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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rags and Yuvani cleaning home. Pratima asks Yuvani to think as if its cleaning house for Diwali. Yuvani asks why do we need to do this, servant can do this. Suhani says atleast you are spending time with us, see Krishna is also cleaning. Yuvani says fine. Suhani asks where is Yuvaan. Krishna says he went out. Yuvani says not fair. Krishna says he had some work. They all clean the house. Krishna falls down and Saiyyam holds her. She says I don’t need your help. He says sure as you wish and leaves him. She falls on the floor. Suhani goes to help Krishna and calls Saiyyam ill mannered. Saiyyam argues. She says your mum would have not taught this. He asks her to be quiet if she does not know his mum. She says I don’t need to, I just care for my children. She takes Krishna


to clean temple. He gets angry and leaves.

Yuvani says I m tired, give me some energy drink. Servant gets juice. She asks him to get lemon water. Suhani and Krishna see the temple with Saiyyam’s pic and get shocked. Saiyyam comes there and says no Lord made me, no Lord can ruin me, I m my own Lord, so there will be my photo in this temple. Suhani takes the aarti stand and burns his pic. Saiyyam looks on. Suhani smiles and prays to Lord.

Rags asks Dadi why is Suhani loving Yuvani, I know Yuvani’s likes, dislikes and wishes. Dadi says let Suhani love her, we don’t care, we have to see whom Yuvani loves. Rags says me. Dadi says that’s enough. Rags says but I hate this Saiyyam, Suhani came back in our life. Dadi says we have to do something of her.

Pratima goes to Suhani and asks do you have problem that Yuvani wants to stay with Rags. Suhani says no, I don’t want to interfere in their lives, I just want them to be happy. Pratima says yes, if you give them freedom, they will be with you. Suhani says why is Saiyyam like that, what did his family do that he has hatred in his heart, he is not a bad man, he got mad by his stubbornness. Pratima says you are a mum and can’t see badness in any children, even I did not see badness, but time taught me that bad people stay in world, we should be careful.

Yuvani comes there. Pratima says Suhani will do champi to you. Yuvani asks why. Suhani says then you won’t talk to me. She goes to get oil. Yuvani thinks no, I have to apply hair oil now. Dadi asks Rags to manage Yuvani, I will manage Saiyyam, be sure that you don’t do any mistake. Rags says don’t worry Dadi, this time nothing wrong will happen.

Suhani applies oil to Yuvani’s hair. Yuvani asks is this necessary, I hate the smell. Suhani says yes, but see my hair is good. Yuvani says but Rags does not apply. Suhani says that’s her wish. Yuvani says I also don’t want to apply. Suhani says but I want to, else you won’t spend time, I missed you. Yuvani says I missed you too and hugs her. Rags says no, Yuvani is like me, I won’t let her go away. Yuvaan goes to Saiyyam’s room and takes Krishna along. He asks Krishna to make Saiyyam smell chloroform, we will steal house papers and save the house. A dog comes and Krishna screams. Saiyyam wakes up and sees them. Krishna asks Yuvaan to save her and holds kerchief near his face. Yuvaan smells chloroform and faints. She gets shocked and drops kerchief. Saiyyam asks Krishna to take Yuvaan and get lost, don’t do this foolishness again. Krishna takes Yuvaan. He thanks her for saving him from animal. She says dog was doing his work. He says I was saying about Saiyyam, he is an animal. Saiyyam hears him.

Its morning, Suhani sings aarti. She asks Yuvani and Yuvaan to do aarti. A bulldozer comes there. Suhani and everyone go out. Suhani asks whats this. Saiyyam says I m going to break my share of house. Dadi asks how can you do this, our house will also break. Saiyyam says fantastic, I will surely break now. Dadi says this is my husband’s hard earned property. Saiyyam says I will work hard and run this bulldozer.

Dadi asks Yuvaan to call police. Yuvaan says no, I will see him. Krishna asks him to use senses. Yuvani asks why are we taking tension, let him take this house. Rags says no, this is our house, why will we leave this for Suhani’s personal problem. Saiyyam asks them to move. Suhani asks him to stop. She gets the chairs and asks all of them to sit. She gets samosas and says now we all will have samosas. Pratima asks whats all this. Suhani says he wants to break house, let him break house, when he kills us by bulldozer, there should be someone to record it. She asks servant to stand there.

Saiyyam goes to some room and takes the personal details file.

Update Credit to: Amena

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