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Swaragini 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sanskar coming somewhere, and recalls Laksh calling him and saying that it is better to end everything. He takes out his anger and throws the stone. Laksh thinks about Adarsh’s words that Sanskar’s hunger is not ending even after getting 10 crores Rs. He drives the car. Adarsh asks Ragini and Swara to call their respective husband but keep the call on loudspeaker. Swara calls Sanskar, but he rejects her call. Ragini calls Laksh, but the call is unanswered. Sujata worries thinking Sanskar left home in a hurry and prays for his well being. Sumi says even Swara and Ragini’s phones are not answered. Shekhar holds Sumi’s hand and says nothing will happen, everything will be fine. Just then Dadi comes there and shouts at Shekhar..Shekhar also looks at her.


Adarsh asks

what happened? If your husband not picking your call. Laksh sees Ragini’s call, and disconnects her call. She thinks why he is cutting the call. Laksh says I know you will convince me, but first I will do deal with Sanskar and then make you understand. Swara calls Sanskar again. Sanskar recalls giving warning to Swara and his family. Sanskar picks the call. Swara says I know you went to meet Laksh. Sanskar says so your sister told you about this. Swara is about to tell him about Adarsh keeping them on gun point, but Adarsh stops them. Sanskar tells Swara if she knows that Shekhar was about to commit suicide because of Dadi and Adarsh’s doings, but was saved somehow. Swara and Ragini are shocked. Adarsh smiles. Durga and Annapurna are shocked too. Ragini asks baba…? Sanskar says yes, and says Laksh is equally responsible as he believed Adarsh. He says I will fight with him, and even if I am saved then also our relation is over. Parineeta and Adarsh smile victoriously.

Dadi tells Shekhar that you have betrayed me. She asks him to leave Sumi’s hand. Shekhar says no Maa….Dadi reminds him of the promise. Shekhar says I gave you promise and have broken it. Shekhar asks what about your promise? Dadi says I never gave any promise to you. Shekhar says you had promised to keep me happy always, and will save me even if you have to die. He says you have broken all those promises, and have kept me away from my child for 20 years, only because of your thinking and hatred. He says now you have tried to take Ayush’s life. Dadi is shocked. Shekhar says your conspiracy doesn’t end here. You have separated Laksh and Sanskar, and have done a big conspiracy against them. Laksh comes to meet Sanskar and recalls Inspector and Adarsh’s words. He recalls doing Shradh of Sanskar.

Sanskar is already waiting for him. Laksh asks him to give property papers first. Sanskar asks what? Laksh says Adarsh told me that you have property papers and he even told me that Swara and you have fool Ragini. Utara sees them arguing. Sanskar laughs and says if I have property papers, then why would I come here. Laksh says it was my mistake to trust you. Sanskar says you have trusted a wrong guy Adarsh. They hold each other collar. Utara stops them and says you both are my brothers, and I can’t stay without you both. Laksh says it is the best way to save your life. He says Utara is your sister, but I have lived as a brother more than you.

Adarsh tells Parineeta that this is their double win. He says if Swara wins then only she will lose Sanskar. Adarsh asks her to get the papers and save their husbands. Swara thinks why did Police haven’t come till now. Adarsh tells her that Khoon Khela are going to start in sometime.

Shekhar promises keeping Durga Maa as a witness that he will bring his mum on the right track. Dadi asks what you are saying? Shekhar says I want just one thing from you. He asks her to give house keys to him, and says I will give keys to Sumi so that she can stay in the house with my daughters and son. Dadi says I will not give you keys until I am alive. Sujata asks her to get ready to see her son’s death. Dadi shouts at her. Sujata says why she is so egoistic, and tells that Shekhar tried to give his life, and this bengalan Sumi saved his life. She says your son didn’t act to try commit suicide like you, but committing suicide for real. Dadi shouts and asks her not to interfere in her family matters, and says you have no right. Sujata says you have full right. She says you have broken my family, and made our sons fight like enemies, my jija and bhai saheb are staying in their own house as a prisoners. Dadi looks on.

Adarsh asks Swara to decide fast. Swara thinks why did Police haven’t come till now. Adarsh asks her to do khool khela fast. Swara proceeds towards Adarsh and bends down. Parineeta asks Swara not to act smart again. Swara picks the plate and hits on Adarsh’s hand making gun fall down. Ragini rushes and takes back the house papers. Swara asks the goons to keep the gun down. She shouts gun in air.

Laksh and Sanskar fight. Sanskar hits on Laksh’s head with stone. Swara tells Sanskar that they have lost because of him. She tells Sanskar that she will not fill her maang with sindoor until Ragini’s husband gets fine. She blames him for ruining everything. Sanskar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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