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Swaragini: A shadow of the dark past (intro)

Hello guys this is Ashia again. I’m very happy with the response .Thank you all so much.
And romaisa I will upload who were the speakers in the prologue

Link to the prologue


The other pair is ARSHI
So let’s start with the intro
Swara Gadodia :A Sweet sensitive and timid girl. She has a hidden past.She is an orphan and is very attached to her siblings and khushi*.She is starting her first year in abc university. She is 22 yrs old
Ragini gadodia: A sweet kind hearted and mature girl.She is modern and has a no nonsense attitude .She is very caring towards her younger sister swara.SHe is 25yrs old and studies 2nd or final year in abc university.
Arnav Gadodia:A caring,simple and good guy.swaragini’s elder brother .caring towards them and his fiance Khushi*
He runs the Sheshta industries (shekhar+sharmishtha)
He is protective towards Swara.He is 25yrs old
Khushi gupta:A sweet mature fun loving girl.She is the fiancé of Arnav and sister of Parineeta. She thinks of swaragini as her younger sisters and is very caring towards them. She is a successful fashion designer and 26 yrs old
Raj and garima gupta : parents of khushi and parinita. Friends of dp ap sujhata and rp(maheshwari’s)
Sanskaar maheshwary:a cool ,easy going chap.He is an all rounder.He is very friendly and takes friendship seriously.He is 24 yrs old and studies 1st year in abc university.
Laksh maheshwari:he is carefree cool and adventurous boy who loves flirting.He is sanskaars elder cousin brother and loves him a lot .he is 25 years and is joining 3rd year in abc university.

P.S:both love their family a lot

Other characters are same from swaragini but pari and adarsh aren’t married yet.
Prologue characters:
Women 1:annapurna
Man1:ram prasad
Man2:durga prasad
Man3:Raj gupta
Girl 1:khushi

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