your all problem or doubt which you have
Everyone and every type of doubt will be accepted so please don’t shy just ask me your doubt also
Episode starts with ragini shouting on sanlak that they are brothers.
Deep silence takes place after long fight, sanlak were staring each other continuesly.
But both didn’t tried to talk .
Swara sees there condition and shakes sanky from this shocking state.
Swara can see confusion on his face but still he was in shock,
Swara says, yes sanky you heard that you had one brother and he adopted by someone, so lucky is not someone he is your real brother.
He is son of ram uncle and your brother and he also did this thing with me only in pressure .
Ragini comes forward to lucky, says yes lucky sanky is your atif only. Your real brother to whom you are finding from years.
Now sanlak both sees each other in shock but no one reacts.


Sanlak thinks of all there previous meeting gets emotional. But didn’t react
After sometime of there eye lock, both gives bone crushing hug and both reciprocates whole heatedly while swaragini got happy.
Lucky breaks hug, touches his shoulder says my small brother became big like me.
Sanky responds in no, again give him hug.
Says I will never become bigger then my bro.
After sometime they both breaks hug, sanky says I am sorry bro I am really sorry for hurting you
Lucky happily hits him says you are my small bro so don’t ask sorry and I know you are correct.
But something strikes in sanky mind, he sees swaragini with narrow eyes ask how you know everything and why you didn’t told usr
Lucky ask how you got to know I am blackmailed
Ragini says calm down, listen everything .
Ragini says after our marriage, me and swara both relation broke but one day I was in market so swara came to me and took me to her car, that day swara sternly asked me that why I did with her and why I married to you and kicked swara, because swara wanted to know everything as she thinks that I am hiding something from her so I told truth that I am lucky got married and kicked swara out of house due to pressure that criminal will kill uttera, that day swara cleared my misconception that criminal is lying to them because uttera is alive, she is with swara.
As she completes this sentence sanky immediately goes toward swara and ask this is correct swara my sister is alive ,
Swara gives him assuring smile, yes sanky she is alive .

Lucky also gets top happy.
Sanky hugs swara due to immense happiness and he picks her up and roles her says today I am too happy I got my sister and brother back swara, I love you love you too much to give me happiness while raglak sees them in shock.
Lucky – mister control your emotions it is public place.
Sanky hears lucky words make swara stand at her position feels little shy but he replies, romancing with wife is not good thing.
As he says both swalak sees each other thinking about there past life of there married relationship.
While sanky sees both and understand there situation.
Sanky – bro I am too happy today.
Lucky takes his gaze towards sanky and says yes today I got my brother and now I will not leave that criminal, we all 4 will give good lesson to that person.
Ragini – yes we will but today is happy day so we don’t want to spoil it. So all these work we will start tomorrow
Sanky – yes ragini but I want to know where is my sister. I want to meet her.
Swara comes forward and places her hand on sanky shoulder, says she is in coma.
Sanlak turns towards swara and shouts what.
Swara yes she is in coma from these years because that day she was injure badly she is on Switzerland but I didn’t told about it because I was afraid that if criminal got to know about her, they will kill her because she is only one who knows about criminal really. So ram uncle promised me to not to tell about her to anyone.
Sanky shocked so you used to meet to father.

Swara – yes sanky and we both decided to tell your truth so I was telling yoy to come to Switzerland .
Sanky hugs swara says I am sorry swara , I never thought my sister in the condition, you helped me and you gave me my family and now it’s my promise I guarantee that uttera will get well soon.
Other side lucky thinking about his sister condition, unknowingly tears were flowing from her eyes.
Just than he sees one hand with handkerchief, he sees on direction to that person and found it was ragini,
Ragini – take this and please wipe your tears I know you got happiness after long time in your life.
Lucky wipes his tears, say but my sister still.
But he feels ragini hand on his shoulder, and she gives him assuring smile, says don’t take tension lucky think positive everything will be good.
Lucky nods.

Sanky comes near lucky, bro don’t take tension now we are together we will do everything fine.
Ragini yes correct.
Sanky gaze move on ragini he comes near her says I am sorry Ragini you helped me but I took wrongly.
Ragini please don’t ask sorry sanky I know you are not at fault, now we have to leave everything about our past, just think for future.
Sanky – so bro today night only we will go to Switzerland.
Lucky nods in agreement and says so let us go to mm.
Sanky thinks may be swara will feel uncomfortable if she will go to maheshwari house.
Sanky says it’s OK bro now we will do packing at our own house and today night we all will meet at airport.
Lucky it’s OK but come at home after lunch you can go to your house there is time. For night flight.
Sanky didn’t say anything he just see swara whether she is comfortable or not but swara comes forward says to ragini that we will come, by seeing swara assuring look sanky also agrees to go.
Lucky – so you both come in your car .
Sanky – OK bro let’s go.
Both raglak and SWASAN sits in car.

In SWASAN car , sanky was driving car while swara was seeing out .
Sanky sees swara curiosily still driving and ask, are you really comfortable to go to maheshwari house.
Swara moves her gaze towards him, says yes sanky I have to become comfortable to go to maheshwari house and to face lucky because he is your brother so we can’t avoid it.
Sanky – yes swara you are correct but whenever you feel uncomfortable just tell me,
Swara place her hand on his hand says yes my hubby I will tell you.
Both smiles and goes to maheshwari house.
Other side in raglak car.
Ragini – lucky I know you are still feeling comfortable as well as guilt by seeing swara.
Lucky – how you know ragini.
Ragin- I can see on type eyes.
Lucky thinks hope you could see my love towards you in my eyes.
Ragini – are you thinking something.
Lucky – voh nothing yar.
Ragini – I am telling you should comfert swara about it.
Lucky – will it be good.
Ragini – yes lucky it will decrease guilt inside you as well as you both will feel comfortable, because I know you both lived 3 year as husband wife .
So swara will really feel uncomfortable by seeing her first husband that also her husband brother .
Lucky – yes you are correct ragini I will comfort with swara about this topic.

Now all 4 reached to maheshwari mansion ,
Raglak come first so both enters.
While SWASAN comes out of car and swara sees the gate and house with pain in her heart she think about her painful life, how lucky throwed her, her good days everything.
Sanky can see her broken.
He takes her IN his embrace says forget everything swara .
Swara – yes sanky I am trying to forget everything but all this things become fresh when I come here.
Sanky – yes I can understand your problem so come with me.
Sanky places his hand on her waist and pulls her towards him, now both enters inside.
As swara sees lucky she feels uncomfortable because she is very close proximity to sanky.
So she excuses and goes in kitchen.
Now sanlak were left on hall both starts talking about there life.
Swaragini in kitchen.
Swara – I am very happy ragini today both mate.
Ragini – yes swara, now everything will be fine. We just thinking to make plan that how to tell them truth but here they got to know
Swara – yes but happy both accepted whole heatedly.
Ragini – yes swara you are correct.

Swara – ragini Just tell me, are you happy here.
Ragini stops working, says yes I am happy and we are living like good friends.
Swara I pray for you, you both started loving each other.
Ragini – stop it swara from childhood you are like this.
Swara – it’s OK but I will pray for it.
[email protected] OK now everything is made now we should go and eat food.
Both swaragini comes there, as always both swalak don’t see each other.
But all eat food happily , after eating food swara says that she wants to take something from her room. And swara left and goes inside her room leaving raglaksan.
Ragini – lucky please go and ask sorry to swara it’s correct time.
Lucky sees sanky just like for permission.
Sanky says please go bro and clear some issues.
Lucky takes step towards swara room.
Swara enters in her room and goes to her favorite window to see those people, she thinks these poor people were only source of my happiness when I was in this house but today I am not here but now I am happy in my life.

Just than she hears a voice, this was only source of happiness of your life swara isn’t it.
She sees lucky standing near her, and looking at her.
Swara – voh
Lucky – I know swara about you and for me also this was only source of happiness, I really wanted to live happily but I was helpless, but I really did wrong with you swara, just to save my sister by that fake blackmailing I made your life hell because of me you got these many diseases your health deteriorated.
Swara can see genuine guilt in his eyes, swara says please don’t ask sorry and one more thing don’t feel guilty I know you were not at fault and I forgiven you long before.
Lucky – you forgiven me.
Swara -yea lucky I forgave you from before so please don’t be guilty.
Lucky – you don’t know swara how much I am happy today that you forgave me.
Swara – yes
Lucky – but the part which we lived will never forget.
Swara – yes lucky we lived 3 years in one relation, I always tried to make our relationship stronger but you were
Helpless .
Lucky – yes
Swara – so I should take my luggage.
Lucky – I will help you.
Swara no it’s OK
Lucky – I can help you.
Lucky helps her.

Lucky while packing swara are you happy now.
Swara – what you think by seeing me.
Lucky by seeing you , I feel you are too happy and atif loves yoy unconditionally .
Swara yes I know.
Lucky – and you.
Swara – I don’t know but I think may be i love him.
Lucky – I think you love him.
Swara – may be but I am happy with him. And what about you.
Lucky – I am also happy.
Swara – and you love her.
Lucky – how you know swara .

Swara – I lived 3 years with you and I can understand everything which you like and which you don’t like lucky so please don’t lie with me.
Lucky gives her fake smile says yew swara I am on love with her but she don’t love me.
Swara – I am happy for you lucky and she will realise her love soon.
Lucky – I hope so, really I am afraid of myself swara, I really couldn’t keep you happy than.
Swara -please stop here only . I know you couldn’t but now you don’t have any problem to love ragini so please don’t think about me, I am fine ,
Lucky – yes you are correct .
Lucky sees one Saree and says do you still have this one.
Swara gives him smile says yes I still have this Saree.
Lucky – I gave you this Saree at our marriage time but these three years you still had.
Swara – lucky I took my marriage very seriously in starting, from starting I only had one hope that I will be happy but I had a wifery love, and in that love I just kept your each and everything given by you.

Lucky can see pain in her voice, unknown tears also he can see from swara eyes but his condition was also not good because they were remembering about there past life.
Guilt again arises in his heart.
Swara wipes her tears, says it’s OK past is past but still it have effect on our heart.
Lucky – yes you are correct, I also decided to have good marriage relationship but I couldn’t.
Swara – I know and still you have taweez in your wallet which I gave you after engagement.
Lucky – how you know.
Swara – lucky I know everything about you.
Lucky – yes.
Both packs bag.
Lucky so bag are packed. So.
Swara really feels hesitated and she was feeling little bad to leave this house.
Lucky takes bag and both slowly comes out of room.
Swara again turns to see it, while lucky says I can understand your love towards this room because this was only place when you used to show your pain, this room was your friend in your bad times which you can’t forget, and I decided this room will not be used by anyone whenever you will feel you can come here , this is only yours.
Swara says thanks for understanding me.
Lucky just smiles, so let’s go.
Swara – yes

Both goes towards ragsan, here both were silent, lucky opened his mouth, swara life is very strange, we don’t know which house becomes Your Own and which not, I know you are feeling bad by leaving this house and it is common swara, you lived your quality time in this place even if it was bad but we have attachment towards it same with you, you know you are more happy in sanky house but somewhere your heart also has love to this house, for you this house is like your father house and atif house is like in-laws house.
Swara – yes you are correct life is unpredictable only , the house which I feel I hate most because I lived bad times here but still when that bad thing also separate us our heart cries inside it, we know very well it is good to leave this place and that new place is far better than this but we can’t stop our heart.
Lucky – ya swara I can understand your point but now only happiness is waiting for you.
Swara – yes you are correct but one more thing I just told everything about your medicines, like, dislikes to ragini because I know you are very careless person so I told her to keep this thing on mind.

Lucky – you still cares for me.
Swara – yes as good friend.
Lucky – but till now we didn’t became friends.
Swara – yes you are correct we didn’t became friend, so from now we will see as good friend only forgetting all past life ,
Lucky – yes swara it will take Time to forget but now we will forget our past life and will be good friends.
Swara – yes
Lucky – so now you just go to both of them I am Coming from my room by bridging something.
Swara – yes, so take care.
Lucky – you also take care of yourself as well as atif.
Swara again takes step turns her face and says try to make ragini realise her love and also try to forget everything of our life, just close our chapter and open new chapter with ragini.
Lucky giving her good smile yes I will move with her and you also stop taking stress and just focus on atif, you are correct chapter is over now new life with new destination has started to enjoy new life with atif.

Swara gives him assuring smile and starts going towards raglak.
Lucky calls her.
Swara turns and ask what happened.
Lucky – voh please don’t say to anyone, I have talking problem on sleep because now it is fully recovered.
Swara smiles whole heatedly, oh you are really funny, OK I will not tell to anyone.
Lucky – OK thanks you can go.
Swara goes.

Precap – ragsan conversation, sanky sees one page after seeing that page, sanky shockingly whisper it means SHEKHAR GADODIA IS NOT died in that factory, he was died after that factory case, how it can be

Guys I tried and write big episode for you with good scene.

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