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Swaragini 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gayatri telling Sanskar that Sujata told her everything. She says your wife left you, your elder brother is in jail, younger brother left somewhere. She says even Utara was left in mandap before. She tells you people are lucky that Utara’s marriage is happening in our family. She tells that your mum is good and offered us Koti. Sanskar says you got the papers and payment is done. Gayatri says one more thing, it is sad that you are separated from your wife. She says but don’t think to unite with your bengali wife, else I will send your sister back home with her stuff. She says I can’t bear bengali bahu. Sanskar asks her not to worry and tells that he and his ex wife are like two ends of the rivers which will never meet. Gayatri says okay and tells that she didn’t


call any relatives for the wedding because of this. Sanskar says I hope you don’t talk about this again. He leaves. Ragini and Swara are shocked.

Ragini thinks how can she put forth illegal demand and says why Sanskar agreed? She says this relation is not right, as Sujata is giving koti in dowry. She asks Swara to break promise and returned back to Sanskar. Swara refuses. Ragini asks her to come. Swara asks why you are so interested in taking up the contract. She says are you trying to unite us? Ragini says no, and says just as Sanskar told that you both are two ends of the river. Swara goes to get taxi. Ragini thinks she is helpless to stay away from Laksh, but she will unite them as two ends of river meet at some point. She determines to unite them.

Sanskar tells Sujata that Ragini and Swara will plan Utara’s wedding. Sujata is shocked. Sanskar tells that they are wedding planners. Sujata tells that if Gayatri comes to know about Swara then she will break the marriage. Sanskar asks her to break the relation. Sujata tells that Utara’s marriage have broken once, and is tensed. She says if Gayatri came to know anything about Swara, then what we will say? Sujata says we can’t do anything now, we have named koti on their name. Annapurna tells Sujata that these people are not good who are asking dowry before marriage.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she will get Utara married there and says the more dowry we will give, the more happy they will keep our daughter. She asks her to support her, and come with her to Swara and Ragini’s house. Sanskar tells that he is not convinced with her. Utara comes and asks Sanskar not to take her tension. Sanskar says I am really worried for you. Utara says I didn’t want to marry without Swara and Ragini, but I am happy that they are my wedding planners. Sanskar asks her not to call Swara as her bhabhi and says they will never have any relation with her. He asks her to make the arrangements. Just then they hear some noise, and sees Parineeta caring for her hurt hand.

Ragini tells Sumi that may be Swara and Sumi can forgive each other like this. Swara comes and asks what they were talking? Ragini says I was informing maa about our caterer who went to village. Swara tells that they will hire other caterer. Ragini determines to bring Sanskar back in Swara’s life.

Sujata and Annapurna come to Sumi and Shekhar’s house. Sujata asks Swara and Ragini to behave as strangers with them and tells that she told Gayatri that Sanskar and his wife are separated. Gayatri comes there and asks really. Sanskar and Swara have an argument.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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