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Suraj-Imli trick Bhaiya ji to save Vivaan’s life in Udaan

Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji to leave from the house and is not ready to transfer money back to Bhaiya ji. Suraj and Imli try to save Vivaan and play a trick to save Vivaan. Vivaan is beaten up by the goons. Bhaiya ji slaps Vivaan and asks the men to beat up Vivaan. Ragini gets a hunter and beats up Vivaan. Bhaiya ji is torturing them. They capture Vivaan. Vivaan is not able to fight back being alone. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that he is with him and wants to join back in his team.


Bhaiya ji does not trust Suraj easily. He asks Suraj to humiliate Imli infront of everyone. Imli was praying for Vivaan’s long life on Karwachauth, and did not know Vivaan will fall in big problem. She begs Bhaiya ji to leave Vivaan. Suraj fools Bhaiya ji because Imli signs Suraj to insult her. Suraj agrees as its for saving Vivaan. Suraj does Imli’s cheerharan and wins Bhaiya ji’s trust. Vivaan also gives his approval and asks Imli to work for Suraj again, as she is Suraj’s biggest support. Imli manages to save Vivaan’s life.

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