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Swaragini 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Shekhar making arrangements to set up mandap and everything. Sumi says she is very happy today. Shekhar asks where is our wedding planners? Swara and Ragini are seen sitar and guitar respectively. Shekhar and Sumi smile looking at them. He says jugalbandi early morning. Sujata is talking on phone and asks someone to send the sweets on time. Durga Prasad tells Ram that today is like festival day for him. Annapurna comes, gives prasad to Sujata and bless her. She sits down. Parineeta comes holding tea. Sujata gets shocked seeing her and scolds her for shocking her. She asks her not to bring tea for her again. Parineeta gives tea to Annapurna. Annapurna takes it and asks Sujata when will sweets come. Sujata says it will come on time.


Parineeta asks Durga Prasad to take tea. Durga Prasad says I will drink later and asks her to keep on table. Parineeta thinks to add poison in their tea, and thinks she is helpless as Adarsh is in jail. Ram gives tea to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad tells Ram that they will welcome Laksh and then their bahus also return. Ram says he will make the perfect arrangements, and says Sanskar might be coming. Sanskar comes somewhere and meets a man. He tells that the car is here for 1 lakh rs. and asks who will give 5 lakhs rs. for this broken car. Sanskar says he will give and tells that the car belongs to his brother Laksh and that he was last seen in that car. A fb is shown, Laksh leaves in his car. Fb ends. Sanskar says I was searching for this car since 6 months and hired 1000’s of agents for finding this car. Agent says sorry. Swara asks Shekhar about the arrangements. Shekhar says good and asks her to call pandit ji. Sumi asks Swara to wear mangalsutra for today atleast.

Swara gets sad and says Ragini is suffering because of fight between two brothers, and tells that she has understood meaning of advantage. A woman is about to fall, but Swara runs to help her get up and mangalsutra falls from her hand. Sumi picks it and asks why did you keep it with you. Swara says I thought I will get a chance to wear it. She tells her that Sanskar called and told that Laksh’s location is found. Ragini hears her and gets teary eyes. Swara tells Sumi that she didn’t tell Ragini, let him come first. Ragini is happy. Just then they see groom coming. Swara brings bride to the marriage altar. Sumi asks Swara to tell everything.

Ragini comes inside and lights the diya infront of God. She folds her hands and says she is very happy today, as she got some news about Laksh and says news might be true. She thanks God. Swara hears her and gets tensed. She thinks why did Sanskar call me till now, and hopes he brings Laksh back soon. Man shows him car and asks for 1 lakh rupees. He says this is my car, this car doesn’t have even a scratch. Sanskar asks from where did you steal it and beats him. Inspector comes and asks Sanskar not to take law in his hands. Sanskar asks Inspector to ask the man and says I am sure that this man knows about my brother. Inspector asks Man to take them to his garage.

Ragini gives shagun to everyone, and does ghatbandhan of the bride and groom. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to stand for pheras. Swara holds flower thaali. Ragini takes flowers in her hand and showers on them. She gets sanskar’s call, who says he will be coming soon, asks if she is so eager for the punishment. Swara says I accept your punishment, but don’t come empty hand, and break Ragini’s hope, then you can kill me. Sanskar says I will not give you death easily. He says Laksh will come and Ragini’s hope will be fulfilled, but in your life, there will be only pain and troubles. Swara looks on with teary eyes and prays for Laksh.

Ragini asks photographer to take nice pics of bride and groom, and asks them to pose nicely. She asks Swara to come and take pic with them. She then asks Swara to come and have selfie with her. Kaka comes and tells that he likes their marriage arrangements. Ragini and Swara are thankful to him. Swara says we have been doing wedding planning since 2 months. He gives them fees, but they refuse. Ragini tells Swara that she is very happy today and hopes to meet Laksh. Sanskar looks on as Inspector comes out from the garage, asks what did he tell? Inspector says he got this car on the nearby and this man had stolen it. Sanskar looks on.

Sanskar asks the man where is his brother and is about to hit him. Man says he is saying truth. Later Swara calls Sanskar and asks if you found Laksh. Sanskar says no, and tells her that he couldn’t get her, think what she wants to think.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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