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Swaragini 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Swara falling in Sanskar’s arms. She asks if you are drunk? Sanskar says only wine doesn’t leave him, and asks why she is so shocked? If she was waiting for someone else.? Swara says you are my client and have right to see your sister’s arrangements. Sanskar says thank you, atleast you agreed and taunts her. Swara asks why don’t you talk normally. She shows him designs. Sanskar says it is useless and asks her to change it all. Swara says time is less, it is not possible. Sanskar says I thought there is nothing impossible for great Swara. She says if your client is not happy then it is your duty to change the designs, and hopes that she don’t upset him.

Nikhil asks Ragini, how can she do this? He says you acts to be happy, but broken from inside. Ragini is shocked

and says it is her personal life and she don’t want to talk about it with anyone. Nikhil says I am not stranger, but Swara’s friend. We can be friends too. Ragini says no, I don’t need any friend. She starts walking and collides with a woman. She sees butterfly mark on her hand and her face covered. Ragini recalls shop keeper giving the description of the woman. Woman walks away. Nikhil asks why she is looking shocked? Ragini tells him that she is the same woman which shop keeper told. She says we have to follow her. Ragini follows her and calls Inspector. Inspector says we will reach there. They see woman talking to someone and going. Ragini follows her, and asks her to stop. Woman asks why you are following me. Ragini says just because you steals phones and sell it off. She shows Laksh’s phone and asks where did you get it. Woman is shocked and pushes Ragini badly Ragini falls down. Nikhil shouts Ragini. Woman runs away.

Swara asks Sanskar why he has taken up drinking. Sanskar says it is his personal life and says just as I moved away from your way, you have started dreaming to marry Nikhil. He says Swara weds Nikhil…and says he will organize their wedding. Swara angrily asks him to go. Sanskar asks her to make Uttara’s function best else….He leaves. Swara closes the door and cries badly. Ragini follows woman, but she manages to escape. Swara recalls Sanskar asking her to marry Nikhil. Ragini comes back home and informs Swara about seeing butterfly tattoo woman in the market. She tells that the woman escaped. Sumi comes and asks where did Sanskar go? He came naa just now.

Swara looks on. Ragini says Sanskar. Swara changes the topic and asks Nikhil to tell if there will be any problem executing the designs. Nikhil says no. Swara says okay and wipes her tears. Sumi asks Nikhil to come and have breakfast. Ragini closes the door and asks Swara to stop crying. She asks her to tell what happened? She asks what did Sanskar say? Swara cries badly and tells her whatever Sanskar had told her. A fb is shown of the same. Ragini hugs Swara and asks her to clear the misunderstanding from his mind else their relation will be ruined. Swara tells her that Sanskar loved and trusted her a lot and she was not aware that he will doubt her. She says she will focus on Uttara’s marriage now.

Swara catches that woman and asks her to tell where did she get Laksh’s phone. Woman tells them about Laksh’s accident and tells that he was taken to hospital by that car who had hit him. They are shocked. Swara asks Ragini to go to that hospital. Ragini gets worried for Laksh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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