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Swaragini 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Swara that he loves her and needs to be smart as he wants to stay with her. He says I have done mistakes in childhood but not now. I love you since I was a child…..Swara pats on his cheeks. Nikhil says you are beating me, and says it is kalyug. Sanskar fumes in anger and gets jealous. Swara asks you are joking even now. Nikhil says I wasn’t joking and tells that he was far from her but felt as if he was always near. He talks about Swara and Sanskar. Swara gets emotional. Ragini tells Shekhar that although she is far from Laksh, but their hearts are together, she says my heart says that he is fine perfectly. Nikhil comes and says you said right. He says I won’t go until your believe comes true. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Shekhar brushes off his hand and


asks where he will stay? Nikhil says he will stay there, as he has no home. Shekhar asks have you gone mad and asks him not to increase their troubles. Nikhil says I am Swara’s friend. Sumi says let him stay here.

Swara tells Nikhil will help them in their business. Shekhar goes. Nikhil tells Swara that she has embarrassed him, and tells that he is more innocent than Ayush. Ragini laughs heavily hearing him. Swara is happy and says she has seen Ragini laughing after many months. Shekhar asks Sumi, how can she let Nikhil stay here. Sumi asks him to calm down, and says we will take care of our daughters. Shekhar doesn’t like Nikhil.

Sanskar sees his pic with Swara and recalls Nikhil confessing his love to Swara. He gets jealous and takes wine. Sujata comes and asks did you start drinking in day time too, and blames Swara. Sanskar says I don’t want to talk about Swara. Sujata asks him to come with her and tells that they have sent some stuff. Sanskar says he will go and talk to them. Sujata says you will not go. Sanskar assures her that nothing is left in their relation now, and says he won’t let his relation affect Uttara’s marriage. Sujata asks him to be careful else Uttara’s life will be ruined. Gayatri calls Sujata and asks if the arrangements is done. Sujata says yes, all arrangements have been done. Gayatri tells her that guests have come. She reminds Sujata if she will give 50 Lakhs tomorrow. Sujata assures that the money is ready. Gayatri presses her husband legs, and tells that she has trapped rich family. Her husband says 50 Lakh is just starting and plan to demand more money from them.

Sumi serves snacks to them. Ragini says she will go to caterer. Nikhil says he will also come. Swara asks delivery guy to keep the lehenga there. She thinks it will look good on Uttara. She takes its snap and sends to Utara. Uttara likes it and messages her back. Swara smiles. Sumi comes and asks Swara to be careful while working in Maheshwari house. Swara says nothing is changed for me, I love Sanskar even now. Swara asks Sumi not to worry and says I will return just as Laksh returns home. Sumi says I hope it is not late. Swara gives lehenga to Sumi and asks her to keep. She sees Sanskar standing and thinks it is her imagination. She slips and falls in his arms. All the papers fall over them from her hand. They have an eye lock.

Sanskar reminds Swara that she is just wedding planner here and asks her not to fulfill relations. Later Swara dances on Diwani hogayi song. Gayatri makes her wear notes garland. Sanskar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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