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Swaragini 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad asking Adarsh why he is keeping his eyes down now. He says this is the place where you made history to hurt your parents. He announces that Adarsh Maheshwari is not his son from today, breaks his relation with him. Annapurna cries and sits down. Swara and Ragini hold her. Parineeta cries. Durga Prasad says you may get our forgiveness, but will not get a chance to repent. Inspector asks what about his wife? Durga Prasad says she gave us double hatredness, but then also I will not get her arrested as she is our responsibility. Inspector says but…..Parineeta falls on his feet and asks him to forgive Adarsh when he has forgiven her. Durga prasad says I am helpless as you are my responsibility. You will stay here as a punishment, and will not get love, but only hatred


in our eyes. Parineeta looks on shocked. Inspector asks Constable to take Adarsh. Parineeta tries to stop him, but in vain. Swara and Ragini make Annapurna sit.

Ragini calls Laksh. Swara makes Annapurna drink water. Ragini tells Laksh didn’t come till now and is not picking my call. She asks Swara to call Sanskar. Swara says okay. Sanskar is at Baadi. He says Laksh was blaming me, until when I would have kept quiet. Sujata says you had to keep quiet and scolds him. Shekhar says Laksh must be reached there. Sumi says Police must have arrested Adarsh by now. Swara calls Sanskar and asks where is Adarsh? Sanskar says he left 2 hours ago. Swara says he didn’t reach home. Sujata prays for his safety. Sanskar comes to Maheshwari house and sees Adarsh arrested by the police. He asks Adarsh, how is he feeling now and says evil never wins. Adarsh is taken away by Police. Ragini worries for Laksh. Swara says may be he is stuck in traffic and says he will come.

Sanskar comes there. Ragini says Laksh…..They see Sanskar. Swara recalls Sanskar breaking relation with her. He goes straight to Durga Prasad and touches his feet. Durga Prasad blesses him. Then he takes Annapurna’s blessings. Annapurna also blesses him. Sanskar says now we all will be happy as everything is fine. Annapurna asks where is Laksh? Ragini cries being worried. Sanskar says he might be waiting and asks her not to worry. Ragini says my heart is saying as something wrong happened. Sanskar says I will go and bring him back. He then looks at Swara. Swara turns her face being upset with him. Sanskar leaves from there. Swara asks Ragini to stop crying and says he will come back. Ragini says where is he?

After One Week:

Inspector apologizes to them and says sorry. Swara asks are you sure? Ragini cries badly. Inspector says we couldn’t find Laksh anywhere, and have went with his wish. We can’t find him. Sanskar says shut up Inspector. He says how dare you to tell that Laksh will not come back as he went with his wish. He says this is Laksh’s house and asks where he will go. Sujata asks him to calm down. Inspector says we will try to search him and will inform you once we find anything about him. He goes. Ragini cries and says where are you Laksh. Swara consoles him. Sanskar says where to find him. Sanskar says we will find him very soon. Ragini says you said this one week before also. My heart is shaking up, if anything have happened to him. Swara says no..

Ragini cries and says why he is not coming back. Sanskar asks her not to lose strength. Swara asks Sanskar, to whom he is giving strength to. She says I know you are trying to make everything fine since a week. Sanskar says yes. Swara says I also wanted to make everything fine. She says you got mad in anger, and everything is ending because of you. She says Laksh went from here because of you, and my sister’s life is getting ruined. Sumi stops her. Swara says no, I am not wrong. She says what did you say that you will fight with Laksh. She says if you had not fought with him, then everything would have been fine. We have lost this war even after winning, because of you.

Sujata says no Swara, it was a misunderstanding. Swara says yes. He would have trusted us, but he loves his ego. Sanskar says no. Swara says let me speak. She says you knows well that whenever Laksh is angry, he can’t control his anger, but what had happened to you. She says you had taken my anger on him, as you was angry on me as I helped Ragini. She says Ragini is my sister and I will support her. I haven’t broken relation with her. Ragini recalls doing her shraddh. Swara asks Sanskar to look at her maang without sindoor. Shekhar says what is the need to talk all this? Swara says you all should know that Laksh is not with us because of this man.

Swara promises not to fill her maang until Laksh comes back. She is about to go with Ragini and Shekhar. Sanskar stops her and says this is Lakshman rekha for you, and if you steps out once, then I will never look at you again. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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