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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yuvani to be careful, Suhani has asked you about your clothes, did Rags ask anything till now. Rags says I did this as Yuvani wants to become model, every person has interests, I think she is in right career in right age. Yuvani says yes, I have to become Ms. Allahabad in any way. Rags says fine, you have to agree to me. Yuvani says okay and hugs her. Dadi smiles.


Krishna sees Suhani upset and thinks to go something. Yuvaan gets brown papers. Krishna signs him. Krishna applies ketchup to Suhani’s nose and laughs. She says you are looking joker. Yuvaan asks how dare you call mum joker. They make Suhani cheer up. Suhani smiles and says you both won.

Yuvaan says a student came from your defence academy, you should go in the closing ceremony.

Suhani agrees. Yuvaan hugs and thanks Krishna for doing this for Suhani. She says I know, you both are useless, go with Suhani, she needs you, I will deliver sandwiches and meet you there. He pulls her nose. Suhani thinks of Yuvraaj and cries.

Yuvaan asks are you missing Papa, he is with Lord and seeing you, if he sees you, what will he say. Yuvraaj calls her. Yuvaan sees the missed call and asks Yuvraaj. She says he is my client, Yuvraaj Kapoor, I can’t complete the order, call Krishna and ask when will she come.

Krishna goes to deliver the sandwiches and thinks she can’t stay in such foreign party place, I will deliver order and leave soon. Saiyyam drinks wine and sees Krishna. He calls Krishna and asks her to come to the bar. He passes by and leaves. He makes a call to the girl and asks her not to forget her work, if I can give money, I can take its value also. Suhani is at the defence academy. He says now I have to do something of Krishna. Suhani calls the last batch of Dipika and Shivangi.

Suhani says you feel girls can’t fight back, did you think what can happen with girls outside, we don’t believe that girls stay weak, so we teach the girls to live with courage, when any hand raises on you by wrong intention, how to make it back to its place. Everyone clap. Suhani thanks them.

Krishna calls Suhani. Suhani does not see the call. Dipika and Shivangi fight mock. Shivangi hits Dipika purposely. Suhani and Yuvaan get worried. Dipika’s parents get worried. Yuvaan says I think her shoulder dislocated, let me see. Suhani says we have to take her to hospital. Her father scolds her. Suhani sees Shivangi gone. Shivangi’s mum scolds Suhani. Shivangi says Suhani is not like this. The lady warns Suhani. Yuvaan gets angry. The people get angry.

Suhani calms him down. Krishna thinks why is no one answering. Saiyyam says I did not treat you till now. Police comes and all foreigners run away. Krishna gets arrested. Krishna says no, I came to deliver food. Saiyyam says you got trapped in police case, go and buy respect now. Krishna says let me make a phone call, I m from Suhani’s shack. Suhani calls her. Inspector says your daughter is caught in drugs raid, come to police station. Krishna cries. Suhani gets shocked.

Dadi shows gifts for Yuvani. Yuvani asks whats in this. Dadi says it has Birla company’s creams, you have to apply all this. Yuvani thanks Rags and hugs her. Dadi asks where is thanks for me. Yuvani hugs Dadi and hugs her. She says we all will try the face creams. Rags says yes, there is one cream which is fantastic and face will glow. Suhani comes to police station and says its same place where Yuvraaj…. Yuvaan asks her to come soon.

Suhani asks inspector about Krishna. Inspector says every guy is taking drugs, stand in line, we have more irresponsible parents here. Inspector asks whats her name. Suhani says Krishna, she is like my daughter, her mum died. He says you would be her step mum, maybe you torture her. Suhani scolds him and asks him to take Narco test of Krishna, she did not take drugs ever. She does not find Krishna, and wonders where did she go.

Saiyyam sees the family pic frame in Birla house and breaks it. He says Picture is still left my enemies and walks off.

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