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First of all happy Diwali to all guys
I am again telling I mate with helly shah in real life and she also told that she loves her all costar and all are too good,
Guys I know you all will be amazed to see epilogue of this ff
I told I will not give but guys I thought about it and I felt that my story was full of moral only and I missed big part to show how can person overxome the problem of sleeping pills and hormonal pills and what side effect they have and what problem there life partner also have to face to to show this I took epilogue because this is epilogue Part only so read it you will really enjoy it
also so I am giving

Today, I am very happy by knowing this news that now swara can become mother.
I have seen pain in her eyes, I still remember how much struggle she
faced because of her addiction of sleeping medicine.
After our marriage, me and swara went to foregn for her check up.
They told us first try to stop her dependence on this medicines
because if we think of child also that will die because this are not
medicines, these are poison only.
SwarA GOT too much depressed by this situation.
Doctor informed me secretly that I have to keep her happy daily
because if she will be depressed her unconsious mind will start
working so you have to keep her away with this and try to have s*x
frequently because she will not have to take hormonal suppressing
tablet and also her sleeping pills taking tendency will decrease.
So that day I decided that I will make her normal again, I know she
had very high hormonal desir but I have to control it, so from that
day doctor stopped giving hormonal depressing tablet and gave low
amount of sleeping pills,
So I had decided that daily I will consummate with her and that I did,
but due to too much stress in her mind because of these medicines of
sleeping pills, she used to get problem in night also because her
pills dose were reduced too much so sometimes in night she used to
shiver even after sleeping because of her body demand , but I never
stopped in late night, everytime I used to do my level best to keep
her away from pain, many times I consummated in night so that she
forget her pain and stop shivering,
So due to our consummation she gets tired and sleep.
But due to continues s*x of mine with her, I also started feeling week
so I also took some medicines so that I can consummate with her
frequently when it is needed , my health also became deteriorated
because of this continues ancounter but I cant tell to swara, I just
kept this thing with myself only because no one should no about this
matter about me.

Like this our life gone 11 month and swara dependency with medicines
fully recovered but our consummation was also little decreased and I
also stopped taking medicine by controlling myself, than we had normal
consummation but still in one to two days .
Again we went to doctor that now she is fully fine. But doctor replied
us that she had some toxins inside her body due to this medicines so
they gave medicines so that the poison of her body can be removed. We
took that tablet also and doctor told that we can think of child so we
decided about it but swara could not become pregnant, we consulted
doctor and doctor told that she got problem because of medicines, now
again we faced this problem than doctor did some minor operation, I
told swara to not to think about children and don’t got for all these
treatment because I cant see her like this, I told her we will abort a
child or also we can go for surrogacy but denied, I told her from
starting of our marriage when doctor told to go for surrogacy because
her stomach was not less than poison and these type of person go for
surrogacy because they don’t have normal child but leave it , atlast
now everything got fine after 20 month of marriage, I don’t know how
much excited I am today, this is biggest happiness I got after 20
month of our continues struggle in our life. But today like swara,
ragini will be more happy because she faced same pain and struggle in
her life like swara, she didn’t become pregnant because she didn’t
want to hurt swara, she thought that if she willl have happy life and
child swara will feel more pain that she cant have child, she cant see
her friend in problem so ragini decided that day till swara will not
have child she will also not take her relation to next level this is
really very big sacrifice she did for swara, i cant think it that how
much selfless she is .
Now I reached to my house I don’t know how much excited I am to give
this news of her prangnacy.
I came at house i know where she is, she will be busy in making good
food for me like daily she makes my favorite food, now as I will enter
house she will understand that I came and will come while running and
ask me how was day ,
As expected I felt a person hugged me I understood its my princess
only, I was so much involved in thinking process that I didn’t
noticed her. I also gave her my lovely hug to her.
Swara while hugging how was day .
I replied as always nice.
She removes hug and took my all things from me strictly told me to not
to sit here that she made something for me as always.
Now she went to put my bag in room and I am waiting for her.
And I saw ragini coming towards me I know for what purpose she came .
I can see hesitation and fear in her face.

I am too much worried . I don’t know what are the results in report
but I just pray that at least this time god please don’t loose hope of
my sister, I cant see her in breakdown .
She got so much pain before marriage and after marriage also she had
very struggling life but now please don’t loose any hope of my sister,
I cant she her like this,
Now I reached to sanskar, he understood for what purpose I came, he
just gave me reports without any expression , I was hell scared my
hands were trembling, my heart is praying to god, not this time, I
cant see her in pain, I just opened it with heavy heart.
As I saw reports I could not believe what is written there, I saw
sanskar in shock he gave me wide assuring smile, I don’t know I cant
tell this thing how much happy I am, I started running in my house, I
came in garden and ran madly because I am too happy and there is not
anything who can make my happiness decrease so I ran madly, after
running I came to sanky who was laughing seeing me, I beat him
playfully to not to laugh on me this much I will kill him

I have seen ragni happy after long time but don’t know where my
princess is went she didn’t came till now and here we both are
laughing madly but we heard a sound of someone coming we both stopped
laughing and swara came, she saw both of us in serious face where
tears were also there on both our eyes due to continues laughing but
swara thought in different way.
Swara came near me she asked why you both are sad. I replied nothing.
She saw report in my hand and she understood it is pregnancy report.
She came near me . I saw that her eyes started becoming red, but she
came near me
And told that don’t take tention sanskar, its ok now also I didn’t
become pregnant but just pray god soon god willl give happiness in our
life. She calmed me to not to take stress ,
I know much pain she is facing now but again she stood for me so that
me and ragini could not become week. She calmed both of us but really
this is our work to clam her if there is bad news but she calmed both
of us to be not to take stress.

Today I was very happy, I didn’t asked this thing to sanky that what
happened in report because I felt I will ask later in night but today
also I had hope as always I had before when my report used to come
that this time there will be good news but after coming from my room ,
I saw serious face of ragsan and tears which was visible in there
eyes, and also my report, I understood the result, as always I got
disappointed, my heart started crying, I tried to make myself strong
infront of both so I controlled my emotions to assure ragsan that
nothing happened to me because I know very well that both will be too
much worry about me and I cant give them more pain , I am really
living in guilty till now that I only gave pain to sanskar, he had to
sacrifice so many things for me, I always tried that he should not
know about me in night my problem but he always got to know my problem
of night and he always stood for me but I only gave him pain , If
there would be some other person than sanskar that would really had
leaved me but sanky never complained he gave me unconditional love, I
never thought he will love me this much .
I still think I am in my dreams but after this love also he only got
pain from my side, he many times told me to go for surrogacy because
he cant she me pain but I always told him that I will not go even if I
have to get any type of treatement, I I wanted to give him real
happiness of child, I wanted he happily says its our child, I wanted
he feels pregnancy days, he feels our child in my womb, I wanted he
should feel every father feeling so I never allowed for this surrogacy
but again today also there is disappointment, I am again feeling
guilty by seeing ragini, she sacrificed everything for me but I can’t
do anything for her, this is big guilt of mine,
She is also suffering because of me, I always told her to go for next
level but she didn’t went for next level in her marriage but again I
got disappointment came.

I have seen tears in her eyes, I could not control, i shouted you are pregnant.
She didn’t took it seriously, I hold her shoulder and shacked her, and
again shouted please don’t cry you are going to become mother .
She saw me in shocked expression, she cant believe what I am saying.
I happily again said please don’t get shocked this is correct you are
going to become mother,
She immediately took medical report from my hand and just saw it.
She saw the papers than she make her gaze on me, I didn’t understand
what she is telling.
She hugged me with force.
I just fall down on couch and she was on me but she didn’t cared that
we both fall down on couch, I was felling little embraced by this
situation because rags was seeing me and laughing on both of us . but
she didn t cared who is seeing anyone, tears of happiness flowing from
her eyes, but her mouth was chocked she cant speak little,
She saw me and kissed on my cheeks happily, I was seeing her in shock,
She kissing on my cheeks and all over face like small child but where
ragini was seeing whole scenario, I was giving look to swara that
someone is seeing them but, alas!
She was too much busy in hugging and kissing me that she ddint
understand anything .
I was seeing ragini who holds her laugh and speaks swara this is not
place of romancing .
After some minute of silence, swara sees in direction of voice, she
shouts ragini you here.
Me and ragini both were controlling laugh really laughed too much by
seeing swara acts.
Where I can see embrasment in swara face, she stands up while making
herself presentable and sees in shy.
Swara was highly embraced
But her embracement was increased more by voice, wow swara you are
this much romantic.
They all saw in direction of voice, it was lucky , now both swasan
stands in fully embraced situation. Swara was feeling that today she
will really die of embracement.
Lucky comes near swasan and gives tight brotherly hug to sanky says i
cant believe brother is going to become father .
Sanky removes hug while swara sees down with shy and curses ragini .
While all three laugh on her mad act
Ragini comes near swara, hey swara leave it but you made me happy today .
Swara gives a genuine smile to her.
Swara now holds ragini hand and also lucky hand and says first of all
I am sorry because of me, ragini didn’t take her relation in good way.
Now I want please you both move in your life, now I cant live in the
guilt which I was living from before.
Ragini gives her smile while tears escape from swara eyes.
Ragini point of view.
I had given so much pain to lucky but now it’s time to ask forgiveness from my side.
I know he supported me but still guilt in my mind was eating me.
I was waiting for this day when swara will become pregnant I am happy for my friend and now I will think of my happiness.
I can’t enjoy my happiness by seeing my sister like friend in pain . This may cause big guilt of hole in my life which I can’t see but today by seeing that now my friend happy days came so it’s right time to make lucky happy because now it’s time to do something good for him so that I can decrease my guilt which I have inside me.
I came out of thought process by seeing swara shaking me.
She asked have I gone mad.
Really I gone mad only because 3 people are standing in front of me and I am living in my world.
Lucky speaks I never knew that anyone can go in other world when they gets happy.
We all laughed by his words and he went by saying this may be he had important call.
Swara came towards me and told that today she and sanskar have plans for me and him.
I asked what is plan
They told me everything what they wanted to do.
But I really got happy hu hearing such good plan but I replied them that I will only do everything myself and you both will only help me.
Both poor agreed and then we all three decorated full terrace.
Really it was too embarrassimg for me that I am doing preparation of all these things with SWASAN and really they both teased me too much.
Everytime I have to go out to hide my embracement because they really teased me too much.
But I didn’t stopped because today I am doing for my lucky.
These both teased me to have good quality of bed because it may broke down really it was too embarrassing for me I can’t even imagine like this thing.
After doing all work.
Swara while teasing me ready in good cloth.
But both didn’t stopped teasing me.
I just told them today you can do anything you want but from tomorrow I will not leave you.
But then also non stop blubber o had to hear.
Now I went to terrace all alone and sat on chair to wait lucky .
Oh god in this night time where this ragini went .
I just saw sanky smiling I understood something fishy Is there.
I asked him what are you doing now.
Sanky – I am not doing anything.
I strictly asked where is ragini.
So he replied that she went to terrace.
I got shocked I’m this night anyone go to terrace.
He said just go and check.
I immediately went to terrace and I shocked to see scenario.
Full terrace was decorated with flower where only two things written.
I can’t believe in my eyes that this is done by ragini.
But another shocking thing came that she was sitting on her knees, telling I am sorry lucky, I really hurted you alot and I chose swara over our relationship but what to do lucky I can’t live by seeing my sister crave for child, I can’t live by seeing my sister in pain, I can’t enjoy happiness by seeing this.
I am sorry some month before I told you that you were also one of the reason of swara addiction of pills. I know you were not wrong but still it was you only I am sorry for that lucky I am sorry.
Tears were coming from my eye to see her love towards me , I never thought she loves me unconditionally, I never thought this, I made her stand and gave her bone crushing hug.
I said never ever say this thing again, I love you too much.
She also replied with full passion that I love you too too much.
I broke hug and kissed on her head and told now no more drama.
She laughed while heartedly .
I saw her laughing after long time. I can’t stop myself today.
I told her to don’t laugh much because mosquito will enter.
She angrily hit me and turned her face .
I pulled her towards me and whispered, mam I didn’t took your hand to leave, I took your hand to grab you in my arms.
Ragini replied who told you to leave me.
I understood my jaan intentions so I smirked OK so get ready for my torture by saying this
I took her I’m my arms
both raglak again consummated and also promised each other to have happy life ever after.

SWASAN side .
Swara was sitting in bad.
Where sanky comes in room.
Swara immediately runs and ask him did everything got fine.
Sanky – ha My jaan everything became fine between bro and ragini.
Swara hugs him tightly.
Sanky reciprocate hug and tells that now it’s time of happiness swara.
I never thought in my dreams we will get this much happiness. Today every remaining problem is fixed.
Swara while hugging him says it’s only because of you sanskar, your support and hard work gave me strength and I came out of this problem of my life.
I fought with my all problem and disease came in my life.
Sanky Brokes hug and kisses on her lips firmly speaks now everything is fine now so no need to think about past.
Swara speaks but I want to ask sorry.
Sanky for what
Swara because I gave you this much pain.
Sanky turn his face and says I think I am not your hubby swara that’s why you asked sorry.
I am your hubby it’s my work to support you if I will not support you then who will support you.
Swara again felt guilty for hurting sanky ,she hugs him from back and cries please don’t turn your face, I can’t tolerate this.
Sanky can’t see her in pain turns and cups her face.
Kisses on her tears which were flowing whisper never ever try to speak this word.
Swara replies pakka promise I will not think and also I will never say this word again.
Sanky smiles good girl now don’t think much because this is not good for our baby.
He takes her IN his arms and lay her on bad.
He also lay near her and hugs her and swara head was on his chest she speak we never though that I will get this happiness.
Sanky yes swara but now we all will enjoy this happy days of our life and now our relation are fixed properly, both dad and mom sort out as well as raglak also life became one and we also got our lost happiness.
Now just enjoy this fixed relation swara because no one can break this, this relation is made up of so much of sacrifice and pain.
By saying this both SWASAN slept in each other arms.
Today all slept by taking all worries away from them.
after some month SWASAN blessed with one girl and raglak blessed with one boy and all lived happily ever after.

guys this was real ending of story
From ragini part I just tried to justify what swara did in serial because here condition is totally same like swara on serial, and I think you understood reason of swara supporting ragini by today part and if anyone didn’t read ragini part so read it.
But I know the path she chose was wrong because it is fully wrong to leave husband when he needs her most because maximum pain after separation if anyone got Is sanskar only and it is more than ragini because his wife left her to whom he madly loved, and his brother went missing somewhere he thinks he or one of the reason of it.
And ap also don’t talk to him this is also one of the biggest guilt he is living and his brother leaved him that pain is also there inside him so if any wrong act he do towards swara in serial please don’t bash him and also to swara I know she was correct but she overreact little bit but one thing is also clear if one character mistake will not be there in serial or story than how you will get this nice track so enjoy track rather than bashing anyone because all are correct at there place
One more thing again I am telling try to increase productivity
Keep smiling always
You all are amazing people
And if you have any doubt feel free to ask me
One more thing I will surely reply to every comment on today episode
Did you loved swara as well as sanky as well as ragini character. And also lucky.
I’m know now many people may be started liking ragini from this ff because maximum sacrifice is done by ragini on story
Bye bye
Take care
Again saying happy Diwali too you guys and this epilogue is Diwali gift from my side.
Hope everyone has enjoy fully story
Still you have doubt or suggestions feel free to suggest me.

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