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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Yuvani applying cream to Dadi. Dadi says cream is soft, but its burning. Rags says its face scrub, the skin toxics are going. Dadi removes it. Yuvani says it was face bleach. Dadi gets angry. Rags asks her to see her face once. Dadi sees face and says sorry, I m glowing, I will not scold you again, you value beauty. Yuvani says everyone like beauty, you won’t have any enemy. Dadi says there is someone, who disagrees with her. Suhani and Yuvaan ask inspector for Krishna. Inspector says some more girls are coming by other car, you can check the girls who are already brought. Suhani does not get Krishna. Yuvaan sees someone in the cell. He does not get Krishna.

A constable gives food to the prisoner and addresses him as Birla. He says plate is neat, have food.

Suhani spots Yuvraaj and does not let Yuvaan see that side. Yuvaan says calm down, we will get Krishna. Krishna calls Suhani. Krishna tells Suhani that you used to say Lord can help us in any avatar, this happened with me. Suhani asks where are you now. The call ends. They leave from the police station. The goons take away Krishna’s phone. She asks what are you guys going. Suhani and Yuvaan are on the way and think where can be Krishna. Krishna shouts for help. Krishna runs and falls over Suhani’s car. Suhani hugs her. The goons laugh and talk dirty.

Yuvaan gets angry. Suhani slaps the goon. Suhani beats all of them alone. A goon catches Krishna and attacks Yuvaan with a knife. Suhani punches on the goon’s face, Krishna cries seeing Yuvaan’s wound. Yuvaan sas its little scratch, Krishna are you mad… Suhani says lets go home and talk.

Saiyyam says part 1 is over and now its time for part 2 of the plan. He asks someone to book his flight tickets. He says see you soon Suhani, I know you will come following me. Saiyyam goes to Birla house. He beats up the guard. He gets angry seeing Birla house name board. Suhani asks Krishna not to feel guilty, it was not her mistake. Krishna says yes, but I should have learnt self defense which you always tell the girls, but I did not learn thinking I won’t need to know. Suhani says I will teach you, don’t worry. A man runs after Yuvaan and says thief.

Suhani asks Yuvaan did he steal coconut again. Pinto says Yuvaan has stolen the coconut, and argues. Suhani says sorry, I m sorry, I will pay for it. Pinto says no need, we are neighbours, you also give us free snacks. Yuvaan teases him. Suhani says sorry, this won’t happen again. Pinto goes. Yuvaan says I did this to make Krishna smile. Suhani says I will come along next time. They all laugh.

Yuvaan gives coconuts to Krishna and holds her. She looks at him. Saiyyam enters the Birla house, and moves the spider webs. He sees their family pics and throws stone at the frame. He says Suhani, this started here and this will end here, you have seen trailer in Goa, the movie is still left, my enemy….

Its morning, Yuvaan does dressing to his wound. Krishna gives his wallet. He asks her to help in tying the bandage. She helps him and says sorry, you got hurt because of me. He asks her to look at him and talk. He thanks her and says I really hope this wound leaves a mark, as every wound gives a story, girls like marks on guy’s body. He jokes. Suhani calls him. He says I want this mark for you, it will remind me of you always. He pulls her nose and goes.

Rags and Yuvani come from jogging. Yuvani calls Rags more fit than her and asks Rags not to compete with her. Rags asks her to be perfect. Dadi gets a call and asks what, when did this happen. She worries and says it’s a bad news. Yuvaan says its all over here, its not safe to stay here. Suhani says we are fighting with the problems, we will become courageous. Yuvaan says you stay here alone, I think you should tell everything to Dadi. She says no, I won’t lose soon. Krishna comes and says Dadi called. Suhani talks to Dadi.

Dadi says I know you don’t like to talk to me, I was helpless, someone has taken Birla house in custody, guard was attacked, house is locked from inside, I m going there, if you want, you can come. Suhani says I m coming.

Dadi, Suhani and everyone get to know someone is inside the house. They read the warning message on the wall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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