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Swaragini 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking Swara will not get these papers, but Swara comes there and says you have done a mistake, I was unaware about the location of papers. She snatches papers from her hands and runs out. Dadi shouts asking goons to catch her as she is running with papers. Ragini is shocked and runs following them. Sumi prays to God to help her daughters win and protect them. Ragini calls Sumi and tells that Swara got the papers, but Dadi and her goons are after her. She asks her not to worry and pray. Sumi says okay and asks her to take care. Sumi continues to pray, while Swara runs on the road. Dadi also runs and asks goons to follow Swara as she goes to other way fooling them. Parineeta brings juice for Adarsh. Adarsh says I don’t need it now. He gets Dadi’s call. Adarsh asks if


arrangements is done. Dadi says Swara is running holding your future, come infront of me….I will take care of you very well. She says you both have fooled me and got Swara steal my papers. Adarsh says what I would have done, and tells that he has accepted the offer as papers was with her. Dadi says Swara laid a trap so that she can unite her family. She says we are on Kaali ghat now, either stop Swara from reaching Durga Prasad or accept your future. Adarsh is shocked. Parineeta asks him to say. Adarsh is shocked.

Swara runs on road holding papers. Dadi follows goons and runs. Ragini is behind Dadi and running. Swara being a fighter throws stone on goons and runs. Finally goons surround her. Dadi asks the goons to snatch papers from her. Swara asks them to leave her. Sumi is seen praying to God. Swara throws the papers in water. Dadi is shocked. Ragini catches it while standing down. Dadi and goons see Ragini holding the papers. Dadi thinks Ragini is with Swara. Ragini runs now for papers safety. Swara looks at Dadi and runs. Dadi asks goons to catch them.

Parineeta tells Adarsh that he is a fool to believe on Swara and says you can’t see anything beyond money. Adarsh asks her to keep quiet and says shall I got dreams that she is double crossing me. He says Swara told me clearly that she will give me papers and I will give her 10 crores Rs. Parineeta asks him to do something. Adarsh calls his goon and asks him to snatch papers from Swara, and that girl shall not reach my home under any circumstances. Annapurna hears this and is shocked. Ragini runs and stops. Swara comes to her and asks her not to worry, says we will reach our destination. They run holding the papers. Annapurna informs Durga Prasad that Swara got property papers and prays that she gets saved by the goons. Durga prasad and Annapurna pray for Swara’s safety and asks God to support her and make her win. Swara and Ragini run on the road holding hands.

Sumi does the aarti and asks God, why Dadi’s hatred never ended. She says Dadi had drenched Ayush’s cradle to make him unwell, says I got proof also. She tells that Dadi was aware that Shekhar will go to her, and then she put forth her condition. She says today the matter is of my Swaragini and asks God to support and bless them. Shekhar hears everything and is shocked to know about his mum’s doing. Sumi turns and sees Shekhar standing. Someone asks Shekhar to come and talk to him. He goes. Sumi looks on.

Swaragini runs on road.. Adarsh’s goons come infront of her and ask Ragini to give papers. Dadi’s goons tells Ragini to give papers to them. Swara asks Ragini to do as she says. She runs holding the papers. Goons follow her. They come back to street and see Sanskar standing. Sanskar is shocked to see them holding hands and recalls his threat that he will die if any of his family member have any relation with them. Swara and Ragini are shocked too. Sanskar is about to leave. Swara and Ragini shout as goons catch them. Sanskar turns and sees goons holding their hands. He beats the goons. Swara and Ragini see a car coming. Ragini stops car. It turns out to be Laksh’s car. He sees Swaragini bonding as they hold each other hands. He sees Sanskar getting beaten by the goons.

Laksh tells Ragini that they have given him pain, but she betrayed him. Ragini asks him to give another chance to Sanskar. Sanskar also gets angry on Swara. Swara tells that Laksh is his brother. Swara says we were brothers, but not anymore.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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