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Swaragini 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sanskar fighting with the goons. Laksh comes in his car and sees Swaragini bonding. He recalls Ragini doing shradh of Swara. He recalls Ragini getting hysterical and asking Sanskar to accept his crimes, else she will burn Baadi. He gets down the car. Ragini says Laksh…Laksh looks at them. Goon comes and is about to snatch papers from Ragini’s hand. Laksh beats and stops him. He then beats the goons. Sanskar also beats them. Dadi thinks if they got together. Swara and Ragini smiles. Shekhar thinks about Sumi telling God whatever Dadi did to separate them. He comes to pray to God and tells that he couldn’t give love to Swara for 20 years and may be he failed to become a good father to Ragini also. He says I couldn’t live any relation with honesty. He says may be my mum loves

me a lot and that’s why don’t want to share me with them. He says may be this will end if I kill myself.

Sumi is standing there and looking at him, but doesn’t hear anything. He says if I don’t stay in this world then my Maa’s hatred might end. He turns and looks at Sumi and Ayush. Shekhar recalls divorcing her angrily and calling her unworthy to be wife.

Dadi calls the goons as they run away. Ragini tells Swara that she called police. Dadi is tensed. Sanskar and Laksh go separate ways. Swara stops Swara, while Ragini follow Laksh. Swara asks Sanskar to listen to him. Sanskar says no, and says you have proved today that they are important to you, and not me. Swara asks him to listen to her. Sanskar says shut up. Laksh tells Ragini that they have given him pain, but you have broken my trust. Ragini says no…Laksh. Swara asks Sanskar to let her explain. Sanskar says no reason can be big. Now you have proved to Laksh that our relation is so weak, you made me fall in his eyes.

Laksh tells Ragini that he can never give a chance to Sanskar again. Ragini says we all have done mistakes, and asks him to give chance to Sanskar too. Laksh refuses. Sanskar says Laksh and I….Swara says you both are brothers and love each other. Sanskar says we were brothers, but not anymore. Ragini asks Laksh not to turn his face. Laksh says you left no option to me. He sits in car and leaves. Sanskar walks on the road and leaves. Swara and Ragini are standing on the road still and cry.

Shekhar takes out poison bottle from his pocket. Sumi sees him holding poison bottle and shouts. Shekhar looks at her.

Sumi asks Shekhar not to take any wrong step and cries. Swara and Ragini come back to each other. They hold hands again. Ragini tells Swara that they will talk to their husbands later. Swara nods and says first we will give papers to Durga Prasad and Annapurna. Swaragini plays…………..Dadi thinks this is not possible and thinks to call Adarsh. Sumi asks Shekhar not to do this. Shekhar says he has no strength left now, and apologizes to her for his inability to give her happiness. Sumi says okay…give your life, and teach a lesson to your kid that they shall do the same in such circumstances.

She asks what do you want? What shall I do now? What to reply to my son and daughters. They are risking their marriage inorder to unite us, what to tell them that it is easy to die rather than doing all this. She says you can’t weaken them, don’t be their weakness, don’t let your weakness end you. She says if you leave our daughters at this moment then what will happen to our daughters. You can’t run away from your responsibilities. Shekhar looks at the poison bottle and throws it.

Swara and Ragini come to Maheshwari house calling Annapurna and Durga Prasad. Adarsh comes there and asks Ragini to tell Swara to give papers to him. Swara says never. Parineeta asks Swara to give papers to her. Swara says do whatever you want, but you will not get these papers. This house belongs to Annapurna and Durga Prasad, and will always be theirs only. She calls them. Parineeta smirks. Adarsh signs them. They see Annapurna and Durga Prasad at gun point of goons, and are shocked.

Adarsh tells Ragini and Swara that he will play with blood during sindoor khela rasam. He tells them that one of them will lose their right to apply sindoor in their maang. Swara and Ragini are shocked. He splashes sindoor on them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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