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hello everyone, i’m back here..
or let’s say in a tone of some of you dat “again with one more copy-paste useless drama”
request : if u r not comfortable in reading my ffs then kindly ignore dem..,
coz as per u all i’m doing “copy-pasting of someone’s thinking without trying anyhing by my own”..,
that’s y i have found solution on dis dat“please not to give your anykind of glance towards my this copy-pasting crime as acoording to u all i’m totally useless in writing anything by my own”

do reading if u will feel to do so… or else just leave it, i will never mind at all….
as i have already said i’m writing for my satisfaction only not wanting anything else but if u could able to give some love towards my try then it will really make me feel special
sorry from my soul if i’ve made an attempt of hurting anyone…


keep smiling by forgetting all pain..,

swara u r addiction n need of my breath
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(episode – 19)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

swara was slowly slowly losing all her senses…,

swara was nt at all habitual of any kind of little pain also as her parents n her bestie namish always try their bestest to keep her away from all kind of tensions n any kind of thing which could able to hurt her feelings..,

she was having golden heart just like her beyond infinity beauty who knows only to live life happily without sensation of realizing existence of anykind of pain…,

thats y she was too innocent in getting anyone’s any kind of bad intensions as she was having habitual of seeing good only coz her mommy-poppy n namish never allow any situation to be goes painful for her at all…,

she was childish,pure hearted,so innocent n cute soul which used to see world wat her mommy-poppy n namish make her watch…

swara was secured in under control of true love of her parents n her bestie namish…,

but seems lyk this protection cover which were able to surrounding her will be vanished totally within sometym only coz of strongly effect of things which were revolving around her now..,

swara was losing her consciousness slowly slowly by going through all painful feelings n unbearable shocks which she never felt in her whole lyf at all…,

whereas sm was unable to watch n sense her condition…,

he was trying to dragging her with him for going to be marry..,

sm : come on swara let’s go, we’ll marry now itself jaan…

after moving one step forward towards d exit of his cabin, he realized that swara’s hand was slipping from his tight hold…,

then he immediately looked behind n was shocked after watching scenario in front of him..,

sm noticed dat swara was abt to fall on floor but he goes close towards her n hold her at d nick of tym..,

sm : (worried) swara,swara wat happened jaan??

sm was patting her cheeks wid so much tension..,

sm : (hell worried) swara, swara get up jaan..,

but after not getting any response from swara, sm lifts swara up in his strong arms n made his way towards rest-room with very much tension n concern filled face..,

while walking with worried face he signals someone to call doctor immediately..,

sm enters into room n made swara lie on bed gently yet slowly..,

n after looking all around d room when he didn’t get to whom he was expecting to be there, then his anger just break all d bounds..,

n at that time only doctor was entering 1st step into room..,

then sm rushed towards him wid boiling blood in his nerves n held his collar tightly..,

due to which doctor was feeling lyk he will get heart-attack now itself only after seeing sm’s bloodshot eyes wid his harsh scaring action..,

sm : (rage tone) wat u think of urself hn…??? don’t u having any realization of tyming.., wat if something will happens to her,

sm gave punch on doctor’s face very hard that widin no tym only blood was started flowing from his mouth..,

n doctor falled on floor..,

sm goes towards him n made him getup by holding his collar tightly..,

sm : (anger filled voice) i will surely kill u bastered, if i’ll found her condition slight serious also..,

wid saying dis sm left doctor..,

due to force from sm doctor again falled on floor wid shivering body..,

but he tried to get up wid shivering body widin couple of secs only n wipes blood which was continuously oozing from his mouth..,

doctor goes towards d bed wid hell scaring face n shivering body..,

whereas sm goes to other side of bed n held swara’s so smooth n soft hands in his very tightly n kept staring her with worried face..,


at other side..,

sparsh was slowly slowly opening his eyes n was trying to get up by holding his head tightly wid wincing in pain..,

n he somehow managed n entered into ‘sm enterprises’..,

n he goes to d doctors which were appointed for ‘sm enterprises’..,

but to his shocked doctor straight forwardly refused to treat him after seeing his face only..,

sparsh didn’t get doctor’s weird behaviour but he ignored n goes to other doctor of ‘sm enterprises’..,

but to his more shocked all doctors of ‘sm enterprises ’ said him ‘no only’ for his anykind of treatment..,

n when he asked reason then they didn’t utter a word rather than excusing themselves..,

sparsh freezes at dat place only after sensing wat is happening around him..,

but he ignored all dis in a physical pain due to wound which became unbearable for him n left from ‘sm enterprises’..,

n he goes outside clinic..,

doctor treated him..,

n when he felt slight relief after his treatment,he remembered morning’s all incident..,

mixed of emotions trying to raising inside him..,

emotions of shocking, fear, jealousy, anger, possessiveness..,

wid all dis emotions he made his way towards ‘sm enterprises’..,

but to his more surprise n shocking manager tore contract papers in front of him which sparsh made wid ‘sm enterprises’..,

n manager told him dat he has been fired from his job..,

n when sparsh asked his mistake den manager tried to hide real reason by giving lame excuses to him..,

n wid dis manager left from there..,

n widin no tym only security guard came towards sparsh who was standing become numb at his place only..,

security guard told calmly to sparsh to leave from here..,

but sparsh was standing there only wid more shocking face nt was in a sense of listening anything..,

n when security guard nt get any response from sparsh den he dragged sparsh wid him n pushed him outside d gate..,


at other side..,

sm was still sitting in dat position only by holding swara’s so smooth n soft hand in his but wid slightly tears filled eyes by noticing dat from 2 hours swara didn’t opened her eyes..,

now sm started becoming more panic n was going more mad by seeing swara like dis..,

precap : sm badly n emotionlessly bitted one of his assistant who told him dat ‘she was liking him dats y she has been accepted his proposal’.

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