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STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 33

Episode 33
Her anger was at peak she was continuously saying to her that she wants the answer now from Anirudh and not for this reason she needs to ask many more things from him as she asked him to care her daughter like hers but what he did the misunderstanding was going at its peak and with these thoughts she slept in morning she talked about this with Prateek he tried to calm her anger but she wasn’t ready to listen as per her childhood habit of getting on a conclusion without thinking so she did that
Prateek: But what if they were facing any problem Abhigya that’s the reason they did this to her

Abhigya: Really! Then problem was with my daughter only haah! His own daughter who is elder than her she is still single and…
Prateek: that’s their own personal matter Abhigya! We can’t blame him without knowing reason it’s not good
Abhigya: think whatever you want to think Prateek but I will get my answers from him only


A voice came from out it was Anirudh who heard their whole conversation he said
Anirudh: And if my sister wants answer from me then I will never disagree upon her
Abhigya: don’t try to manipulate me with your cheesy talks Bhaiya tell me why you did that
Anirudh: I was never agree with this Abhu but as I promised you that I will give a good life to your daughter that’s the reason I did that

Abhigya moving forward in anger
Prateek while trying to calm her down: Abhigya…
Abhigya: Oh just leave me Prateek he said that he did that for her good life is It a good life did my girl lived her life fully tell me this I will be calm down once say me that she lived her life happily then I will say you

Anirudh: Yes she lived her life happily and I did that to take her out of the world of hell which Kamya was planning to create for her that’s why I also agreed and she too agreed for that reason.
Abhigya: Bhaiya she was your responsibility not of that Kamya after the death of Kaveri Bhabhi when you married that BBC London that moment itself I knew that she can’t give love to the person who never belongs to her that’s why I left her on your responsibility (shouted)
Anirudh: Abhu you know I don’t have habit to narrate and sing what I have done and for whom I know that I have given her secure life in all terms that’s it and if now you are blaming me that I haven’t done anything then I promise one day you will be the one who will come to thank me for sure (said in a cold stern voice)
Anirudh left from there and Abhigya along with Prateek were looking at him while going and that time Prabhas came

Prabhas stopping Anirudh: Arey Ani Bhaiya where are you going just now you came
Anirudh: actually I am in hurry so see you later haah and by the way you are here only so I will see you soon (with a fake smile)
Prabhas from Prateek: what happened Bhai was very happy so what happened now
Prateek looked at Abhigya

Prabhas: Oh god don’t tell me that she again turned out into angry mental
Prateek in taunting tone: Kind off
Prabhas: I knew it this Dumbo can’t see anyone happy for more time
Abhigya: you don’t inter fare into this
Prabhas: Oh shut up you Dumb character I will do so you scolded him, yelled at him for no reason yes he was saying right that she is happy can’t you see that go and see what’s going on in garden one family is there you will get surprised to see them, go now

Abhigya: What the hell you are talking
Prabhas: Hell is your face Dumbo go and see first then say anything
Abhigya went from there Prateek followed her they both went to the garden but stopped seeing the scenario the family was playing not her daughter was there neither her son in law, neither one of her granddaughter but a family was there who were enjoying their happy times and an unknown smile formed on her face want to know what she saw! Let’s see
Abhi and both the daughters were playing first Kautuki’s eyes were closed with blind fold and trying to catch Ganga and Abhi as it was the time of morning Basudha came there picking up newspapers smiled looking all of them playing and that time Kaustuki caught her and opened her eyes shouting without noticing whom she caught
Kaustuki: I won I won now I will enjoy and you will give your den
Basudha: But why would I give den I am not playing
Kaustuki realising she caught Pragya mistaken : Oh no not again… mummy why you came here see now I have to give den again I am not playing now go
Abhi: Arey that’s not fare Kaustu you can’t leave the game in middle
Kaustuki: I am not playing from past 20 minutes I am giving den you are too smart you are escaping so soon and doing the same with Ganga too no I will not play
Abhi: No you have to

Kaustuki: no (faking her anger)
Ganga: Ganga’s didi play with Ganga didi come (didi ajao)
Kaustu: don’t try to manipulate me Dangu I will not
Ganga: didi come didi come
Abhi: Ok so you don’t want to give den
Kaustuki: no
Abhi: then no problem someone else will give den
Kaustuki: whom you caught just now that person only

Kaustuki: you mean Mummy!
Abhi: yes
Kaustuki: but how? She is not even ready to play!
Abhi going towards Basudha: how can she say like that! She is the one whom you caught na then she have to play with us and give den too
Basudha: why would I? I was not even playing then why would I do so
Abhi: our games our rules you are the one whom she caught so according to the rule you have to give her den
Basudha: you are trapping me now
Abhi in a low voice: you are already trapped from the moment itself you come here
Basudha: you are joking
Abhi: look at me is my face looking like I am joking
Basudha made an helpless face
Abhi with a wide smile: Kaustu bring that cloth please she is giving den
Both the girls jumped in joy he blind folded her and made her take few rounds then the three went in different direction little bit far from her she was walking on to catch one of them sensing their voices and movements but all of them were playing with her Kaustu pulled her dupatta and hurriedly ran from there laughing Abhi patted her head from back and ran from there
Basudha: That’s not fare you are playing with me
Ganga: Mummy is doll we are playing with doll
Abhi laughing hard: so catch one of us Baby doll
Basudha being irked: stop calling me that
Abhi: what? Baby doll!
Basudha: I said stop
Abhi: Ok Baby doll
Basudha: aaannn please na
Abhi laughed
All the time while this conversation she was trying her best to catch one of them Abhigya who was looking all that from far laughed at her daughter when she complained like kid here finally Basudha succeeded in catching one of them and the one who came in her hands was Kaustuki again Basu held her tightly

Kaustu in a crying tone: no not again
Abhi: Now why are you showing your tears is there any leakage in your eyes
Basu : look my dear weather it is game or life whenever you will try to cheat that will back fire on you for sure like you did this time you tried to escape from giving your den and trapped me then see what happened, it back fired you now again you have to give den so if you would have simply accepted what is happening with you then you must have won right! (pulling her cheeks and hugging her more tightly)
Kaustu: But I was tired and they were cheating he was escaping holding Ganga in his hands
Abhi: Oye I didn’t right Gangu
Ganga who was about to cry finally cried

Abhi lifting her into his arms: now what happened to you Gangu?
Ganga while crying: she is not loving me….
Abhi laughed and understood why she was crying
Abhi: Its is nothing like that didi was crying na that’s why see that crying girl
Ganga while crying: mummy…..
Abhi: Basu now handle her
Basu: I will not this is becoming her habit this girl can’t see me with anyone
Abhi: offo stop scolding her
Basu: no today I will not take her arey she is also my daughter yr every time she is either stuck with me or her come Kaustu we will have some fruits and he will handle her today
Kaustu laughed finally: yes I will mummy…come
Pragya held her hand and left the place Abhi followed her shouting “Basu that’s not fare haah!” but she went till then Abhigya laughed at them and while laughing layer of tear formed in her eyes looking that cuteness In everyone’s face

Abhigya: Prateek see
Prateek: yes Abhigya I saw that and now I think you have to ask sorry from someone
Abhigya: yes I know and I will do so
Prateek: but before that we have to do something
Abhigya with confused face: what?
Prateek: Abhu you saw then happy but did you saw that unknown hesitation is there in mid of them

Abhigya: in whom father and daughter! Oh no nothing is like that their bond is so strong
Prateek looked at her in disbelief: Abhu now I come to know that Prabhas call you with right name and that is Dumbo because really you are a dumbo
Abhigya shrinking her eyebrows: what do you mean by that
Prateek: I said between our daughter and him I am saying there is unknown hesitation among both of them and we have to be sure that what is the matter

Abhigya: yes you are right
Prateek: but we will not include you in that interrogation
Abhu: that’s not fare
Prateek: no you are so short tempered no never
Abhu: Prateek listen

Prateek left from there
Abhigya stamping her feet: rude huh
After sometime Abhi was with Basu talking about something when Yash called him saying that Prateek wants to ask something from him and he gulping his words looked towards Basu in fear and she encouraged him that everything would be fine he went following Yash and as he entered the room the scenario infront of him was like that he got feared because Prateek was sat on couch like a boss Prabhas was at side of him then Subuhi and then Yash also joined them and for him they kept a chair in middle of the room he sat there gulping his words coz the scenario was looking like he was going to give interview and that also of any investigation department

Precap: “who the hell are you get out just now” Abhi “Basu this is me Abhishek” Basu”You are trying to brain wash me look my husband is a decent man not like you just go otherwise….” Abhi” Basu this is me only” Basu” you will not listen wait i will tell you kaustu beta bring that broom stick please one mental person is here pretending himself your father”

Sorry for the late update and short one too
Now what is going to be happen why Mehras called Abhi and why they made him sit like that then what happened to Basu stay tuned to know all that

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