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Swaragini 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Swara and Ragini talking to groom’s father. He appreciates them for the nice wedding arrangements and gives them money. Ragini sees Shekhar trying to put the lights, but she stops him and asks Chotu to do the work. She tells him that her Laksh is coming home after 6 months, and tells that she heard Swara talking to Sumi. Shekhar is happy to hear that. Swara thinks Sanskar shall come with Laksh, else Ragini can’t bear it. Ragini asks Sumi to tell what Sanskar had told Swara. Sumi says Sanskar has promised Swara that he will bring Laksh today. Ragini is happy and hopeful. Swara calls Sanskar, but the call is not answered. She thinks please bring Laksh today. Ragini talks to doll and tells that prince went somewhere one day, everyone thought princess will break down, but this


hadn’t happened, as she has angel with her who used to give her strength. She says once angel got tensed, then princess told her to keep up the hope alive, never to accept defeat. She hugs her and says I have learnt this from you, then how can you fall weak today.

She says I know…my heart is saying that Laksh will come today. She says we had taken promise that we both will wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor till Laksh returns. Swara says today that rasam will be completed. Ragini says our sindoor and mangalsutra are waiting for us.. She says even Sanskar will return with Laksh today. Sanskar closes the garage door, while the police knocks on the door to open it. He tells that his brother is not fool to leave car on highway. Sanskar beats him. Inspector and Constables try to break open the door. Man agrees asking Sanskar to leave him. Inspector breaks open the door. Sanskar tells Inspector that this is the difference between your and my investigation.

Ragini and Swara dance on the song Chalka Re Chalka………………….In the Maheshwari house, someone comes to see Utara. Sujata brings Utara and makes her sit. Ragini and Swara continue to dance together, and hug Shekhar. Sanskar is driving the car. Sujata tells Annapurna that today is Utara’s shagun, but they are sad. She says Ragini don’t want to come here, as Laksh is not here, and Swara….Annapurna says Sanskar asked her not to come. Sujata says everything will be fine. Annapurna says yes. Durga Prasad is sad. Annapurna comes to him and says I know you are waiting for Laksh. She says our son will be coming back, and our daughter’s alliance is also fixed. They bless Utara. Utara touches their feet. Durga Prasad blesses them. Sujata asks Utara, why she is sad? She says your Laksh bhai will lift your doli. Utara hugs her and says I know Sanskar bhai will bring Laksh bhai. Durga prasad gets a call from Sanskar. Sanskar informs him that he got Laksh’s car and also met the man who had stolen his car. Durga Prasad says I am sure that you will bring Laksh and don’t do fake promise. He asks him to come soon.

Man tells Sanskar that he met Laksh on the highway. A fb is shown, Man tells Laksh that his sister met with an accident, and asks him to give lift. He then sprays chloroform on his nose and makes him unconscious. He then makes Laksh lie down on the side of road and leaves in his car. Fb ends. Sanskar beats the man and checks for Laksh’s belongings there. He finds Laksh’s wallet there. Swara calls Sanskar.

Sanskar picks Swara’s call and tells her that he couldn’t find laksh. Swara gets angry on him. Ragini hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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