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Swaragini 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sujata telling Annapurna that she will explain to Swara and Ragini to behave as strangers infront of Gayatri. They come to Baadi. Ragini and Swara take their blessings. Sujata blesses Ragini while Annapurna blesses Swara and asks how are you? Sujata says she might be fine, and living independent life. Annapurna asks what do you want her to do. If she shall sit down and cry. Sujata says no, and says she has punished my son and don’t care about him. Ragini asks them to come. She serves them snacks.

Sujata says I got angry hearing that you both are doing the marriage arrangements. She asks them to behave as strangers until Utara gets married. She says I told Gayatri that Sanskar’s wife left him and Laksh’s wife is staying at her parents’ house. She asks them not

to tell anything to her and do a favor on them. Gayatri comes there, hears them. Sujata is shocked and asks Annapurna if she heard them. Gayatri tells that she saw them coming to Baadi and asks driver to follow them. Sujata says you wanted to spy on us. Gayatri says no. Sujata says she came to talk to them about marriage arrangements.

Gayatri says someone recommended their name to her. Sujata says okay and says they will leave. They see Sumi coming. Gayatri happens to see fish in her bag and keep hand on their nose. Sumi apologizes to them and ask to come and have tea. Ragini says no, and asks Sumi to come with her, calls her maa. Gayatri is shocked, says she is your mum. Swara says no, she is my mum. Gayatri says okay. She asks Ragini, where is her house. Ragini says it is here. Swara says her house is there.

Ragini says fish is made at their house, and smell comes till here. Gayatri says bad smell. Sujata asks Gayatri to come. They leave. Swara tells Sumi that she would have seen them and that they have seen the fish. Sumi blames Swara and says if you would had been in your sasural then this wouldn’t have happened. Ragini sends Sumi home and asks Swara to go to market.

Inspector tells Sanskar that Laksh’s phone is switched on after so many months and tells that the person is changing location again and again. They check his location. A man is seen with Laksh’s phone in the Baadi.

Swara and Sanskar collide with each other. Sanskar asks if you are blind. Swara asks him to leave her. Sanskar leaves her and she falls on ground. He comes to Baadi with the Inspector and asks the man about Laksh’s phone. Ragini identifies Laksh’s phone and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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