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RECAP – GUYS in last episode sanky confesses his love towards swara, he also tells his truth that he is not sanky, he is atif, swara understand his love and in the end of episode she hugs him tightly to not to leave her.

Episode starts with ragini was running away from lucky.
Lucky – yar I am sorry.
Ragini – no sorry.
Lucky got one idea so he goes inside sea and ask for help in dramatic way as he is sinking.
Ragini sees it and gets worried.
Ragini comes towards him and ask what you are doing.
Lucky – please save me first. Please pull me.
Ragini come forward to pull him but she found that water level is very less here and there is not scope of sinking.
So she understood his trick. But she gets evil idea and forwards her hand to lucky.
As lucky come little forward, ragini pushes him in the sea and he falls in water
Ragini laughs by seeing his condition.
Poor lucky who got fully drench help himself to come out of water and annoying ask why you pushed me.
Ragini holding her laugh says because I got to know your drama so
Lucky – in pleading voice voh ragini I am sorry yar
I am really sorry voh I just want forgiveness from you.
Just than a women comes and tells so your wife is angry on you beta.
Lucky without thinking says yes my wife is very angry type girl.
Which made shock to both raglak
Both got embrassed by lucky and that women word.

Raglak sees on ground due to embrassement
Women – what happened beta why you both are shying.
Ragini while making situation good replies voh nothing aunty, we just got little shy.
Woman – oh god such bad couple you are in this era. You don’t know at my place when I got married I was living with my full family of in-laws but my hubby was so nice, who always uses different trick to make my anger calm but you both.
Lucky – it’s not like that aunty.
Women – so do one thing infront of me to make your wife happy.
Lucky – what
Women thinks for while speaks, you have to sing and dance on one song for your wife.
Ragini thinks it is good time of giving punishment to lucky do she also tells aunty yew this is good punishment of him.
Poor lucky who was helpless seeing ragini with angry eyes that he will kill her anytime.
Ragini gulps in fear so she see other sides except lucky and smiling from inside .
Woman- beta please dance na.
Lucky -yes yes I will for her but she will also have to dance w
Aye ragini suno na
Hamein tum pe haq to do na
Chaahe to jaan lo na
Ke dekha tumhein to hosh udd gaye..
Honth jaise kud hi sil gaye
Yeh honth jaise kud hi sil gaye

Aye ragini suno na
Hamein tum pe haq to do na
Chaahe to jaan lo na
Ke dekha tumhein to hosh udd gaye..
Honth jaise kud hi sil gaye
Yeh honth jaise kud hi sil gaye

( lucky comes closer to ragini and says sorry by lipsing, ragini Turns her face)

Lagta hai ke tumko
Rab ne banaya jis dam
Apni kudraton ko usne
Tum mein kar diya tha ghum
Is jahan ko husn baantna kar diya tha kam
Teekhe teekhe nain naqsh tere
Kaliyon se komal honth tere
Phoolon se naazuk paanv tere
Dono jahan kurbaan tere..
Tarasha pyaar se jise
Rab ne woh moorat ho tum
Sangtarashon ki jaise devi tum
Tarasha pyaar se jise
Rab ne woh moorat ho tum
Sangtarashon ki jaise devi tum
Tum sa jahan mein koi na

( lucky holds ragini hand and pulls her towards him, her back touches his chest, lucky whisper in her ear sorry yar don’t be stubborn, ragini frees herself from him and gives smile while turning her face towards him)

Aye ragini suno na
Hamein tum pe haq to do na
Chaahe to jaan lo na
Ke dekha tumhein to hosh udd gaye..
Honth jaise..
Honth jaise kud hi sil gaye

Parda khayalon ka hai
Sach much zara saamne aa
Chaand ko main takta hoon
Par teri shaql aankhon mein
Ji jalaaye chandni bhi
Thandi thandi raaton mein
Nata neendon se toot gaya
Tere liye ai mere haseen
Dil ko yakeen yeh bhi hai magar
Aayega aisa din bhi kabhi
Jab mulakaatein bhi hongi
Meethi si baatein bhi hongi
Pyaar bhari raatein bhi hongi dekhna..
Jab mulakaatein bhi hongi
Meethi si baatein bhi hongi
Pyaar bhari raatein bhi hongi dekhna..
Aane ki khabar do na..

Aye ragini suno na
Aye nazneen suno na
Hamein tum pe haq to do na
Chaahe to jaan lo na
Ke dekha tumhein to hosh udd gaye..
Honth jaise..
Honth jaise kud hi sil gaye
Yeh honth jaise kud hi sil gaye
Honth jaise kud hi sil gaye

( lucky understood ragini forgiven him, lady signals him to lift her, lucky puts his hand on her waist and raises her from ground and revolves her round. Due to which ragini smiles but unfortunately lucky leg slipped and both falls on each other)

Ragini was up and lucky down, cold breeze between them starts flowing both were feeling each other breath without thinking about others presence there was intense eyelock between them which breaks by lady voice

Lady – beta please take care of environment also, like me old lady is seeing you.
Raglak feels highly embrassed both stands quickly and composes themselves
Ragini while decreasing embrassment voh sorry it’s not like that.
Lady – oh I know everything beta, we also went from this situation, I know you both love each other .
Raglak sees each other with shock.
Lady continue I am happy for you, she bless both of them to live happy marital life and went leaving raglak in high embrasement

Other side
Swara was hugging sanky from back.
Sanky turns his face and takes her IN his embrace by bone crushing hug .
Swara while hugging I am sorry atif I am sorry please forgive me.
Sanky was happy inside, removes the hug cups her face, no swara please don’t ask sorry, but now I am happy that you understood me.
Swara while moving her hand on his Body says I never thought I will meet you in this way atif.
Sanky still cuping her face replies calmly I also never thought I will see you in this bad condition swara.
Swara controls her pain, sees in her eyes which were clearly showing love, but your condition is worst than me atif.
Sanky brings his face more closer to her, please swara don’t think about past leave everything.

Swara moves away from his grip, says I am very big culprit of your atif, because of me your father is in jail, but I couldn’t help them.
Than also you helped me to come out of my hell world.
Sanky hugs her from back to decrease pain of his heart by her touch.
Sanky still hugging from back closes his eyes to feel her and whisper in her ear, swara when my father left me I was empty, that day I hated you because I thought you were person who filed case,

My love for you changed into hate but still my heart believe that you are correct you didn’t did anything but still I had hate in my mind.
After becoming good businessman I just came to know everything about this case so I took help from neha and I took gadodia factory contract from her but my mind wanted to take revenge from you.
But I thought to do investigation and if you remember that day you told that you know my father is not criminal and this case is done by factory people, you don’t know how much happy I became, I was in cloud nine that you are not wrong but in all these investigation I got to know about your worst health and life so I decided one thing I will help you anyhow by coming out of this hell world which I did myself,
Sanky was still hugging from back but he increases his grip more on her and says I am sorry swara if I hurted you.

Swara was also in the world of sanky, there was pin drop silence between them.
Swara frees herself from sanky grip,
Stands in front of him, no sanky I was wrong at my place. Please don’t ask sorry .
Now there was deep silence between them both were looking each other with painful eyes.
Swara forcefully opens her mouth to ask something to sanky
Swara – why atif you changed your identity.

Sanky – what to do with that identity if I use it people will never accept me because I am child of criminal. So I changed my identity before entering in this besiness world. Your old atif is died that day only when I chose wrong path, from that day I feel down in my eyes if I tell myself atif, because atif was person who didn’t do one bad thing also but this sanskar is very bad swara, it is very bad who don’t have it’s self respect. I wished I become atif again but don’t know I will not able to become that old atif swara who was caring loving, funny and very simple hearted who don’t know to hurt people, who is not clever person but this sanskar has hurted many people feeling. This sanskar only uses tricks to get it’s work which is not comparable to atif.
Sanky with broken voice I lost that atif, I lost that atif somewhere in the roads of Indore,

Only the memories of that atif is only there in Indore but where that atif went, no one knows where is atif,
I lost your atif swara I lost your atif in the streets of Indore.
Swara sees tears of broken in his eyes, swara hugs him tightly while caressing his back you are my atif only sanky you are my atif, I promise atif will come back inside you, your all relation will be fixed,
Sanky breaks hug and tells I don’t know what is written in my destiny but please don’t cry swara

Sanky removes tears from her eyes, now please stop your tears swara.
Swara – how can I stop my tears sanky, why you left me. You were my best friend but why you left me and went away.
Sanky – swara please don’t talk about past.

Swara – no sanky I really want to know truth why you left me.
Sanky – so you want to hear truth.
Swara – yes sanky I want to know real truth.
Sanky – so hear, swara at that time I was child of your house driver, but you were my good friend but for you I was good friend but for me you were my love swara, from childhood I was loving you but i also knew difference between us. You were rich I was poor. So I kept my love secret only.
And I also saw your father always wanted that I should away from you because we have too much difference.
One day I ………..

Just leave it swara I Will tell you reason when correct time will come please don’t ask.
Swara just assures.
Swara – do you know sanky I also don’t know whether I had love for you or friendship love because when you leave me I missed you badly but as time passed which healed my pain of your separation but still I had hope I will know about you.
But after thinking about out these days meeting and our past life, I only can say I have attraction for you atif which I never had to anyone.
Sanky hugs him in happiness.

Swara still hugging ask why did you not told your truth to me before.
Sanky – I was thinking to tell you later but you were going away from me so thought it is only correct time to tell truth about me. And you correctly guessed me that I am atif.
Swara – how I can’t guess you, the words you wrote on your wall about our convo of past life, those recordings of our happy conversation, our beautiful pics of childhood which we captured as well as our secret conversation which know one knows about it.
All these things you showed to me so how I can tell you are not my atif.
Sanky gives her smile while seeing her, both were still hugging only………………………..
Sanky while hugging says swara from now we will never leave each other.
Swara – sanky I have seen so much of separation in my life but now I can’t tolerate next separation.

Sanky you don’t know how much I have to struggle,
Sanky – but now no struggle in our life, we will fight against everyone who killed your father and my sister uttera also
Swara – yes.
Sanky – Now I have to fix every broken relation.
Swara thinks Now it’s high time to fix broken relation of your family sanky, I know about your brother lucky and all, but now it’s time to fix every broken relation, I don’t know whether it is pure OR impure but I have to fix it…………….

Precap – raglak feelings, SWASAN moments ( which type of moment you guys want between SWASAN just tell me I will go with your suggestion only)
Guys done with this episode, I tried my level best to keep happy both raglak and SWASAN readers from today episode, and I think also wrote big episode with good scene of both couples

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