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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Sambhav getting Suhani somewhere and scolding her. She says I wish to kill you and free this world from you, but I can’t do any crime, don’t think I m weak, I will save myself. He says you have all weak relations, I will see who saves you. She pushes him and gets a stick to beat him. Sambhav throws a stone at her head and makes her fall. He starts laughing. Suhani faints.


Sambhav says I have right to touch you Suhani, I m your husband, and you threatened to get me hanged, you did not do this right, you will regret a lot. He sees Suhani and gets close. He says I will do what I want, I don’t care you wish this or not, I will fulfil my wish even if by force. He removes his shirt and gets close to her.

Its morning, Yuvraaj wakes up. He sees her shot leg and cries by the pain. He tries to get up and manages to sit. He ties a cloth to his wound. He recalls Sambhav dragging Suhani. He shouts Suhani. Yuvraaj gets Suhani’s mangalsutra and recalls the moment when Pratima bought that for Suhani. He thinks Suhani left hints for him and goes to some place following the jewelry. He sees Suhani and gets shocked.

Yuvraaj cries seeing her. Suhani gets conscious. Suhani wakes up and sees Yuvraaj crying. She realizes what happened. He hugs her and cries. He says I m really sorry Suhani, I came very late. They cry. Sambhav comes and laughs.

Sambhav says this would have not happened if you died at the time of marriage. Yuvraaj and Sambhav have a fight.

The people nearby get together for aarti. Suhani thinks what will I teach my daughters, that I lost and they should bear injustice too. Sambhav runs away to the aarti plate. Yuvraaj follows. Suhani throws the stick at him and makes him fall down.

She asks what did you think Sambhav, you will get saved by doing a bad thing with me. Sambhav looks at them. Yuvraaj gets a bowl from the temple and pours ghee. Suhani says no Yuvraaj and stops him. She says he is my culprit, I will punish him.

Suhani gets the diya stand and goes to Sambhav. She says I will write my fate and you will burn, like Raavan was burnt to end evil, I will burn you today.

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