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Supernatural Series Season 2 (Naagin,Kasam Tere Pyar Ki,Vishkanya,Ikrs,Tei and Matsh) Epi-7


Guys as you all know this is last episode of season 2 and soon will start season 3.


The episode starts Nirbhay in his room takes silver rod and gun and thinks

Nirbhay:Now you are gone vampire and werewolf.

At evening all the protectors were at forest when a light can eprom a direction so they went towards it.The light was coming from Nirbhay.

Nirbhay:See me it’s my real powers.I will kill you all and earth will be mine.

He attack on everyone with current.All fall on floor.Now Nirbhay attacks silver sword on everyone.

All get hurt but one who is vampire and werewolf they make the sound of Fox.

All the protected are shocked to see them.They are Ritik and Kunj.Kunj is werewolf and Ritik is vampire.

They both with difficulties get recover.

Ranveer:You both are vampire and werewolf!

Kunj and Ritik don’t utter a word.

Shivqnya and Twinkle slaps them.They were having tears in their eyes.

Twinkle:Nirbhay you told us the truth but we will surely kill you.

Shivanya:Yeah Nirbhay

Malay:I was not knowing that the can cheat on us

Apu attacks on Nirbhay but it don’t effect him.Nirbhay attacked on her she fell on floor.


Malay goes to her and in anger attacks on Nirbhay but he stops his attack and attacks on
him and Malay gets unconscious.

Precal:Twins and Rivanya reunion

Guys I have decided to extent it for one more episode so enjoy this episode.

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