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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Krishna to take table 5 bill. Suhani asks Krishna why did you come, you could have told Pratima you are busy. Pratima says this girl will not do anything for herself, when will her self esteem awaken. The man tells Krishna that he did not order this juice. Krishna says fine, I will see. Suhani stops Krishna and tells the man that its complimentary juice if he did not order. The man pays for it. Suhani asks Krishna why did you not answer him, you should answer, else no one will respect you, one who bears wrong is more wrong. Krishna says fine. Yuvani asks Krishna to get samosas for her. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj and says don’t get for me.


Rags makes Yuvani ready. Yuvani smiles and thanks Rags. Rags gives her tips. Yuvani says you have such knowledge.

Rags says if you want to thank me, you have to become supermodel soon. Yuvani promises mer.

Krishna goes somewhere and says I should have answered that guy, if I get him now, I will not leave him, The guy comes there driving his bike. Krishna asks whats this misbehaviour. He stares at her. She gets tensed.

The guy goes to Krishna and shows attitude. Krishna tells him that he can own water, instead the soil, but the mistake will be of air. She asks him to own the air and punish air. He looks at her. Suhani tells Yuvaan that Krishna is so lovely. He says even I like her, I have won and had much juice, so I m going to loo many times. She smiles and says Yuvraaj, Yuvaan is like you, he plays video games all day and spents money on hygiene. She misses Yuvraaj. She gets Dadi’s call. Yuvaan comes and asks her till when will she not talk to Dadi. Suhani answers the call. She says Yuvaan is not here, I will make you talk to him when he comes. Yuvaan takes phone and talks to Dadi.

Dadi gets glad hearing his voice and asks how are you. He says fine, how are you. She says even I m fine. He asks her to come Goa, he is missing her. Dadi says even I miss you, I can’t travel in this age, you come in next holidays. He says I will come and see DJ Sam’s program, we all will together see the program in shack. Dadi worries and says I will talk later.

The guy asks her how did she get meow meow cat. Krishna says I m going to buy slippers for you, you can’t slip wearing it, if you fall, you will look funny. She thinks Suhani said right, I have to face every situation with confidence. She asks shall I go market now, or do you want to spread bedsheet here. He scolds her and she argues asking him not to say about her family. He asks her to wake up. Suhani comes and asks whats happening.

Krishna says I was teaching lesson to this ill mannered guy. Suhani says if he did one mistake, forgive him, he did good too. She asks him to come to shack.

The DJ Sam concert is covered in the news. Rags and Yuvani come there and get their pics clicked. Rags asks Yuvani to pose well. She says you would feel like a star. Yuvaan tells Suhani that event will start now. Suhani asks him to get down the table. She asks Yuvaan to meet Saiyyam, he saved shack from goons. Yuvaan hugs him and says no one helps these days. Saiyyam asks you have habit to make and break right. Suhani looks at him. Saiyyam says I mean you called me son yesterday and calling me guest today. Suhani says no, you are like my son.

Yuvani says Suhani loves me, Yuvani and Krishna first and then your number comes. Saiyyam says I believe in making place, not taking place, I make place in heart so that memories are left. Yuvaan asks Krishna to see his dialogues. Krishna asks him to hear him. She signs Yuvaan and goes. Yuvaan reads her message that he is the guy who met her at para sailing place. Yuvaan purposely makes drink fall on Saiyyam. He says sorry. Saiyyam says its okay, relax. Krishna smiles.

DJ Sam arrives and media clicks his pics. Pratima sees the concert on tv and says Yuvani…. She asks Yuvaan to see Yuvani on tv. Yuvaan says its not Yuvani, she is reporter. Pratima says no, Yuvani was there. Yuvaan says juice fell by my hands on Saiyyam. Saiyyam asks can I borrow your tshirt if you don’t mind. Suhani asks Yuvaan to get tshirt. Yuvaan goes. Saiyyam eats snacks and says its spicy. He looks at Krishna. Suhani does not see Rags and Yuvani on tv. Saiyyam says you treated us so well, drinks on the house from my side, I insist. Yuvaan gets tshirt and gives him. Saiyyam asks about washroom. Suhani asks how do you know its there. He says I have seen yesterday. He goes to change and adds something in the juice drinks. He smiles.

The people drink the juices and start coughing. People complain about Suhani. Inspector says we have to shut your shack. Suhani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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