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Star cross love (episode 14)

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Chakradev n sahab were tensed.this were was heard by their wives.they asked them to tell what happened.sahab explained what happened before some years.there was a girl named myuri.she was awitch.she wanted to make us as her puppet but she wasn’t successful before that Maa stabbed her several times with a magical knife.we thought she died.we dig n grave n kept her corpse in it.bit again her soul returned when pragya was in chakravarthini womb.you know how she was terrified after seeing something .but it was her myoori ghost.she tried many times to kill pragya n abhi too but Kali Maa protected pragya n abhi as they were born for her cause.we did a pooja n prisoned her soul on the way of waterfall but now she’s released.so pandit said to send purbul n ishveer someplace n all others too n abhigya will do the pooja till that no one should come out then pooja will be successful .our Jodi’s came as planned.

purbul n ishveer were asked to go to a temple in Varanasi. They asked why only were going then what about abhigya.sahab said they have to do a special pooja for our country well being .all said well will go.all went to directed places.everyone bid bye.but ishani felt something wrong going to happen with pragyan said about her dream on which pragya falls from the cliff.the day came n pooja was being done by abhigya .on the other side we can see bala n mughal emperor joining hands to destroy chakra n sahab empire.here we can see ghost of myoori entering tanu.the pooja was interrupted by tanu she pushed all the items .abhigya were stunned to see tanu doing like this n the priest said pragya take this powder n spray on her.pragya sprayed n ghost came out of her n it burned due to suns pressure like vamp. Now shooting star is shown coming with a heavy force n abhi noticed the army surrended.as pragya too knows fighting they started to fight.suddenly she was stabbed by someone she was shocked to see the person it was her mom.her mom said because of you how many probs beti .pragya was shocked abhi too was shocked while abhi ran towards pragya he was shot by an arrow. Abhi killed bala.at this time all soldiers of chakradev n sahab came n fought even ranveer n purab too joined the war as ishani said she wanna meet pragya immediately as something wrong is happening.she cried bitterly so ishveer n purbul came while they saw this situation they started to fight after hiding ishbul in a den.our side won the war. All saw pragya n abhi they were struggling they shouted I love you. Ishani CE running to pragya along with bulbul. Abhi n pragya are on opposite sides. Pragya asked before I die will you hold my hands.abhi came forward he unable to move fast as his body was fully wounded by arrows n javelin he CE forward before their hands touched pragya fell from cliff abhi too.


Two souls were separated.ishani came bit too late she cried pragya.the priest said don’t worry they will be born again to complete their love n they have saved the chakra too.when all were fighting pragya hid it under Kali Maa idols leg.bulbul went to her Maa n asked why you did this Maa pragya is your beti na then why uu killed her???she said cause pragya is not my beti
Fb she said my baby died after I gave birth to him he was my son but pragya is only my dasi baby.to save her life my son life was gone.chakradev continued because pragya mom is ruthra devi she will be exactly like her n like abhi ll be his father ruthra Singh he was chakravarthi to kill him his own family joined hands with evil n killed rudra Singh some how ruthra devi escaped. She gave birth to girl baby n asked me yo save her .she too died .afterwards we came to know that our new born baby was killed so I announced pragya as my daughter.n listen you killed my pragya m saying the reason as our child’s death why don’t you understand its was natural n my beti pragya wat she did to die in your hands.everyone were shocked.ishveer n purbul went to ranveer kingdom as they don’t wanna live with memories of their pyaari Behan pragya .ishani was the one most affected.later everyone forgot abhigya even history too but not their love centuries passed days rolled today were in 21st century.

Precap:present abhigya a small intro.

Love:true love outlives death.love never weaken in front of a per son who threatens it.if we truly love someone n unable to join with them sure we have a nxt birth like the abhigya in my story.
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