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Swaragini 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Swara hitting on Adarsh’s hand and asks them to stay far from them else she will shoot. She asks goons to keep guns down. Just then a bullet is fired. Inspector comes there with his team. Shekhar asks Dadi to give keys. Dadi refuses. Shekhar takes it forcibly. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar says you have two options now, go to Bikaner and stay with bau ji, I will send you monthly expenses, else stay here becoming good dadi for your children. Dadi says so now you will make me teach what is right and wrong, and is about to slap him. Shekhar says he is a changed man now and can taken his own decisions now. He goes to Sumi and gives keys in her hand. Sujata smiles. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar takes Sumi home and asks Dadi to come. Dadi looks on. Inspector tells Adarsh that they came to

arrest him on the charges of trying to murder his own family. Swara says Inspector. Inspector says we are sorry to came late. Police catches the goons. Adarsh says he is Adarsh Maheshwari. Parineeta falls on Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s feet and asks them not to get them arrested. Annapurna and Durga Prasad back off. Inspector arrests Adarsh and handcuffs him. Durga Prasad says 1 minute Adarsh.

Sujata prays to God and cries. Shekhar looks at Sumi, picks sindoor plate and says I am promising you for the last time that I will not leave you until I am alive. He fills her maang with sindoor. Sumi gets emotional and teary eyes. Two ladies come and plays sindoor khela rasam with her. Shekhar takes Ayush in his lap and smiles. Sumi plays with the married women. Sujata prays to God and asks them to make everything fine. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh to call Laksh now itself. Sumi comes back to Sujata and says everything will be fine. Utara comes running there and informs them about Sanskar and Laksh’s fight. Everyone run out in a hurry. Laksh and Sanskar fight and beat each other. Adarsh takes his phone out. Durga Prasad snatches phone from his hand and calls Laksh. Durga Prasad calls Laksh and asks him to come home. He says if you don’t come home then you will see my dead face, asks him to learn something from Sanskar and says you are wrong even this time. Sanskar picks a big stone and is about to hit Laksh. Shekhar comes and stops him. Sujata asks have you gone mad? You will kill your brother. Laksh recalls Durga Prasad’s words. Sanskar asks him to fight with him. Laksh says Durga Prasad gave him promise, and leaves in car.

Ragini asks what happened? What did Laksh say? He didn’t do anything to Sanskar naa? Durga Prasad says I am hopeful. He breaks the phone and says I am hopeful that if he really my son and haven’t become rakshas like adarsh then he will come home. Sanskar asks Shekhar, why did you stop me? He says I came here to make him understand, but he is suspecting on my intentions. Sujata asks what you was trying to make him understand by hitting him with stone, and asks how can you try to kill your own brother. Shekhar says you both are brothers.

Sumi says I know you are angry because of Swara and Ragini. Sanskar tells her that he gave promise to Swara, that if she meets Ragini then they will have to see his dead face. Sumi says they have done this to unite family. Shekhar says Durga Prasad called Laksh and gave him promise, it means everything is fine now. Sumi asks him to talk to him. Shekhar says Laksh left as he gets Durga Prasad’s call. Swara recalls Sanskar breaking marriage with her. Ragini consoles her.

Inspector takes Adarsh from there. Parineeta cries. Inspector asks Durga Prasad to sign on the papers and says then only we can file case against him. Durga Prasad is about to sign on the papers, but Annapurna asks him to forgive Adarsh. Durga Prasad asks can you understand what you are saying? Parineeta says she is saying right? Adarsh is your son. Don’t send him to jail. Durga prasad asks Annapurna to look at Adarsh, and says there is no shame, forgiveness or love in his eyes. He has hatred and anger for us even now. He says you are our first child. I have felt fatherhood first because of you. He says I have never differentiated among my kids. I never differentiated between Ragini, Swara and Parineeta. You both have taken advantage and proved me wrong, and Swara and Ragini have proved that they are my real family. He says I am not feeling bad today to sign on these papers. He signs on the papers. Annapurna cries. Parineeta also cries.

Swara tells Sanskar that they have lost this war even after winning because of him. She says I will not fill my maang until Ragini’s husband comes back. Ragini, Swara and Shekhar are leaving. Sanskar asks Swara to stop from going and says once you go from here, I will never accept you back in my life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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