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swaragini- dil se dil tak – Part 1

hi guyzs iam back again iam glad that you all liked the intro and guyzs i will equal importance to both the pairs so without any bak bak lets continue

a room decorated beautifully ( yet girly) any one can say that it was room of two princess sleeping peacefully but suddenly alarm ….ufff
girls – Aaaaaaaaaaaa plzzz mom not again
girl 1 – plzz shona band kar ise
girl 2 _ shut up hamesha mein hi kyu .ragu its your turn
ragu_ because mylil sis you are smaller than me you have to obey me
shona_ smalll ( got up with a jerk) we are twins
ragu _ ya but you are two min smaller
a women in saree entered
shomi- girls aak collage ka 1 day phir bhi lazy
swaragini_ maaaaaAaaaaa
ran and hugged shomi
ragu_ hat tujhse pehli meri ma hai
shona_ ragu ….. ma…..
ragu – i love you shona
shona_ i love you both raised to the power infinity.
trio hugged


man _ what about me
swaragini- we love you dad
shekhar – dekho maharaj rajkumariyo ke liye kya laye hai
swaragini_ wow new dress
shekhar gave packets to them
shekhar _ be quick i will drop you both
shona- yeeeeeeee
ragu _ shona stop behaving like a kid
shona_ are ragu iam smaller than you na.
all laughed swaragini went to get ready
shomi_ humne inhe princess jaise rakha hai kahi ibhe nazar na lag jaye
shekhar hugged shomi
screen freezed

precap_ sanlak entry

how was it guyzs
tell me through your comments

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